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  1. Unlocking at level 113, I don't see myself ever getting to enjoy this. Trish
  2. It would be nice if the devs set up the radio to pull songs from a local music folder, even if it couldn't be shared in game. Someone in the community could record a custom "NPR" news alerting people of a possible killer on the loose or do a nice public access fishing and camping show like Car Talk warning of the dangers of roasting marshmellows And for my choice... Joe Egan and Gerry Rafferty were a duo known as Steelers Wheel when they recorded this Dylan-esque pop bubblegum favorite from April of 1974. They reached up to number 5 as K-Billy's super sounds of the 70's continues.
  3. I'm disappointed you can't use bots online to fill in extra empty counselor slots. Is there any chance this may be added in the future?
  4. It would be very nice if there was some in game system that, after a game, you could see a list of everyone who was in the last match, regardless if they quit or lagged out, and... For some people, click "I want to play with them again" For some people click "I don't want to play with them again" Then, in future public matches, it would try to respect these settings as best it can, both when joining matches and with who it allows to join existing matches They could also record and display the number of times a player has "left a game early" during the past month (or provide a percentage). While this might not be a good idea overall, its something to think about If you really wanted to make it interesting, remember how many times I've killed player X in games, been killed by player X in games, and what their escape percentage is against me as Jason or Counselor
  5. I'm just hoping they have an option to let counselor bots fill in extra slots in online games.
  6. I would love a winter camp map You could see everyone's footprints in the snow over the duration of the whole match The lake would be frozen over, but you have a chance to fall through The car's handling, acceleration, and stopping would take into account the snowy roads Probably something they can't actually do, but I think it would be really cool.
  7. An official post with any information about this would be greatly appreciated. With how much things have changed since they originally announced this, I don't trust any of the old information.
  8. I really liked the old screen of the Status, Map, and Objectives all together. Please bring this back! Please!
  9. Jason - Part 7 and Savini Jason need dynamic chains!
  10. The first time I saw the teddy bear in the graveyard, for some reason I connected it with the L4D2 Gnome achievement. I pictured Tiffany running down a trail carrying it and trying to survive. (If only it were an item...) Teddy kept me safe - Be the sole counselor to reach the 20 minute mark, have picked up a Teddy Bear in the first two minutes of the game, never drop the Teddy Bear, and never pick up any other items other ideas... Screw you guys, I'm going home - In a game with seven counselors, escape in the first five minutes, driving the four seat car, with no passengers, while carrying an extra set of car keys OMG, You killed Kenny! You Bastard! - Kill Kenny first in the match, twenty times The third time was not the charm - Get pocket knifed by the same counselor three times, but they still die Sell your story to the tabloids - Watch Jason kill five counselors using special kills, then escape to the police Its a little redundant now, wouldn't you say? - Escape during the last 5 seconds of a match I still got away! - Be in the car when Jason smashes it, but still escape in the same car I'll do it my way - Driving a car, escape after the police have arrived, through a non-police guarded exit
  11. Wonderful change! Thanks! Is there any chance the guardrails along the road will also be breakable like fences?
  12. I really like the traps idea, but I would like to see Jason with a choice of different types of traps Door trap - Counselor opens the door, blade swings down and hurts the counselor, door broken some as well Window trap - Counselor goes through the window, window closes and pins them for an amount of time Road trap - Car drives over it, blows a tire. Counselors have to hop out and change the tire Radio trap (not the call Tommy radio) - Counselor turns on the radio, gets shocked Jason sound trap - Invisible to counselors, Counselor steps on it, the Jason music starts up at that point Jason alert trap - Invisible to counselors, Counselor steps on it, Jason gets a sound alert, no damage or effect on counselors otherwise Jason leaf covered bear trap - Just like bear trap Evil Jack-in-box - Counselor triggers it, they drop everything they are carrying and their fear goes up a lot It would also be interesting if Jason could choose to have a few random traps placed around the map automatically. Perhaps a perk to "trap three random windows" at the start of the game
  13. Having one of the counselors as a "Traitor" instead of Jason could be an interesting take on a Pamela like character. I like the thought of one of the counselors running around trying to kill off the other counselors and messing with them in different ways while there isn't an actual Jason in the game. Some way would need to be done to "hide" that there is no Jason in the game on the status screen however Ex. sabotaging the car ( perhaps making it look like a battery was put in the car when it wasn't ) running over other counselors with a car who are hoping to be picked up for an escape calling the cops back and saying it was a prank, but the police countdown timer doesn't go away calling the cops herself and causing a "fake" police countdown timer to start running up to the cops and telling them to leave instead of escaping searching through houses and poisoning healing sprays, leaving them for other counselors to find picking up the car keys and throwing them in the lake destroying the radio able to use the walkie-talkie to listen in on the other counselors and talk to them cause the "Jason music" to be heard around different cabins on the map, tricking other counselors could still teleport around the map, but with a slower refresh after half the game is gone (or 2/3), she can turn into Jason but starts gaining the normal Jason powers at that point
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