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  1. The first game that I reminisce on a bit now it's been 20 years since I first beat the game was Laura Bow: The Dagger of Amon Ra. It's the only sequel to the Laura Bow series from Sierra On-Line. They're murder mysteries set during the 1920's. The Dagger of Amon Ra follows Laura as she investigates an artifact burglary at a museum where murders start to happen. Sierra games were notorious for punishing the players with dumb deaths and bad endings if you didn't do everything right (You needed a hint book in those days, now obsolete by the internet). The murder scenes scared me as a kid, the logistics to carry them out were a weird combination of Friday the 13th and Final Destination. In scenes like murder scenes (it has the creepiest investigation music) and conversation, it's a black background which from I learned was based off an artist named Leyendecker. (It was also the name of the museum as well). It was around this time when I started into the Friday the 13th series. The next game was Blood from Monolith. It's essentially playing as a resurrected gunslinger type guy named Caleb who goes after the cult who killed him and his friends called the Cabal. The weaponry was a mix of 1920's weaponry like Tommy Guns and dynamite, flare guns, anachronistic weapons like Napalm Cannon and Tesla Guns, Voodoo Dolls and a skull on a stick that drains enemy's lives. The timeline has the first Blood set in 1928. There are a lot of easter eggs to various films (This came out in 1997). It's a very dark game in terms of style, but Caleb tends to say morbid jokes from time to time and quote one liners from movies. The sequel was not as good as they put in more science fiction and less horror and set it far into the future. Here's hoping Bethesda might pick up the IP for this, they did well with Doom and Wolfenstein.
  2. Western New York, about 20-30 minutes to Canada.
  3. I'd also take a look at the various horror comics like Creepy and Eerie, you can find them in collections now. The Walking Dead comics are good too, I prefer them to the TV show sometimes. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is a good story of what could've been the sequel to Freddy vs Jason. The Wildstorm runs for Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Texas Chainsaw Massacre had some good stories compared to Avatar Comics' New Line House of Horror run Hack/Slash is a good one too shaderaygun. It's hard to find, but the Halloween comics from the defunct Chaos Comics are the closest you'll ever get to a sequel to Halloween 6.
  4. So yeah, this came to mind recently about Part 5. We know Joey is Roy's son and he gets hacked by the older man whom he annoyed. Why didn't Roy try to sneak in to jail and kill him? Roy just seemed to kill anyone who was there when his son got killed but never his killer.
  5. Best horror movie I've watched recently: Nightbreed: The Director's Cut. I never saw the Theatrical Cut but the ending for the Director's Cut was more depressing. It really took the whole monster/slasher film idea and switched it around to make humans the real monsters. I read interviews where Clive Barker clashed with the studio about the product and it's message. It made me have respect for David Cronenberg as an actor, he was great as Decker, a modern (for the late 80's/early 90's) Jack the Ripper, I wish Decker got a more gruesome death and or at least winds up in hell for all the lives he took. Worst horror movie: Population 436, a basic "small town is evil" film where the town kills people to keep the population at 436, kinda weird they all dress like it's the 1930's and have an old school fire hall. It reminds me of "The Lottery". Some scenes reminded me of the 1997 film, Rosewood.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about this, losing family is never easy.
  7. I've been focusing on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PC. I recently completed GTA 3 and Vice City on 100%. The Steam version of SA is terrible so I learned of downgrading it to the original version. Unfortunately, it tends to freeze where the sound loops and the screen stands still and I have to restart constantly. I have Windows 10 and all my drivers are updated. I did get Injustice 2, but haven't had time to play it. I did play Friday the 13th when I bought it on Steam but I uninstalled it because of some reasons. The main reason was when I played Jason, counselors kept killing themselves before I got to them and the toxic chat.
  8. I am curious to see how the new sequel will be since it ignores everything after 2 and that includes the new timeline, but at the same time could it make Halloween interesting again after Rob Zombie had his time in the Halloween sandbox?
  9. The only thing is H20 and Resurrection are a separate timeline since the filmmakers wrote so parts 4-6 don't exist. I'd go with the options he gave you. They at least show an end to Michael Part 3 is good to watch as a stand alone film. John Carpenter and crew wanted to tell an anthlology style movie series so take out Halloween and it's not a bad film to watch.
  10. Various music for the Castlevania series since watching the series on Netflix. Now, I'm listening to the beginning music for Super Castlevania IV.
  11. I remember too Hollywood tends to have teenagers played by people who are in their 20's and 30s (some 30 somethings do look like teens with the proper makeup).
  12. Some Some people at the Camp Blood Forum don't have anything kind to say about Katz either. Apparently from one poster, he was one of the people who screwed Kane out of playing Jason for Freddy vs Jason and some New Line executives, but to be honest Ken just fit Ronny's view of Jason.
  13. The first film is a good adaptation of the Hellbound Heart as well as the second one is pretty good too. After 2, Pinhead just became Freddy Krueger with intent of ruling the world. The Cenobites are essentially people from another dimension who like BDSM. Clive mentioned he got inspirations for S&M Clubs and Catholicism in regards to designing them
  14. Jason goes to Hell has grown on me for a while. The filmmakers were pretty much in a no-win scenario with ideas since Part 6. If they decided to go back to Crystal Lake with counselors, they would be accused of doing the same old, same old. If they did something different, some fans would ask for the crew's heads on sticks. After Part 6, you had to do new things not that they were executed greatly. KNB EFX did a great job with gore in this one especially the diner massacre scene and the death of the campers. I remember Adam Marcus said in the commentary in regards to the shaving scene that they decided to shut up the people who complained about too much female nudity in the Friday films so they decided to have Josh be nude.
  15. I would add some parts to this 1978: Tina kills her father (I don't think Pamela would go near the house after hearing what happened) 1987: Part 5 1988 (early summer): Part 6 1988 (later summer/early fall): Part 7 1989 (summer): Part 8 1993: Part 9 2003: FvsJ (Perhaps Hell has a different way of telling time, if Jason spends a few hours in Hell, it makes a decade and enough time for Freddy to die) 2008: Jason gets captured 2010: Start of Jason X 2455: The events of Jason X
  16. Here are some horror games that I've never played, but are interesting. The various dungeon crawler games put out by Accolade and Horror Soft. I always liked the Amiga versions due to the music which is better listening than the DOS version. The first one was Personal Nightmare where you go back to your town to find your father who was missing from church because the Devil took over the town. The second game was Elvira: Mistress of the Dark from Accolade. Essentially, you rescue Elvira who's kidnapped in her castle from a witch and her minions. When you died, it was a very gory scene. I remember the one screenshot where you see your character's decapitated head, you can see the muscle and bone from the stump. They did a good job with the gore. The third game was Elvira 2: Jaws of Cerberus where again you rescue Elvira, this time from a cursed movie set where you get into various sets and fight monster. Gorier than the first one in terms of deaths. I remembered seeing the character getting decapitated from getting whacked with a mace, lulz. The fourth and final game was Waxworks. You inherit a waxworks from your recently deceased uncle which turns out to be a bit of time travel. Essentially, one of the ancestors angered a witch by chopping off her hand. She places a curse on the generations in which where twins are born, one is evil and one is good. It was a variety of exhibits going from ancient Egypt, London fighting Jack the Ripper, a graveyard and church and a mine with Lovecraft style creatures. You have to fight to stop the evil twins as well as the witch from casting the spell. The deaths really shine in terms of gore.
  17. Here's something that always bugged me: The timeline put out for what happens after Part 4, it's a mess. It seems that Part 5 from one of the Friday wikis and Wikipedia it takes place 5 years after Part 4 which would set it in 1989. Part 6 takes place in 1990, again same sources mentioned have it as a year after A New Beginning. For Part 7, John Carl Buechler states his film takes place a decade after Part 6 so it's set in 2000. Part 8 takes place in 2001 and Part 9 takes place a year after that. The Freddy vs Jason novel says the events of Freddy vs Jason takes place a week after Jason goes to Hell. But the director of Part 8 said Jason takes Manhattan took place in 1989 ( I could see that given that at the shot of Times Square, there is a promotion on a screen for the 1989 Batman movie). I just have a hard time buying they took place around that time because Parts 5-8 still have a 1980's feel in terms of fashion and style. Jason goes to Hell still has a 90's style in it. Plus, if Part 7 takes place 10 years afterward, Jason would pretty much be a skeleton by now in the lake. Timelines can be confusing. Ugh.
  18. The one thing I liked about Part 6 was the music. It finally got out of the 70's and early 80's tone and the intro theme is just bad ass for Jason coming back.
  19. Honestly, I consider the tapes just a fun non-canon dialogue to listen too. Keep in mind, Pamela could've just made up the rapist and Elias is still out there at tha t time. We don't know if Pamela might have abused Jason too from protecting him too much. She's always been seen in the worst mental state. Heck, in Pamela's tale from the Wildstorm comics, she kills Elias when she's pregnant with him because he told her to (Elias is portrayed like he always is as abusive white trash, but a huge guy). Also, the Fridays after Part 6 were generally not well received.
  20. And then Resurrection came with the switcheroo cliche done in films, I still wish they went with Daniel Farrands' idea for Halloween 8. Halloween 6 is still one of my favorites because the end in both cuts freaks me out. The fact that it goes back to the Myers house at night and then I realized, the dead Strodes are there and then the jack-o-lantern blows out. It just freaked me out as a teen.
  21. There doesn't seem to be a discussion about horror literature so I thought I'd start a topic on it. What are some of your favorite horror novels or stories? Some of my favorites fall in different categories Classic: Anything by Edgar Allan Poe (The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart), Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Bram Stoker (Dracula), Washington Irving (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Adventures of the German Student) and HP Lovecraft (Herbert West: Re-Animator and anything with Cthulhu) Modern: The Hellbound Heart by Clive Barker (What the first Hellraiser film was based on) as well as Cabal (Haven't read it yet, but know Nightbreed was based off of it), The Batman/Dracula Trilogy written by Doug Moench and Vampire$ by John Steakley (what John Carpenter's Vampires was based on) Anything you posters like to read?
  22. Here's one that I thought about that would be an interesting crossover The Addams Family vs the Hewitts or Sawyers of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Saw vs the Supernatural! Who would win?
  23. After some games, I got to play as Jason but I've had no luck with killing anyone (this is mostly in Higgins Haven). They managed to fix the car in time or get to the cops. I admit to using the Part 7 Jason and felt he was too slow at times. The Part 3 Jason seems like a better choice. Has this ever happened to anyone? Is there any tips to get better or is it just a case of practice makes perfect?
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