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  1. If someone is camping in a one door cabin with trap behind the door break any windows, then put a trap of your own around them and the door, then break the door down and shift in there past their own trap. Almost always the camper (haha) will die.
  2. I look forward to killing and being killed by you all. That's all I guess.
  3. The only thing I will try doing as Jason is pretending to be a Councilor by using Stalk and talking over the mic since people have claimed that Jason can talk on the mic and Councilors can hear it. "Heys guys open the door I have car/boat parts!" Then suddenly they get an axe or machete to the face. Don't know if that counts as cheating but yeah.
  4. Well if nothing else at least some of the requirements give the impression that the devs are confident in the game's lifespan.
  5. Fatally wounding a councilor by throwing a knife through a window would be cool. Can't think of a good name for it, nor do I know if you'll be able to throw knives through windows or not.
  6. Stuff like this is why I would never use my talent at gaming for personal gains. Backers should be the ones getting early access, not people who record themselves overreacting and claiming to love their audience every other loading screen. I understand why they're doing this, but it doesn't make it any less unfair to those who have basically already purchased the game and more.
  7. Will we be able to make private games with friends? Shouldn't take too long for people to figure it out that way.
  8. I am fine with the no running thing. It's way more creepy to be chased by someone who walks as you waste your stamina trying to get away.
  9. Hi, new to the forum here. I was wondering what everyone plans to do as either Jason or a Councilor to get a feel on ideal ways to play each character. Hope it's okay to put this here. Thanks.
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