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  1. UPDATE on my hours played! I have all achievements, every badge, and every challenge completed, I only play when I feel like it now, it definately helps with game fatigue. although without anything to earn or unlock I find myself playing in shorter durations now. i'm currently around 861 according to steam but that doesn't really mean its accurate, i've probably played over 1k by now, my steam can be glitchy at times
  2. For anyone who doesn't know I've changed my Steam name to The New Blood. I'll see you at camp! post-3810-0-57815700-1491824508_thumb.png

  3. Roger, i read you loud and clear, but I also understand that saying anything other than "no content sorry" would put you guys in a bad spot if the lawsuit goes down a bad road and we never see anything come of this. that being said I still reserve my right to have that 0.0000000000000000001 hope that content returns. and if it does, I will personally be celebrating with champagne and a jenny gameplay stream. If it goes the other way, well, i've enjoyed my time on the game, and will continue to play it until I can't anymore ( but i'll definitely be mad I never got the Jason X content, and no "hardcore" mode :L )
  4. this is good news. @mattshotcha @wes not only for nintendo friday fans but for the game as a whole. Think of it, why spend money making a port of the game (not cheap!) if the game had no future? especially when taking in the overall news of the lawsuit recently. this is purely speculation but I believe the rights holders may have an agreement in the works and gun is showing the world that they are balls to the wall for this game. Thank you Gun for pushing SO HARD for the community and showing a true passion for this whole world of horror. If content is brought back ( I know they stated end of content, but remember, they are working under Horror inc and what horror says they have to abide by) it could mean another YEAR plus of new content, not to mention what Wes said about the possibility of mod support after the games lifecycle. I truly believe those in power over this IP are realizing the extent of their mistake and are actively working to get not just game content back, but books, movies, toys, and other revenue streams back up and in full swing for the fans, the money, and most likely their family. Both Sean and Victor are getting older and I believe they want something to be left behind, a legacy, a true icon to live forever, just like in the movies
  5. Part 7 should be looked at by the devs as the clearest example of how to make jasons unique. Since his balance fix, he has played PERFECTLY. I almost ALWAYS get 8/8 when playing skillfully, even against jason bully groups. @mattshotcha 


  6. New here? buddy i've been in the game and forums since before this game released LOL. And the update and bug fixes are scheduled at sometime before the end of this month...
  7. if you activate a kill and it glitches at the right time, it will give you credit for it even if they escape, this happens most when you try and drown a counselor. you will get the EXP and get the kill but they will still be alive, allowing you to get an extra kill.
  8. I'm a pc player so finding lobbies is easy for me, but I feel your pain! I just want this new perk system to drop so I can spend the over 1 million CP I have that serve no purpose to me, I pretty much only play when I can find 8 friends to play my custom hardcore mode, as public lobbies are boring and too easy. We turn our gamma down to 1.75, turn music completely off, and cover our minimaps with sticky notes. We also set repair roles for counselors, which forces counselors to be much more team orientated and work together for survival. if your lachappa, deborah and tommy, you are the ONLY ones allowed to put the fuse in etc etc...
  9. I love the concept except the stats you provided, if shes going to be a loud mouth she should not have stealth, and then you also gave her really good stamina, which would be way to OP, that being said, im not against having another female, one that functions like a less effective chad. She should have OK stamina, good composure, and not so great stealth, but have a run of the mill (if not slightly worse) strength stat. basically she should be a mixture of jenny, chad, and a bit of victoria. however, I personally don't see a NEED for new counselors as we have all playstyles covered with the ones already in the game. That being said, I hope we can CAN get content back, or atleast get some new cosmetic packs ( I know thats considered new content but its not like maps and new jasons) So mad that we can't get the PJ pack even with it being completely finished and ready to go. STUPID LAWSUIT!!!!
  10. Hey team, can you guys provide any information on the possible drop date of the new update? or maybe just let me know about the new perk system / jason fixes? also are we getting patches for glitch spots on the maps like the packanack roof, the rock spot on crystal lake or any other annoying cheater spots? Still hoping we can get a new barebones / hardcore mode!! 😊
  11. Why would you ever need to sit for two minutes? Hiding spots are for short jukes so you can lose him in a house and then run away while his sense is off.
  12. Well, that's DEFINATELY a good start. thanks for the response, and let me know if there is ever going to be a change in how the music is used in game. I think the music is AWESOME during a chase, it just SUCKS when it TELLS you he's around...
  13. @mattshotcha Welcome to the nastiest summer camp experience you'll ever get! That being said, PLEASE let us know if a "barebones" or "hardcore" mode is being implemented in the future, whether it becomes a new "mode" in online lobbies, or in the form of toggleable options in private matches. I just want to be able to turn off counselor minimaps, remove music all together (or tie it to the counselor ACTUALLY seeing jason). I run a discord with a bunch of players who are fellow day one savini owners, and we do our best to make our own "hardcore" gameplay. By doing things like muting music, turning down gamma, and using stickies to cover the minimap on our monitors. We also have a list of counselor rules and jason rules we abide by to add tension, but the experience isn't NEAR as scary and hard as it could be. The worst thing we have to deal with is counselors revealing that jason is around, even when he is using stalk, because they freak out and scream randomly without seeing him... it REALLY sucks when your in a cabin and about to leave and your deborah just SHITES herself before you get to the window where jason is hiding waiting to jump scare you as you crawl out thinking he isn't around. I'd love an update for this, thanks. Here is the discord link if you feel interested enough to join and check out our unique gameplay style and maybe pick up ideas for such a mode, to pass onto the team!
  14. Wow...im a day one savini owner and im only at 800...SHIT I FEEL LIKE A BABY LMFAOOOOO
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