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  1. Then in what situation do you use the 'hold breath' option? I really haven't found it useful.
  2. How about a Camp Crystal Lake camp counselor outfit from the first movie as a reward. At least I think there was an official camp counselor outfit. Then maybe after you get a specific achievement the Camp Crystal Lake logo could be crossed out and the words Camp Blood would be written in red somewhere on it.
  3. You know what, a thought occurred to me. No one said Freddy had to be the killer. He could be a selectable camp counselor instead. It not like the counsellors are Heroes in the first place and while Freddy is in the real world he's pretty much a normal human with a high damage resistance (like having the old thick perk). Or we just have a bunch of costumes of horror movie villains for the counselors to wear.
  4. I was going to post these in the suggestion thread, but I'll post my ideas here instead. For the tea bagging problem: any camp counselor that comes up to a knocked down Jason in a couched position or crouches on him is subject to a throat grab and special kill. If a camp counselor tries to run near or over Jason while he's laying down stunned can be subject to leg grab that would function like a bear trap would. It would damage the camp counselor and the counselor would have to tap a button free themselves from Jason's grip. Allow to be able to close doors, not just open them! Trying to set up a ambush in a house is hard without the ability to close a door. Maybe let him be able to lock and unlock simple locks.
  5. Although this subject of different kills has come up before, I'd like to a suggestion. A randomised kill condition. There are (for example) two ways to kill Jason, but only one will be chosen at the beginning of the match. Of course the condition will not be known to ether Jason or camp counselors. A unknown factor that adds an uncertainty to the game. As as for the fire circle kill condition you'd need two camp counselors to carry a big rock to the boat. Then find a chain and the second gas can. THEN after after fixing the boat normally, have Tommy drive the boat( distance shouldn't matter just have tommy be in the boat) and wait for Jason. The Jason shouldn't be able to see the rock, because it will be a flat heavy rock. The kill would happen when Jason tries to tip the boat over. That's two cents on this.
  6. It could also take longer to repair. Also it could also take both gas cans to start it up. Make it a real gamble to escape with everyone.
  7. If they make a new game I hope it's not with illfonic games though.They need to choose a different game developer.
  8. Throw in the xenomorphs from Aliens, Have them infect Godzilla. When they come out they're ailen/godzilla hybrids that fight Jason. Then Godzilla shows back up pissed off. Jason Vs. Godzilla Vs. Aliens. But realistically Sony has the Godzilla game rights as far as I know, So good luck with that.
  9. Supporting the servers should be it's own subject of discussion, along with backup plans in case the severs are shut down.
  10. NEET Jason would be the pro's choice if they wanted a challenge at killing counselors.
  11. I kinda find strange since they went into great detail on the bear traps.
  12. I bet the MPAA behind the delay. They loved hacking the movies to bits so much they used their influence to mess with the release of the game.
  13. I understand that firecrackers and flare now stun Jason for a time now. I get why everyone wanted this, though I honestly don't approve of this myself. Especially if they stun just as long as the shotgun stuns Jason. If someone can elaborate on how long each item stuns Jason, I'd be grateful. On that train of thought I'd like to suggest something. How about we lower the stun time for the firecrackers and flare stuns while, BUT double that time if you stun Jason while he has his sense active. Kinda like like how you'd blind a man if you turned on a light while he was using night vision goggles. You could also add time to his sense cooldown as a penalty, or flat out take away for a short time. What do you think?
  14. I'd like a Tommy Jarvis "Jason". Complete with open back patient gown. I'm sure everyone remembers that Tommy became the new Jason at the end of Part 5. The plan was to have new "Jason's" in every new Friday The 13th movie after part 5. I think that's how they came up with the Jason switching bodies power in JGTH, but that's my personal head cannon. Having a Killer Tommy pays homage to that direction. While not as good of an Idea, it's was still interesting.
  15. I'd just like a old TV border as you spectate people after you die. Like the Gun Media TV logo.
  16. Now i know this might sound crazy, but stay with me on this. How about a 'Three Jason Moon' cover. Huh? Perfect solution to this problem.
  17. If the devs took the covered trap texture (it's a pile of leaves right?) and randomized a number those harmless leaf piles on the ground all around the map, I think it would shake things up a bit. Keep people on their toes....including the Jason's if they can get caught in their own traps.
  18. Ok, this has bothered me for a while now. It's BushWacker, not weed wacker. Bush-Wacker is a name brand anyway. The thing that killed the jerk psychiatrist is called a Brush Cutter made by BushWacker. It's made to cut though thick bushes and brush. Which makes me wounder if BushWacker actually paid money for product placement. Here is a example: http://www.searsoutlet.com/Gas-Brush-Cutter-BushWacker%E2%84%A2-27cc*-2-Cycle-Straight-Shaft/d/product_details.jsp?pid=93369&mode=seeAll Not a weed wacker, because those things would take a while to cut some one in half. I mean the plastic string things would keep breaking and the motor would over heat halfway though the body.
  19. Hey. Long time lurker, first time poster here. Just waiting for the game to come out like everyone else.
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