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  1. I've been listening to Danny Elfman a lot especially his themes on Beetlejuice and the cartoon. There is a specific tune from the cartoon that just is eerie and freaked me out a kid. I imagine hearing it when reading a ghost story.
  2. I'll admit I'm getting a little impatient because I really want to pre-order this game on Steam.
  3. My horror games in my collection are just Blood, Blood 2, the DOOM remake and Clive Barker's Undying. The first Blood was a nice nod to old school horror with various easter eggs. There were also monsters to fight, a sarcastic protagonist and very creepy moments. It was the first time I saw a bunch of strung up dead bodies in a video game. It was a game set in retroactive times. The first one is in 1928 but there are also charges with remotes, tesla guns and napalm launchers. The second Blood went a century later in a Blade Runner style where you're fighting creatures from another dimensions, a complete 180 where it took several bullets to kill someone. The DOOM remake is awesome. It's a nice break from the saturated Call of Duty games and no reloads. It's just shooting up demons with a double barreled shotgun and a BFG. With Undying, there's something about Clive's writing that makes me read his works again and again. The story was interesting and the weapons were neat as well.
  4. In regards to the Halloween franchise, I always like 1, 2 and H20 as my top 3 Halloween films because I see it like a trilogy. I have not seen Parts 4 and 5, but I did see Part 6 and the Producer's Cut. The Producer's Cut of Part 6 seems to feel like the first film even with the occult angle and the soundtrack as well. Part 6 scared me as a kid especially the ending and how we never got a sequel to it even though Daniel Farrands had some ideas. But I'm OK with H20 ignoring parts 4-6. Part 6 was one of the darkest Halloween films in the series in terms of Michael being so brutal. Resurrection? I thought it was not needed and the way Michael came back was cliche. I'd rather watch Part 6 over and over than see part 8. I still wish they went with Daniel Farrands' pitch for Halloween 8 that was later used for the comic series from Chaos Comics that continued from Part 6. Basically, the ending for his pitch was that Laurie became Michael after actually killing him and went crazy. It could've ended the series on a good note and allow for a reboot. I've only seen Rob Zombie's first Halloween and it seemed more like a realistic take on Michael. I didn't bother with the second one, the first one ended just fine. He got shot and died, that's it. I didn't mind Part 3, it was an interesting concept on people forgetting the roots of Halloween ( I thought it was more of a criticism of Halloween's commercialization) and I look at it as if the filmmakers were going on their original plan of doing a different Halloween story every sequel like an anthology. Halloween Returns sounded interesting, but can't the franchise just rest. That's my two cents on the series.
  5. I kind of doubt they'd use other characters from other franchises because of copyright and IP. Is Jason and Friday the 13th still part of New Line Cinema? I thought Paramount had film rights now. Didn't the game creators mention they couldn't use the Jason from Freddy vs Jason due to licensing issues? ron1500, small Easter eggs would be fine. Maybe there could be some DLC that is a Freddy vs Jason map where you fight Freddy in the dream and real world and hack up some ravers.
  6. Sheriff Garris' death was pretty brutal. In terms of kill, I'd go with Ben's head crush from Part 7 especially uncensored. With kills, the triple decapitation of the paintkillers was pretty cool
  7. I'm Beetlejuice91 and I decided to post in the intro forum. I've been a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise since first watching Jason Lives back in 1997 so it's a 20 year anniversary of me getting into horror. Unfortunately, I could not pre-order for the game on Kickstarter or Backer due to lack of funds because of life and bills. I will however get it on Steam when it comes out because I have the funds for it on my account. It does stink I won't the Savini Jason skin, but that's ok it looked cool. I took a break from horror for a long time and didn't get back into it until I played as Jason in Mortal Kombat X. Cool to meet you all and I look forward to any discussions!
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