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  1. This sounds like a weird one: The Addams Family versus the Sawyer or Hewitt family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. The Saw vs the Supernatural
  2. This was a really good sequel and I'm hyped what they're going to do next given the ending (No spoilers). A lot of good acting,cameos and creative death scenes in this one!
  3. Given that Jason's father was supposed to appear in Part 6, I wouldn't mind to write a story to include him to help Tommy and Tina out after their experiences. Jason comes back after a long rest after Part VII and causes havoc. I'd go with the version they went with in the ending instead of the abusive father cliche. It would demystify Jason in a way as Elias would've used magic. It just stinks we never go to see him in the film except being mentioned in the future films. I always figured the Voorhees family used a lot of supernatural forces and that Elias was probably born around 1924-1928.
  4. Has anyone seen things in horror films they watch that didn't make sense? There's always one example to me that sticks out. I'm sure people have seen the Tales from the Crypt movies. I have seen that the Blood Key used in Demon Knight was supposed to be used in all of the movies. The survivor of Demon Knight, Jeryline, has the key at the end and is the new guardian. We see the key again in Bordello of Blood when Vincent uses it against Lilith after she is resurrected to control her. He mentions to one of his traveling companions if he's ever seen the movies implying that the events of Demon Knight was a real film and it took place. Vincent later destroys the key to show loyalty to Lilith. If the Key was destroyed, would that also mean the demons lose the battle to get the Key and God won? Or was it just an Easter Egg?
  5. Chucky has definitely earned it the slasher hall of fame. I've seen bits and pieces of the films, but never one in a whole sitting. The Child's Play franchise and the Phantasm films I think are the only franchises that didn't get rebooted and I'm glad for that.
  6. They wont make him DLC for now to not alienate the people who backed him. In a few years down the line to milk it's last penny, they'll make him free in a "Blood and Guts" edition of Friday the 13th if it lasts that long.
  7. To get into the spirit of Halloween, I decided to finish up Ash vs Evil Dead season 2. I got the first season on DVD and the second one on iTunes. It's just great to see Bruce Campbell back as Ash after so long. I like the characters in the story so far from Ruby, Pablo and Kelly to Ash's father. It's gory and funny like the combination of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness. I liked the remake of Evil Dead, but think that the continuation from Army of Darkness works better on TV. I did catch the scene from it when Ash has memories of his car and it shows him and the car falling into the ground from the portal. I was curious if anyone has seen it and what they thought of it.
  8. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, I absolutely loved The New Order but felt the Old Blood was going back to the past. I kind of like the sci-fi style The New Order had, it felt like playing The Man in the High Castle as a video game.
  9. The new Wolfenstein games show you can bring old school FPS into modern day gaming. I had a blast with the New Order and Old Blood, it's a nice break from the saturation of Call of Duty games.
  10. Pretty good stuff RKS! I found the Jason goes to Hell adaptation kind of sloppy in terms of art, the Jason vs Leatherface was a cool idea and I didn't read Satan's Six. Looking forward to your views on Avatar's comics, that was probably some of the goriest Friday the 13th comics I've read, Jason vs Jason X was a weird one though.
  11. I got Bloodrayne 2 from GOG.com recently, I beat the first one a long time ago when it came out on PC. Right now, it's hard to get full-screen and I can't find the subtitles option. Recently, there haven't been many modern games I've played aside from Injustice 2.
  12. Burger King, I tend to be satisified and full after having their meals once in a while McDonalds gives me the craps.
  13. Pretty much for reason #2, the director diddled some kids a while ago.
  14. Campfire Tales (1991 and 1997 versions) Campfire Stories (really campy film) There's one I haven't seen, but I've heard good things about Trick R Treat.
  15. Correct, it was Stan Winston who worked on Aliens before he did Pumpkinhead. He also did the effects for Friday the 13th Part 3 and Predator.
  16. Sleepy Hollow (1999) always felt like a slasher film with elements of a murder mystery to me and I find it to be underrated.
  17. I'm honestly surprised to hear about this. I thought she was done with the movies after H20 and Resurrection. I'm with you deathbat9677 on Michael actually dying for good. I still think without Resurrection, H20 had a good ending for the series. With Carpenter on board and JLC in, this could be an interesting take despite this being the third timeline from Halloween 2. What is Laurie doing now? Then again, I'm also a fan of how Daniel Farrands pitched his idea for Halloween 8 that Michael was actually Laurie in the end who went insane and became Michael. That one could've made 4-6 canon with H20 (Resurrection simply never happened). This was used in the Chaos Comics' series for Halloween which is the closest you'll ever get to a sequel for Part 6.
  18. Just curious if anyone writes any horror stories or just likes to write. I've written a novella that took me about 15 years to finish. Long story short, I had the beginning for it back in 2002 but stopped due to school. I went back to it in 2011 and got the main idea down. From 2012-2015, I expanded upon it and went through editing and ideas from other writers. I finished the final copy back last year. Basically, it's Ghostbusters meets the Expendables meets Call of Duty. The Ghostbusters films were inspirations along with Vampire$ from John Steakley and other horror shows and books I grew up with. It's more of a mockumentary about a ghost hunting team. Part of it also involved helping ghosts find peace and getting to the other side instead of just shooting them. I've been considering writing a different take on the Sleepy Hollow story and putting it in the style of the Hatchet films. Any writers here?
  19. I volunteered for haunted houses in my area during high school and college. It was a lot of fun doing them. I refused to go into any as a child because it scared me, I later got over that fear by working in them. The first time I was Dr. Frankenstein having to have the assistant pull the switch and do my best version "It's Alive!" over and over for 2 hours. I had no voice at the end of the night. The second time was jumping out in the kitchen in a hood for a manor. I feel bad for the children that were literally crying and were taken by their parents. Those kids really wanted to go home.
  20. During the time when Freddy vs Jason came out and after, I always wondered how Jason would fare up against other supernatural creatures. For reference, I'm not talking about the slasher characters but rather the monsters from the horror films of the 1930's-present day like vampires and werewolves. It was learning about the new Monster universe being set up from the recent Kong film and the 2004 film, Van Helsing, that inspired me to think about it. I'm talking about pitting Jason against the monsters like the Wolfman, Frankenstein's Monster and Dracula (but could be vampires in a sense too). The main strengths Jason has is regeneration of his body as well as body possession and strength. The Wolfman could easily tear Jason to shreds unless Jason's weapons are made of silver. Frankenstein's monster might actually not want to fight Jason and might try to befriend him due to him being an outcast and disfigured but Jason could tear him down with strength. Dracula could put an interesting fight though I doubt Jason could be turned into a vampire giving that he's already dead or he can't be turned. With vampires, it would depend on the type of vampires being fought. Vampires with more of an animal nature like that in 30 Days of Night or John Carpenter's Vampires would give Jason a harder time to kill. It could also be the vampires from the Blade films that could be an easier fight. Could Jason kill the vampires from the Underworld series with ease? Just some food for thought, let me know what you think.
  21. I agree that the only time he was close to killing kids was Part 6 and there was also the time when he possessed Randy in Jason Goes to Hell to do a mouth to mouth with Stephanie. If I recall the Wildstorm comic run, he did kill some kids who were close to killing the child who had a similar deformity that he did.
  22. Agree with you on the show, I guess I got just got bored with the show on season 5. I've seen bits and pieces of the Nightbreed comic from Epic, it seems to follow more like the Director's Cut of the film. There were comics made from Boom Comics which has a story line after the Director's Cut version of the film. Apparently, the Theatrical version shown was pretty much studio interference and Clive not really having much of a say in it. Nightbreed was based off one of his short stories named Cabal. Dynamite Entertainment mostly did the Army of Darkness comics, they're all interesting reads. Some other companies did retellings of Evil Dead 1 and 2, I think. I think Dynamite helped with Wildstorm with making Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. Ash vs Marvel Zombies was hilarious in terms of Ash in the Marvel Zombies universe. My favorite parts was where he finds the version of him getting his brains eaten out by a zombie Howard the Duck and when the Necronomicon says a cruder version of Mary Jane's first words to Spider Man to Ash. Creepy and Eerie were stories in the style of the EC Horror Comics done in the 50's but they came out and ran for a while in the 60's and 70's. Being that there was no, how do I say it, ratings or censorship code for some reason, they could get away with stories being gory. I have a volume that tells one of the old-school horror stories from Washington Irving named Adventures of the German Student. That story is one of my favorite old-school horror stories.
  23. Here's a little something that doesn't make sense: Since Part 6, Jason came back as a rotted corpse and Part 7 showed the signs of decay like flesh and bone. He seems to have regenerated flesh in some time since part 7. Wouldn't people have noticed a rancid smell and seeing a corpse walking around killing people? Or does one of Jason's supernatural abilities involve having a scent-free smell? Part 7 Jason unmasked looks like he could pass for some super walker from the Walking Dead.
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