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  1. PC. Guy placed the pitchfork handle into the ground, picked the counselor up, and shoved her down on/through it.
  2. Left the game for quite some time, but had the urge to pick it up again with it being Halloween and all. I ran into a Savini Jason who had a couple of kills I hadn't seen before. Are those hacked? Or can they be unlocked somehow? I have Savini from supporting the Jumpstarter, but don't remember ever seeing any extra DLC offered for it. Just curious.
  3. I watched the stream the other night when Randy said everyone would get their codes early so they could preload. For some reason, I am thinking he said the day before ... but I could be mistaken. At any rate, my guess is that he is in charge of ensuring the keys are distributed. He knows when he is going to do it - hence, why he said we would get them early. As far as the Twitter account goes, I'm also not surprised they are saying something different. A rule of thumb when providing customer service ... Over promise, under deliver = Zero ... under promise, over deliver = Hero. I'm sure we will get our codes early. I am guessing the Twitter response is likely the official generic CYA response while Randy knows what is really up since he is probably in charge of the distribution.
  4. Hopefully DLC sales will go a long way to support the game and keep the servers going.
  5. Asking a serious question ... not trying to be facetious in any way. If they are going to allow select streamers to play the game early for advertising, why not just allow those people who pre-ordered the game to have early access at the same time? More people playing, more streaming, more opportunity for people to see the product, more potential revenue. Would they lose money somehow by having everyone play due to the server load? Are they worried that streamers who aren't as popular may do more harm than good somehow? Not trying to be a shit ... I am seriously wondering why. Personally, I don't mind popular or select streamers getting early access, or even free copies of the game. I think the end result will be what they are hoping to get out of it. But given the circumstances that this was a Kickstarter project that experienced a couple delays, I guess I do not understand why those individuals do not at least get to play at the same time as the YT'ers or Twitch people since their copy is already paid for. ?
  6. I was part of the Discord, but ended up leaving. It just wasn't for me. But if you are thinking about it, here are some pros and cons that I found during my time there. Obviously, not limited to these and this is from only my POV. PROS - Great place to get information as the Devs (especially Wes) seem to be on quite often. They will respond to many of the questions asked. - Great place to also meet people who love the game, and the Discord provides a listing of players on each platform so you can make friends before the game launches. - They have a channel where user(s) will stream movies that you can watch, which is really freaking cool. Unfortunately, they made it to where you had to be a Level 8 (I think) user in order to access the room, so you have to participate in the Discord in order to access it now. CONS - Overly strict policing of rooms. Do not get off topic in the F13 room because you will have people call you out, and they aren't always very nice about it. Also, never EVER tag a Dev on a comment. Just don't do it. You will be told by 10 - 15 people to not do it, many of those messages not be very nice as well. Too many wanna-be chiefs. - Many of the members are not very kind to anyone who voices criticism of the game or any decisions made during the Kickstarter campaign. I had seen this with other members who posted, but also experienced this myself. I suggested in the forum that the reason for the first delay was not solely because they wanted to add single player like the Dev's had stated, but was actually because the game just was not ready - but that they were going to add single player during the delay (I played the beta ... it was freaking phenomenal, but it definitely was not ready for release). Let's just say I faced the wrath of the room. - Very cliquish. Again, this was just my experience. Do not let my negative comments dissuade you from joining if you are thinking about it. I actually recommend you do join. The good definitely outweighs the bad, and there are plenty more good, respectful folks than not. At the end of the day, it just wasn't for me.
  7. PC Steam Name: Kangle http://steamcommunity.com/id/kangle316/
  8. Personally, I do not think these are going to be as detrimental or OP as people think. Especially in the beginning of the game. The time that it will take to lay these down, recharge morph, travel, and repeat is fairly significant given the fact each game is timed. And my guess is that most Jason's will not be disciplined enough to stick to that strat if they see a counselor nearby while placing the traps. I would imagine an efficient Jason would just place them as they naturally travel / stalk throughout the map. I could see these being more of a problem at the end of the game though when only one or two counselors are left. If the counselors cannot disarm them, maybe another viable solution would be to have the traps on a recharge timer, just like Jason's other skills. ? Either way, I'm excited to try them out.
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