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  1. Any place I can find the loading screen images without logos, words, ect.? I'm gonna put them together for my artwork showcase. Steam profile: www.steamcommunity.com/id/hidude2001
  2. So apparently there are steam backgrounds, just not on the market? Looks like I'm emptying my steam wallet. EDIT: Ayy, got savini jason background
  3. Me and someone else had a little buddy system going for us. We were both crouching around, trying not to get caught, when a Vanessa runs up by us and starts to follow us. We led her to a cabin, and beat her to death with a bat and wrench. Do I think friendly fire should be disallowed? No. That fucking Vanessa deserved it, and future ones do too.
  4. We have Steam cards, and I know top priorities are servers and game breaking bugs, but I'd like to ask about it anyway. Do you ever plan to add steam backgrounds and emojis? It would be absolutely amazing to see the loading screens (Especially the spear through the couple on the bed, and the lake one) turned into steam backgrounds, and I have no doubt they'd sell well. Not to mention a chad face emoji. I hope this goes into consideration after all the chaos is sorted out, and what kind of steam backgrounds would you prefer? ~ EarRape
  5. I really like this, it's almost impossible to get out of Jason's grab. I still think Jason needs to have the upper hand, so maybe have jason with the easier qte, damaged councilor or not. It'll still give you more of a chance then mash "e".
  6. Without the bugs and server issues, playing your game is honestly the most fun I've had playing a game in a while. Thanks for the constant updates, we'll all try to stay patient for you.
  7. Welp, looks like my main is gonna be tiff. Not just because stealth and speed are great, but because the view is also nice.
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