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  1. I'm into seeing this. It makes sense why everything Halloween (1978) is ignored so I'm curious to see where they're going to go with this. The fact John Carpenter is a good sign, maybe he wants to make sure this is good. His music is always great in his films.
  2. There's something I noticed when watching the slasher icons and their movies. Some of them had their origins explained in a different way around the 90's. I'm mostly looking at Freddy, Jason and Michael. With Freddy, it's revealed throughout the films why he was a killer and in Freddy's Dead shows the deal he made with dream demons to get his power. Jason seems to have a supernatural explanation in Jason goes to Hell. We never know about who his father was. With Michael Myers, parts 4-6 explain Michael being controlled by a cult using paganism in Haddonfield to slaughter his family. Does the explaining really make them more interesting or does it just demystify the characters?
  3. Shivers playthrough I'm not sure if anyone here has played the Shivers game from Sierra, but these were some scary games in terms of atmosphere.
  4. I don't know what to think about the upcoming Halloween film, it has the potential to be great or suck really bad. First with H20, the events of 4-6 never happened (it made sense considering the reception of those films) and Laurie killed him only to find out it was a fat paramedic whom Michael switched outfits last minute leading to Resurrection. Then it's a retelling with Rob Zombie's vision which was just ok to me. Now, it's 40 years after and everything after Halloween never happened. I can't tell which franchise has more re calibrations, the Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. If this is going to have Michael dead for good, please don't do a Switcheroo cliche scene.
  5. I go with no but it depends on who's writing him. I remember in the Wildstorm comic "How I Spent my Summer Vacation", he does kill a bunch of children who pick on a kid with a facial deformity. He did try to in Jason Lives, but was stopped.
  6. I remembered reading "Squidward's Suicide", what a disturbing story.
  7. Honestly, I think No. Sure, he's an indestructible cyborg with nano-parts, but he's more of a machine than he is a undead man. I'm sure going into an atmosphere immolating would probably roast the nano-bots and his body along with Brodski. The mask was just left over in the lake. He's dead and is just dust in the sky, end of story. Unless you read the Jason X comics from Avatar Press along with Jason vs Jason X for an extra weird story.
  8. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers: The surgery room massacre, that gave me nightmares for years. The lights flash and you see shadows of doctors and nurses getting cut by Michael, that kind of brutality you didn't see in Halloween films until Rob Zombie's Halloween films.
  9. Well, that sucks. I enjoyed the series for the fact Ash came back after so long, however I've been busy so I'm stuck on Season 2. It was good to see Bruce Campbell back as Ash since almost 25 years after Army of Darkness. It was cancelled mostly to low audience numbers, guess there wasn't enough viewers to see old school horror in the zombie era.
  10. The weird thing is I saw Jason Lives back in 1997 and I actually remember seeing a part where Tommy asks the Sheriff why Jason wasn't cremated and he responds with "Because someone paid a lot of money to make sure him and his mother were given a decent burial!". Not sure if it's a false memory or the Mandela effect.
  11. I wanted to ask someone here about a deleted scene from Part 6. I saw it a long time ago, but I remember in the VHS that I rented there was a scene where Tommy asks the Sheriff why Jason wasn't cremated and he responds with someone paying a lot of money to make sure him and Pamela were given a decent burial. I learned later that it was a deleted scene, but I didn't see it in the Special Edition for Part 6. Has anyone ever seen this scene before?
  12. No. Jason isn't a Deadite, it was implied that he was by Ash in the Freddy vs Jason vs Ash comic. In the DVD commentary for Jason goes to Hell, Adam Marcus said the dagger and Necronomicon were just gags.
  13. It was a weird comic to read. The Avatar Press comics for Friday the 13th got away with a lot of gore (Funny considering the Friday films were hacked in terms of gory content by the MPAA). I view it as a "What if?" story like the Marvel "What If" stories because Uber Jason got burned to nothing from that immolation.
  14. I remember all the quotes he said in Blood 2, thanks for the reminder! I just some company would pick up the rights like Bethseda and make Blood awesome like they did with Doom. Or maybe a Blood 3, but that would too optimistic.
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