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  1. It'd be nice if one came darting across the screen to scare the shit out of you, especially if it happened right after you encountered Jason and thought you had avoided him. Youre all crouched down and the music gets quiet then a deer runs across in front of you and the music shrieks...
  2. Will the game have system link support? I have 8 (that's right, 8) kids and of the 8, 5 of them, plus me and my wife all will be playing this game. Offline system link matches are very important to us.
  3. Jason sharpening his machete on a grinding wheel, being all methodical and tortuous, It just felt wrong to a classic slasher fan.
  4. It's always bugged me. I noticed it years ago and I've always thought that part 7 had it wrong. If you look at the "chopping scenes" it appears as though it is hitting just under his chin on the right side. This is when he is still flailing around a bit. No visible damage is presented and the propellor does appear to move right to left from Jason's perspective. My guess is that the damage was "supposed" to be on the right and when they let the motor run roughshot on the dummy, the neck breaking hit was a happy accident, so they went with that... I pulled half of that out of thin air and the rest out of my ass... so I may be way off. But it looks like they intended for the damage to be on the right side instead of the left.
  5. If you look closely at the scene where she puts the boat propellor to his face, after the big hit that looks like it breaks his neck, It shows her swimming with tommy back to shore, It cuts back to Jason in the water (presumed dead) before cutting back to Megan pulling tommy ashore to try CPR. In that short shot where it shows Jason just after the propellor is finished, it does show damage to the right side of the mask instead of the left. In the final scene, where it shows Jason clinch his fist, it doesn't show any of the mask damage
  6. There are a few references to the evil dead in the game. Jenny Myers - clear reference to Michael. And I'm sure there will be a few more of those; im good with that. But I don't want to see Michael Myers traipsing around crystal lake and it'd suck for all the counsellors to have to lay in beds throughout the camp asleep until Freddy picked one of them to attack in their dreams... ???? I'm good with horror references in the game and like I said, there are some already. But they shouldn't be playable imo. Give us Tina Shepard.. ????
  7. I'm not sure if this is the right place or not, But is the virtual cabin still available?
  8. It happens when Claudette dies in p1 prequel scene Ralph's death p2 Marks death p2 I don't recall it happening again although it wouldn't surprise me if it did. This is a cinematic technique used to simulate time and transition. There are other times in the series where it will fade to black. If done properly, it could potentially add to the cinematic feel of the game, but I agree with others that it would be quite uncomfortable having the whole screen quick fade to white when you are in a dark room.
  9. I'm sure that the weapons will be able to be separated from Jason and he will be able to retrieve them. Somewhere I seen that they confirmed he can "retrieve" the throwing knives. Jason 6 has the machete and utility belt on the model. It'd be pretty stupid if he couldn't use it. Animations can be embedded into the props, so I'm certain that Jason will have the ability to use weapons opposite of those he spawns in with
  10. For that matter, Part 3 Jason used Butcher knife - Harold (edit - cleaver) Knitting needle - Edna Pitchfork - fox Pitchfork - loco Club - Ali Unknown - Shelly Harpoon gun - Vera Machete - andy Knife - Debbie Fuse box - chuck Fire poker - Chilli Bare hands - Rick Machete - Ali How many people did part 3 Jason kill with an axe? That'd be NONE.
  11. Part 8 Jason did use a fire axe. On the deck hand. Harpoon gun Guitar Sauna Rock Mirror shard Netting knife Some kind of weird club looking thing His bare hands Barrel of toxic waste Hypodermic needle. Radio antenna So which one should he carry in the game? I think the fire axe is adequate.
  12. How about Jason finds a bunny, in the woods, catches it, then uses it as a weapon to beat the shit out of whichever counselor happens to be a vegetarian? Or he asks the rabbit if it has a problem with shit sticking to his fur. And when the rabbit says no mr Jason I don't, he wipes his ass with the rabbit.
  13. This was my post in that thread. A nice addition would be a map or two where it rains and or storms. It would add to the spooky atmosphere. Increase stumble/trip frequency. Possibly add in a "slip" anmation where a player will actually slide and fall down. Storms with lightning that have effects of any combination of the following: Jump scare Spotting counsellors from afar in the flash Spotting Jason from afar in the flash Impairing Jason's ability to "hear" counselors Impairing the counsellors music and "Jason is near" cues Activating the "white noise" "Jason is near" effect with the lightning as a false cue. Lightning actually striking Jason, impairing him momentarily. Lightning striking a counselor (not sure about this one). Possibly add in a dynamic sense where rain happens at random on any map at any given time or not at all, adding different effects as it occurs.
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