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  1. Hosting a game drop your gamertag or message IW Champ for inv
  2. Looking for a few more members, message CrazyLegs2325 or drop gamertags
  3. CrazyLegs2523 looking for private match.
  4. XB1 looking for private match to join. My gamertag is CrazyLegs2523
  5. I keep trying to get into a quick match, the timer starts, and after about 10 mins it says something about the internet. Is this a server issue? Anything I could do?
  6. I just saw there was already a thread about this? My bad
  7. I know there's threads talking about strengths and weaknesses of the various Jason's but, I'm interested in one stat in particular. What do you guys think is the deal with the whole HP thing?
  8. I know people are upset about missing the Savini skin, but does anyone who didn't get the counselor clothing packs feel like they missed out? Bc I got the skin & not the clothing pack & kinda regret it.
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