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  1. Thanks Gertz for the information! But i am HOPING this system is a "Toggle" system for the hosts and for story mode.....
  2. Friday the 13th has one of the best serial killers in cinematic history.
  3. Sounds like she is the boogie men....sounds not like her...more or less she is both a combat and stealth type killer but she is still HUMAN....
  4. I wouldn't pay for a skin....i would rather have a new model with different kills.
  5. No because they dont have the license and then they would have to add a bunch of other stuff.
  6. I understand but she would have majority of weaknessess than strengths.....
  7. Before I give out my suggestions for ONLY Single Player......I already searched the forum and there is no real discussion about this other than "Updates" for/about so here is my suggestions...... Weapon Switchability: We know for Online its not possible but why not for Single player only? something unique to one mode but not the other? Part 9 Body Switch: We know in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday we know jason has this power so why not in the game? Trap Selections: Giving jason the ability to switch up his traps? like snares? nooses? and other such traps to give us more feel for jason as a killer who knows the woods. Is anyone has any suggestions for single player?
  8. No not everyone just the ones who do know had a machete or another weapon throughout the moves ya know?
  9. Apparently by the known players they said only the 80's so no 2009 or Uber Jason
  10. Is anyone else having problems on Friday the 13th the Game for PS4 on error ce-34878-0? Problem? Sometimes when im playing the game online it outrights stops and gives me an error message this goes for both private/online matches.
  11. I mean jason isnt "human" so i dont think thats much of a problem and from what I remember he kept both a Pitchfork and a Machete in a movie (i forgot which one....).
  12. Response to Kodiak....... It would honestly feel like a jason type behavior you know? Like...."oh no i lost my pitchfork! oh wait! i got a machete!" and BAM! thats adaptability something jason has actually shown to do especially in the "remake timeline". I know its not important but fans (especially the ones i talk to) are actually crying for such a feature for the game! I mean throwing knives?? thats like a range weapon type. Pitchfork=Long Melee Machete=Close Melee Throwing Knives=Long range traps=offensive All these would make the game ALOT more of a survival+Strategy+intellectual theme.
  13. Ok i speak for us On-Topic: Jason X would be to much of an imbalance thats why I said we because he already is upgraded and there would be 100% more unrealistic with such a Character added.
  14. Disclaimer: I have search for a thread about this topic on this forum and what not and couldn't once find one thread about it and I tried to look on youtube videos FOR hours about this being a concept and nope....no real subject but I hope the staff wont be irritated about this question/suggestion if it was asked or posted and lost......... We know a single Jason Voorhees has a machete in the game and the others don't but what if we can switch from a "Primary" to a "Secondary" weapon? Example (For those who dont understand): jason with an axe switches to a Machete. Thoughts? Feedback? its all open!
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