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  1. Why would you ever need to sit for two minutes? Hiding spots are for short jukes so you can lose him in a house and then run away while his sense is off.
  2. Well, that's DEFINATELY a good start. thanks for the response, and let me know if there is ever going to be a change in how the music is used in game. I think the music is AWESOME during a chase, it just SUCKS when it TELLS you he's around...
  3. @mattshotcha Welcome to the nastiest summer camp experience you'll ever get! That being said, PLEASE let us know if a "barebones" or "hardcore" mode is being implemented in the future, whether it becomes a new "mode" in online lobbies, or in the form of toggleable options in private matches. I just want to be able to turn off counselor minimaps, remove music all together (or tie it to the counselor ACTUALLY seeing jason). I run a discord with a bunch of players who are fellow day one savini owners, and we do our best to make our own "hardcore" gameplay. By doing things like muting music, turning down gamma, and using stickies to cover the minimap on our monitors. We also have a list of counselor rules and jason rules we abide by to add tension, but the experience isn't NEAR as scary and hard as it could be. The worst thing we have to deal with is counselors revealing that jason is around, even when he is using stalk, because they freak out and scream randomly without seeing him... it REALLY sucks when your in a cabin and about to leave and your deborah just SHITES herself before you get to the window where jason is hiding waiting to jump scare you as you crawl out thinking he isn't around. I'd love an update for this, thanks. Here is the discord link if you feel interested enough to join and check out our unique gameplay style and maybe pick up ideas for such a mode, to pass onto the team!
  4. Wow...im a day one savini owner and im only at 800...SHIT I FEEL LIKE A BABY LMFAOOOOO
  5. ConnectTheKings

    Hardcore Mode Community Discord!

    Not a bad gameplay idea actually haha 😎
  6. ConnectTheKings

    Hardcore Mode Community Discord!

    we normally see maybe 2 people escape in a game if anyone at all
  7. ConnectTheKings

    Hardcore Mode Community Discord!

    actually I open a party and invite everyone, we don't start until we have enough to fill an online party, because private matches are laggy and unreliable ATM.
  8. ConnectTheKings

    Hardcore Mode Community Discord!

    OH and people can "guard" players who are repairing something, they just can't be RIGHT on those players. think about a bubble around that player being approximately 15-20 feet away, otherwise we have noticed the players just keep knocking jason down when it SHOULD be a kill. We added this rule because we wanted to give the repairing counselor a SLIGHT chance of escaping or being freed, but not give them another GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card like in multiplayer. that being said, if your tommy or jenny, go right ahead and be butt buddies with the counselor who is repairing. (AGAIN JOIN THE DISCORD IF YOU NEED CLARIFICATION OR MORE SPECIFIC RULES) this is an OVERVIEW of the basic guidelines. @Slasher_CloneAlso sorry i didn't specify this more but you can place any leftover traps anywhere you want BUT the other objectives (either the boat or car {unless, like I stated, the battery has been repaired}) Oh and as far as perks go, the reason we don't restrict them is because not everyone is going to use thick skin, medic, and stun combos, otherwise you are FUCKED because you can only juke so much and it wouldn't help other players. I have seen people actually using perks like the flare gun one for spottin, the swim perks, silence perks, and all kinds of crazy awesome helpful combos! We DID have one game where someone attempted to troll jason using the meta shit but it doesnt really work out for them in the end because they will not recieve aid from others, or at the end of the game they are kicked or banned (depends on what the community asks for, we have only banned one player so far because they speed hacked LMFAO and played like a dick to everyone) most are just kicked for that night and come back for a REAL fun experience. nice coddling joke btw LMFAO. trust me everyone i've played this with are day ones who say it brings back the original fear we all once had of jason at release. And everyone I play with is max rank, mostly god tier jasons, (8/8 in most online games with only 2-3 deaths in their entire online careers.) who all have either near 1000 hours or over 1000 hours in game. we invented this because we wanted a new challenge and to bring back that fear we all had when the game first dropped. I have over 300 jason kills in game at this point and to me thats just sad, there is no risk vs reward anymore lol. its all reward unless you're ASS at counselor XD
  9. ConnectTheKings

    Hardcore Mode Community Discord!

    As of recently the rules have been updated, the gamemode is definately one you have to experience to understand, we have noticed people get shy after reading the rules...its not that bad in game. It's honestly a play it and experience it to fully understand it type of game mode. It actually forces people to play much more stealthily and coordinated. As far as jason's game, ITS SUPER FUN and even with some of those crutches, he still carries WAY MORE power in this mode. i'd say he is about 2-3 times more intimidating then the OG multiplayer jason. He wipes everyone almost every single game. car escapes are rare, boat escapes are even more rare, and cops are called maybe every 10-15 games. (not counting cop escapes, JUST CALLS) just because the jason can't IMMEDIATELY trap the car, doesn't mean he can't trap it after a counselor has repaired the battery. I have had multiple games where someone fixes the battery without putting the gas in before hand because of various different factors. As long as jason knows how to trap the driver side door, he's going to be absolutely FINE. P.S. The hero girl CAN stun jason while they are wearing the sweater, but that's really not how it works out in a jason hunt, often times it will end up being tommy himself, or another male strong counselor, who will risk death to get jason down for the count. The sweater girl is EVEN more essential in this game mode so even if you are a Jenny who can stun, it doesn't mean you want to risk it! @Ahab @Redrum138
  10. ConnectTheKings

    Hardcore Mode Community Discord!

    that's okay not everyone is up to the challenge, or interested in the gamemode anyways! Thanks for the comment anyways!
  11. hello, My name is ConnectTheKings and I run a discord with quite a few Friday players and fans. I host a "hardcore mode" lobby every weekend from 7:00PM to 10:00PM EST. We are a PC platform based community. We take hardcore seriously and try and immerse ourselves as best as possible. If you are interested in playing, just go ahead and click the discord link below! https://discord.gg/T2jnNqM Here are the basic rules and regulations: (for more information see our special tab in the discord) Rules: Gamma is 1.75 or as close as you can get to it. Music is to be TURNED COMPLETELY OFF! If you want you can cover the minimap for extra immersion. Tommy and jenny are the only people who can guard for repairs. only one pocket knife per counselor MAX. You may use any perks on any counselor. If you fail to follow the rules and regulations you will be subject to a review and subsequent vote to ban/kick. COUNSELOR REPAIRS: Phone Box: Lachappa & Deborah Power: La Chappa & Deborah Kenny & Adam Cars battery: Tommy & Adam & Fox & Mitchell Cars Gas: Anyone JASON HUNT MECHANICS: hero girls: Jenny, AJ, Victoria. (one person per game) The person playing as the hero girl and tommy must first get together and then convince EVERY COUNSELOR alive to fight jason with them. If a single counselor decides it's too dangerous, the hunt is a no go, period. Jason's mask MUST be in the hero girls hands to start the hunt. JUKES & COUNSELOR GAMEPLAY: Counselors may only communicate using in game walkies and in game audio. Counselors may only call in tommy jarvis if they have encountered jason. Sprint and jukes: you may sprint for up to one quarter of your stamina bar. If you are Buggzy or Vanessa you may sprint for up to half of your stamina bar. But afterwards you must FULLY RECOVER before sprinting again. No epic juking (no daisy chain stuns or "VCR" Jukes) {Proper Juking guideline can be found in the discord } once you decide to enter OR leave a cabin it is a permanent choice. (no window looping) Furniture loops are allowed a max of two times. Act as Humanly as possible, obviously this is not RP so don't overdue the shit. JASON GAMEPLAY: Gameplay should be way more relaxed, be creative with kills. USE STALK OFTEN. jump scare as much as possible. set your own match clock so you can keep track of the time. gamma can be as high as you need. Traps may only be placed on phone box and on power boxes. cars are to remain untouched. you may trap the driver side door if the car battery is repaired but the counselors have failed to leave yet. See you in the discord, and I can't wait to meet the real hardcore fans out there!
  12. ConnectTheKings

    Questions About Future Content

    @wes Okay I get it. My favorite game is dying. Now just bug fix and GIVE ME MOD TOOLS AND CUSTOM GAME OPTIONS IN PRIVATE MATCH. I want to extend the game time, make it so only certain counselors can perform certain repairs, and set the music to off , meaning counselors don’t freak out unless the characters PHYSICALLY see Jason. Because if you turn off music right now, counselors reveal Jason is around even if you haven’t seen him. That’s it man. That’s my final request. I love ya buddy, you pulled off a lot but if you don’t give the community a chance to revive this project, all your hard work goes to waste. Btw when the game was on sale for steam I bought a couple buddies the game. They love it and 100% agree custom matches need to be a thing. The music gets easy to detect and you know when it’s trying to trick you. Imagine how awesome custom hardcore servers would be. So many jump-scares, so many deaths... #savecrystallake #hardcoreoptionsplease
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    no im from EST US