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  1. The idea sprung to me after an interview with Robert Englund said he wouldn't play Freddy anymore due to the physical demands and the fact that he's also 70. After all, New Line is a part of Warner Brothers. I'm sure the folks at WB Animation would like to take a break from doing DC stuff.
  2. What's your VS battle?

    I just thought it would be a neat crossover idea.
  3. They did Justice League: Dark which had a R-rating, but could it have an audience is another question.
  4. Most Frustrating Games?

    I was considering this, but I'll watch it on Youtube instead.
  5. I was thinking recently as to why Freddy or Jason never had any animated sequels? I saw one of the trailers for Freddy vs Jason listed under the channel of Warner Bros. I know the rights for Friday the 13th are going back to New Line. Animated sequels could work in the fact we can see Robert Englund voice Freddy as he cannot do the role physically due to being 70 now and have a Friday the 13th sequel set during the winter. Being WB Animation, I'm sure the people could use a break from doing adaptations of stories from DC Comics. Freddy and Jason were able to have stories with the Wildstorm comics.
  6. Jason is Canonically a Deadite

    I didn't know Adam Marcus said that, the same thing was implied in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash where it's seen Pamela used the Necronomicon to bring back Jason.
  7. JC Halloween vs RZ Halloween

    I think for the sequel too if I remember, Malek Akkad said to make Halloween his own and don't be hindered by past versions.
  8. Friday Names & Titles

    Counselors becoming An Heroes!
  9. Horror, and what it means to you?

    I try to watch different genres of horror to get what type of horror is being discussed. Recently, I watched Cult of Chucky and Stake Land. Stake Land is like the Walking Dead but with vampires and is an interesting take on vampire films. Cult of Chucky was good for a sequel to a franchise that luckily hasn't been rebooted. I've also looked into films that were underrated like Nightbreed. It started when I went into a catalog my brother had of horror memorabilia, also seeing bits and pieces of the Friday films, I also watched Halloween 1 and 2 in one showing on USA when they did that. Horror was in a way learning to cope with being an outcast in middle school. I like watching films that scared me as a kid and not being creeped out by them. There's also watching Tales from the Crypt and Are You Afraid of the Dark as a teen that got me more into horror. I tend to get in a mood for horror around Halloween time.
  10. JC Halloween vs RZ Halloween

    Rob Zombie's Halloween was like showing Michael Myers as a realistic character and to be honest, it doesn't work. It just felt off to me when I watched the first one and didn't even bother with the second one.
  11. What's your favorite game to play on Halloween?

    Blood 1 is a good one to play on Halloween
  12. What's your VS battle?

    This sounds like a weird one: The Addams Family versus the Sawyer or Hewitt family from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films. The Saw vs the Supernatural
  13. Cult of Chucky Thoughts

    This was a really good sequel and I'm hyped what they're going to do next given the ending (No spoilers). A lot of good acting,cameos and creative death scenes in this one!
  14. What if, you wrote a friday the 13th movie?

    Given that Jason's father was supposed to appear in Part 6, I wouldn't mind to write a story to include him to help Tommy and Tina out after their experiences. Jason comes back after a long rest after Part VII and causes havoc. I'd go with the version they went with in the ending instead of the abusive father cliche. It would demystify Jason in a way as Elias would've used magic. It just stinks we never go to see him in the film except being mentioned in the future films. I always figured the Voorhees family used a lot of supernatural forces and that Elias was probably born around 1924-1928.
  15. Has anyone seen things in horror films they watch that didn't make sense? There's always one example to me that sticks out. I'm sure people have seen the Tales from the Crypt movies. I have seen that the Blood Key used in Demon Knight was supposed to be used in all of the movies. The survivor of Demon Knight, Jeryline, has the key at the end and is the new guardian. We see the key again in Bordello of Blood when Vincent uses it against Lilith after she is resurrected to control her. He mentions to one of his traveling companions if he's ever seen the movies implying that the events of Demon Knight was a real film and it took place. Vincent later destroys the key to show loyalty to Lilith. If the Key was destroyed, would that also mean the demons lose the battle to get the Key and God won? Or was it just an Easter Egg?