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  1. VA-Ghost, if you play on PC I welcome you to come play with my community. You will see and you can check all my twitch footage where there Jason killing everyone was not 100% at all. In fact, he had to work to get a kill. Very rarely did he get everyone. I agree with you that matches are completely unstable as well. But my comment about knowing what is going to happen is this Game starts Jason grabs knives Jason teleports to phone Traps phone Teleports and traps car Traps another car Now hunt Campers So you go from suspense to just upset every time you spawn in the house with the phone and instantly a target to Jason or just know that you need to find 4 pocket knives 6 med sprays and be armed with bats axes and wrenches. Where is the dynamic never know what is gonna happen each round? Oh and let's not leave out player dies player quits
  2. Let us review : 1. No one said anything about nerfing Jason - I pointed out where combat itself is flawed and needs to be corrected. I also stated that making an adjustment to Jason's range and grab itself was a complete mistake. Please look back at my previous posts about my opinion of the patch and what I felt was a better move from the dev team. I think you would be surprised that my comments. I am completely against the Nerf bat. It is used because a problem is not being addressed so they take the easy way out. 2. Combat Stance reduces the odds of you getting stunned because you can block Based on this getting swarmed by Campers technically is an even fight if you are using combat stance Weapons break they cannot fight you forever Everyone is completely dependent on the grab as if it is the only way to kill Firecrackers are avoidable to a degree Shotguns are one shot and then they are defenseless 3. The game was designed to have a lot of Teamwork and other tactics Solo players survive a lot less simply based on how the game is designed you will run out of Stamina and if he is relentless you will be killed. All the things I mentioned were based on the Mechanics need to be revamped and Jason has a lot of room for improvement. To fight those tougher Campers stalk should come way earlier and Morph should be Later. Sense is basically useless early game and only needs to be used based on Hiding Campers or stealthy ones by end game as you decrease their numbers. I respect your opinion but again you focused on only one aspect when my comments are focused on both sides. I do not feel Jason is nerfed if you revamp the escape mechanic. Especially if I have a bat in my hand. I am gonna swing till he breaks me. But that entire mechanic is completely flawed unless you happen to in a unique spot on the map. Tell me how that is fair to any player?
  3. That is arguable. The game was designed so that you have a 30% to 75% based on teamwork. The reason there were so many complete kills goes back to combat issues. I have made my points on ways this can be corrected and the fact that when Jason grabs you the escape mechanic is completely flawed. Putting it in there is like trapping a fat kid in a glass box in the middle of a cupcake shop. You cant have one nor will it ever succeed on unless you are at some point in the map that is not allowing any of Jason's Kills to activate. On that note why not keep track of which kills are being used most and review the head punch is used more than the others? His kill should have a cooldown on it simply so when fighting at the car he should be forced to do combat after a kill for a few seconds vs grab punch grab punch because the starting the car takes X amount of time vs a kill that takes Y time. I think we turned this into math?????
  4. I do not believe its salt at all. You changed a mechanic without knowing the complete ramifications of what it is going to do. And the game currently has no dynamic play. Why play a game that you know exactly what is gonna happen 90% of the games you play?
  5. I have made my opinion known on Twitter and I wanted to post here to give the Development team a fair shot at this. Currently from the history of patches for this game have been quite unnerving as we almost always cringe at what is going to break next. But rather make this a rant I will state my issues with the Patch in general as well as where I see current problems are with this game. The items I have listed below are referencing certain changes and possible solutions as well. 1. Jason's Grab- Specifics on design do not have to be given. But I was alarmed and confused that his grab had a cone template applied. Now I can see the base of the cone starting at Jason and going out to a point which could accurately portray the reach of an arm. Secondly making an adjustment to his reach is not a fix. With the hundreds of hours, my friends and I have in this game the primary reason for the problem lies in the netcode itself his actual template or range. When I see a developer mess with an ability without looking deeper into the issue it bothers me. Most of Jason's crazy range grabs are based net code issues of where the player is last reported and where Jason actually grabs. If you watch enough gameplay you will see that most of the games that have weird grabs in them are based on Latency of the players. This naturally points to the net code as well since the server issues have increased with each patch. I have plenty of footage showing the changes throughout the games life cycles. 2. Combat Mechanics - Character Stats are not taken into account properly ( this is an opinion but before you jump the gun please read everything) Composure should be taken into account for dropping items you carry. This should include weapons and escape items. Swinging a weapon should cancel a grab Grab is way overpowered and when a player has a weapon they should be able to deal punishment to Jason when grabbed Escape mechanic makes no sense and is only usable by 1 or 2 characters and Tommy Jarvis Weapons break this means the weapon can break when beating Jason off you while grabbed This creates the need the combat stance placed in the game 3. Jason - The fact that trap spamming has gone on this long is an eye opener because you required a hefty price for the Campers to pay in order to disarm them, on the flip side of this you also created a problem for Jason based on damage reduction med sprays and crazy team up situations where he lost a great tool because the campers have 6 med sprays and 4 pocket knives. This was a poorly implemented change that needed far more review than just creating minimum distance changes. His trap placement was an issue from day one when a certain Jason has only 3 traps vs another Jason who has 7. The traps need better dynamics to create a better environment for danger Let Jason use a trap on an environmental kill to create an area of wounding this would create a more dynamic game where you currently have a static game. By static I mean I tell you Jason's first 6 moves in almost every match - 1 Grab knives - 2 Teleport to the Phone box - 3 Spam Traps - 4 Teleport to Cars - Trap Battery and Gas - You have now created a rinse and repeat game where there is no longer suspense. Main examples I see this on trees in the woods fences on the trails possibly in a cabin An additional point and this strict opinion I feel his abilities need to be moved to make better use of them Teleport - Stalk -Sense - Shift Moving Stalk to the top will create a completely new suspense layer to the game Sense is pretty useless early on when Jason can use his Sonar to basically Plot where he wants to go Sense is more a later in the match to find pesky hiders Shift should be his last skill as he can sneak up on Campers as well and now later game he has increased movement to create the more intense events Alternatively, you could just let Players place the skills in the order they want and then you never know what Jason you are going to get 4. New Characters - Both new characters seem not to really bring anything to the table as far as Playstyle. I feel they fell short of the mark. I think there are too many characters on the slower end of the spectrum which floods the Players with not enough variety of playstyle. Personally, after looking at Fox I felt she could have easily been a 5 across the board character and everyone would have been happy with it. Now I am a firm believer in do not gripe unless you bring solutions to the table. That being said, I feel this patch fell far short of the mark and really did not look at what the community was saying. I understand making adjustments but that should not be a go-to move. Too many developers went that route in the past and caused issues in their games while not addressing the real issues. All the points I have mentioned are strictly under the topic of how short myself and many players in the community have spoken up about. I do have a background in game design and I understand what goes into a lot of it. I believe this game can be great but the development team needs to start really talking to the player base. In my community alone we have more than 10000 hrs logged in this game and I know that is more than any tester. I highly suggest you start putting the community to work that looks at you guys as innovators and stops taking shortcuts that create patches that make us wonder if the game will even work the next time we load it up.
  6. I think is kinda tough to use a mechanic that is completely randomly generated. I am sure you can start with a pocket knife depending on how you set traits or skills as you level up. But I still think Jason's trap are too valuable to him since they are a non-regenerative resource. You could go thru several matches and never find one pocket knife. Now you have created a mechanic that can not be utilized except by chance. I go back to my original statement. If you can disable Jason's Traps he should be able to recover them. Plus you cannot assume a camper in a trap is going to be an easy kill. What if they set off the trap, get grabbed by Jason, then use a pocket knife to high tail out of there. You are basically doing the same thing as disarming it. Especially since you have an advantage at getting away with speed and possible JUKE ABILITY DUN DUN DUN!
  7. Hey guys, So about being able to disarm traps. You have to take into account a few things. Jason has so few traps and they are consumable. This creates a few different issues. Trapping key points may seem like an ideal place to drop a trap, but too easy to get Jason ambushed... The counselors seem to turn into the Avenger Squad in an instant and setting that trap off is no longer to his advantage. It is a wasted consumable and he has been beaten to near Undeath again. The second point you need to look at is if these traps are disarmed they would need to be returned to Jason because they are in such a small quantity and can never be returned. Now on the flip side of this, I would say he would have to go to that location and recover the trap. These are just a few things off the top of my head.
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