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  1. I got the Mortal Kombat 3 game pack from GOG.com recently and am playing the first one. The DOS games are the closest translation to the arcade version if you can tolerate the music sounds like something out of Soundblaster and MIDI. The first Mortal Kombat for PC is actually the CD DOS version which means music and the arcade version with some sounds missing so it's the closest to the first MK on consoles. With school at night, I've been focusing on GTA: San Andreas to do 100% completion (I'm at 91% with the heist missions now). I'm surprised with how Rockstar managed to do games from GTA III to Vice City Stories on a short time period, San Andreas has a lot to do.
  2. I actually liked the remake because Jason is no longer an undead revenant, he was like what he was in the first 4 Friday films and Derek did a great job as Jason. They managed to remake Jason the right way compared to the Halloween or NOES remake.
  3. Part 6 is my favorite because it was my first Friday film to watch.
  4. I prefer the Producer's Cut of Halloween 6 to Resurrection, for the crap Part 6 got it plays a lot like the first Halloween in terms of music and mood. I wish they went with Daniel Farrands' idea for Halloween 8 instead.
  5. I've noticed that too. There was a Youtube video I watched with Friday the 13th comics and cartoons, the FvsJ design is used heavily. Guess that version of Jason was the first version first-time fans saw of him.
  6. To me, it's Jason X. There's no way a cyborg revenant can survive being burned into the planet's atmosphere, Jason is just a ghost now in a different planet. The Avatar comics don't count as they're just fan fiction to me. But Part 8 is a closing entry because it seems with the vision of boy Jason, he can finally rest.
  7. The first Alone in the Dark has some quite some references to Lovecraft as well as the mansion scene after you die.
  8. If I recall, the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comic has the Necronomicon in the Voorhees house. Ash and Bree look at some pages and it shows a young woman using it. The dialogue shorty later implies Pamela used the book to bring Jason back to life so he is a Deadite (a different type if you ask me). But since it's not canon, it's not canon in the Friday series. The commentary for Jason goes to Hell by Adam Marcus has him say that the book, dagger and Freddy's glove at the end were just gags. Funny thing, they also had the jungle gym from the Birds in the end too.
  9. So after seeing some footage of the cabin, I've been wanting to get back into the game. I pre-ordered it on Steam and played for it a bit until I started school. I had some questions to ask: 1. Should I get the updates from Steam or should I download them here? 2. Is there anything else I need to know (I haven't played since the summer time)? Thanks!
  10. The last horror film I watched was Cult of Chucky, I have seen bits and pieces of all the films but I did do research on what happened. 7.5/10 for me I'm surprised the franchise wasn't rebooted, but it was creepy and I felt Andy was just a side character even though they made him look like to be the main one. It is scary that Fiona looks a lot like her father, Brad Dourif (voice of Chucky). It had some creative kills (especially the one involving an oxygen tank and glass), but it was cool. Since Curse of Chucky, it seems Don Mancini wants to bring Child's Play back to it's scary roots with some hints of comedy.
  11. I have the Special Editions for the Friday films on DVD with the exception of Freddy vs Jason and the remake. I got them for a good price at FYE at the time.
  12. The first two Scary Movies are funny and raunchy, but they seemed to lose their touch after part 2 (to me at least) being horror parodies.
  13. I read the story that the Re-Animator film was based off of, Herbert West: Re-Animator by Lovecraft some time ago. It's set around the time of World War I involving Herbert West and his assistant in reanimating corpses that eventually brings them to the battlefield of World War I. The book version of Dr. Hill (can't remember the name of the guy who got decapitated in the film) is a Colonel and West actually does get killed by his own creations whereas Dr. West still seems to be alive after Beyond Re-Animator.
  14. I decided to start an unpopular opinion thread about the F13 series for the heck of it. So here's some of mine: I have mixed views on Kane not getting picked for Jason for Freddy vs Jason. The bad view is it sucked that he played Jason for so long then get ditched for reasons that have different stories of "he said, she said", it would've been a great way for him to end his time as Jason. The good view is I don't think he would've gotten along with Ronnie Yu seeing how he had a different view of Jason, there would've been a lot of clashing and he probably would've walked out. Ken Kirzinger's Jason is very similar to CJ Graham's version of Jason in terms of mannerisms and movement. It's just the way he goes in for the kill and his movements like when he was with the two stoners at the rave. Parts 7-X are seen as the bad ones mostly because you had to do different things with the franchise or else get accused of doing nothing new. It's a no-win scenario. Part 6 has one of the best soundtracks and scenes of the films. It gets out of the 70's style music the first 5 had and gets rid of the slow motion death scene that was common at the end of those films. The timeline is so screwed up after Part 4 in terms of continuity. Freddy vs Jason and the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comics can be seen as a shared universe in comic books. The remake isn't all that bad, it's just slashers weren't popular in the 2000's with the way horror was with the Saw and Hostel franchises.
  15. The idea sprung to me after an interview with Robert Englund said he wouldn't play Freddy anymore due to the physical demands and the fact that he's also 70. After all, New Line is a part of Warner Brothers. I'm sure the folks at WB Animation would like to take a break from doing DC stuff.
  16. I just thought it would be a neat crossover idea.
  17. They did Justice League: Dark which had a R-rating, but could it have an audience is another question.
  18. I was considering this, but I'll watch it on Youtube instead.
  19. I was thinking recently as to why Freddy or Jason never had any animated sequels? I saw one of the trailers for Freddy vs Jason listed under the channel of Warner Bros. I know the rights for Friday the 13th are going back to New Line. Animated sequels could work in the fact we can see Robert Englund voice Freddy as he cannot do the role physically due to being 70 now and have a Friday the 13th sequel set during the winter. Being WB Animation, I'm sure the people could use a break from doing adaptations of stories from DC Comics. Freddy and Jason were able to have stories with the Wildstorm comics.
  20. I didn't know Adam Marcus said that, the same thing was implied in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash where it's seen Pamela used the Necronomicon to bring back Jason.
  21. I think for the sequel too if I remember, Malek Akkad said to make Halloween his own and don't be hindered by past versions.
  22. I try to watch different genres of horror to get what type of horror is being discussed. Recently, I watched Cult of Chucky and Stake Land. Stake Land is like the Walking Dead but with vampires and is an interesting take on vampire films. Cult of Chucky was good for a sequel to a franchise that luckily hasn't been rebooted. I've also looked into films that were underrated like Nightbreed. It started when I went into a catalog my brother had of horror memorabilia, also seeing bits and pieces of the Friday films, I also watched Halloween 1 and 2 in one showing on USA when they did that. Horror was in a way learning to cope with being an outcast in middle school. I like watching films that scared me as a kid and not being creeped out by them. There's also watching Tales from the Crypt and Are You Afraid of the Dark as a teen that got me more into horror. I tend to get in a mood for horror around Halloween time.
  23. Rob Zombie's Halloween was like showing Michael Myers as a realistic character and to be honest, it doesn't work. It just felt off to me when I watched the first one and didn't even bother with the second one.
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