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  1. I just started playing again these past few days, and I'm super excited that this game is still being updated! Last I heard it was GG, so you guys at GUN are awesome - thanks for keeping the Friday the 13th dream alive!
  2. Hate reading? Here's a video representation of my guess: Here's the written version My guess is as follows. Metacritic Critic Score: 80% Metacritic User Score: 89% [Top Critic Review] Game Informer: 91/100 Friday the 13th takes a blossoming genre, and slaps a classic franchise full of blood, gore, and excellent scares into the mix. Both veterans of the franchise and newcomers alike are sure to have a good time either running from your childhood nightmare, or chasing down those counselors themself! [Worst Critic Review] Eurogamer Poland: 65/100 Yet another horror game takes a stab at asymmetrical gameplay, with one overpowered killer and a bunch of survivors. The mechanics are sound, and the gameplay is fun. However, it just gets repetitive and a bit boring after you've seen everything a few times. Between killers playing music in the microphone or teammates causing eachother to get killed, it can become very stressful. If you don't have a party of friends, you won't have nearly as much fun. [Top User Review] Jason L. Vorhees: 10/10 I like killing people. This franchise was a huge part of my life. It practically was my life. I like killing people. Honestly, my favorite part is scaring the crap out of people by coming out of stalk mode - a mode that hides your alert so they don't know you're coming - and I scream into my mic at the same time. I like killing people. I recommend everyone comes to camp crystal lake, bring a friend - heck, bring 6 friends! I like killing people. [Worst User Review] DbDFanBoy69420: 0/10 Stupid ripoff of better games. Jason doesn't even play hockey, basically false advertising. Can't pick up traps, stupid trapper can't be trapper right. Supposed to come out early 2017, came out 26 days late. I'm used to broken games with devs who rush crap, but no, they delayed it, so -69/10. Worst game ever.
  3. I personally think that at release, we won't be able to swap weapons. I believe it's a matter of making sure that all of the Jason's have their weapon with the correct animations and stuff like that. Each jason is a bit different, and may need new animations to compensate for stuff we as players don't really notice. I'd say we will get an update after release that will allow different weapons, but at release I think they are focused on executions, and the execution of those executions being flawless!
  4. In fairness, streamers already provide word of mouth... It's like telling your friends on a huge scale, where those friends tell their friends too... Honestly, streaming is basically word of mouth. Streaming requires NO money for advertisement - it's literally: Here's our key, do what you want. BAM, they than share with their fanbases who spread the word. Like this is the most effect and cost effecient form of advertising I can think of.
  5. Well said. It's unfortunate obviously that I personally didn't meat the criteria, but I totally get it. I saw someone mention that it's not fair content creators get stuff early, but it really is basically advertising for the game. It's a symbiotic relationship in the sense that both parties benifit largely from the partnership. I hope that they do a second round of emails though, I want to make that list!
  6. I'm chilling in the F13 discord listening to the Diner Jukebox. I have no idea the title of any of these songs, but all of them have been awesome.
  7. Just updated and added our newest video! It's.. different. It's actually a fanmade rap in collaboration with a smaller youtuber, Asylum Studios. We did the entire song in 2 takes, and we threw the video together in less than 2 hours. It was a bit over 2 hours to have it uploaded and all that though! Hope you guys like it:P
  8. So tonight, we formed a sick new rap group in Higgins House. We call ourselves, Higgins Homies. HangInThere recorded our first sensation, as well as including a sick 6 minute intro. Watch it, and realize that our Discord server has the sickest rap group of all time.
  9. This countdown is going to feel longer than from Thanksgiving to Christmas did when I was younger
  10. I don't think there is an exact number. However, each Jason having their own kills; each map has their own kills. We can definitely expect some beautiful variaty!
  11. Split screen is kind of extinct in my opinion. Like, yeah, the good ol' days of kickin' ass with a friend were awesome. Today's developers are tasked with doing mad work on graphics & neat mechanics, that I imagine split screen would be near impossible. Just imagine everything going on in the game; multiply it by 2 and it explodes. Best case scenario, it sacrifices some graphics and frame rate for an operable game. Though, even that I'd say is a stretch. Split screen is just a tall order anymore. Plus, them working that in may even break something, you never know. So we just gotta suck it up and understand!
  12. That just got so dark so quick lol! Man. She's got it all. Dat butt, stealth, dat butt, stamina, dat butt. That's like 5 of the best stats!
  13. Does anyone have the invite link for the official one Wes made?
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