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  1. Well hopefully with the next patch to fix this the people who names are missing from the credits I.E myself for one will be added in. I talked to Ben about this and so far he's been very good about it.
  2. I'm having the same problem credits-wise went through them with a fine tooth comb twice and not listed in them (Real name not this one)
  3. Oh and one question can we who's preorders included the CD and Artbook get the Artbook and CD on time which was fall 2016 if I'm not mistaken to tie us over till the game comes out?
  4. I can't seem to zoom in on easter egg items to activate the hidden room or the type writer maybe I'm just an idiot and haven't found the right button but for the love of god can someone tell me how to zoom? Also when I start the program it says offline mode for some reason.
  5. You know what would have been a nice added touch if the models of Jason gave a jump scare like attacking the glass case they're inside when you come near
  6. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evildead2/evil-dead-2-the-official-board-game?ref=hero_thanks If there is one thing I love more than Jason it's Evil Dead and it's getting a board game already fully funded about a half a dozen stretch goals already reached I just tossed in 80 bucks for the deluxe version check it out
  7. Well ,we didn't make Tommy so Dev. team but we came really fucking close like 2300 or so close. So can you just split the difference with us and give us Tommy anyway or can you give us the 25k goals with the money we already raised like the Noose, Back Breaker,Flaming Sleeping Bag Kill?
  8. Well maybe the team will give us a pass and be like close enough and give us Tommy Jarvis or maybe take the money already raised and use 75K worth to give us 3 additional 25k goals like the Back Breaker, Noose and Flaming Sleeping Bag kill as a consolation prize and whatever is left over can be rolled into polishing the game.
  9. $2608.30 to go. Why do I have the bad feeling we'll be just shy of the goal when the backerkit closes? Jeez I'd kill to just have one more day to seal the deal for Tommy Jarvis....Hell I'm watching Friday the 13th Part 7 for luck right now. Christ if just 47 people preorder at $60 a piece we have it we're that fucking close
  10. $3378.80 now this is skin of your teeth close I wish we could get one more day to lock Tommy Jarvis down or if it's close enough the team just going fuck it and covering the difference so we can have tommy
  11. $8537.80 to go so damn close and yet so far hopefully it picks up later before it's too late.
  12. $13565.80 Away and hello Tommy Jarvis hopefully it will get enough backers tomorrow to finish the job
  13. Awesome look forward to hearing back from you. Also can't believe I didn't think of this till now but will we be able to do the spear kill like in Part 2 in the game?
  14. Umm dude don't know how to break this to you but your math is really off here the goal for single player is $1,500,000.00 the $1,050,000 is for the Tommy Jarvis goal we're still a good $481,483.80 away from any kind of single player.
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