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  1. I mean, you could just avoid getting hit you know, If they don't run swift attacker is easy to see it coming. And when in doubt. Don't forgot Jason can block. Now if you're talking about flares/shotguns. Yea, you're just going to have to eat it. Unless you can trick them into firing first.
  2. I'll admit I dance on Jason. But only because I play Chad and just constantly stun Jason and be a annoyance. Or just dance near a radio. It's better when Jason joins and gets his boogie on.
  3. Once I get my hands on him I'm going to just combat stance and fight players like in the NES game.
  4. Yea. That's something I never understood. Why the hell does the game lock on to other players first rather than Jason? It's dumb.
  5. You stand by your point. And I'll stand by mine. Combat stance always works for me. Just one press of the right thumbstick (Xbox player) while looking at Jason and a quick RT and BAM. Jason falls flat on his arse.
  6. Wouldn't that be the same as pressing the grab button and then spamming the choke button? Jason in general doesn't need skill.
  7. So I see a huge amount of players complain when Jason hits you over and over again to kill you instead of grabbing you. Why do people get ticked at this? It's one of the most easy things to counter. Just go into combat stance, and block the attack and follow up with a attack of your own. Blocking a Jason's swing delays him a bit which gives you just enough time to get a free hit on him. Now if there's something to complain about. How about that grab range?
  8. I'm never using the shotgun ever again with this type of penalty. It always seem to hit consulars when I'm aiming at Jason.
  9. >Me and another dude fix the 2 seater >Has keys >Fixes the car and tells other person that helped to "come over, it's fixed." >See's someone coming over >Get's killed by Tommy as he takes my keys, and the car. And escapes alone.
  10. I don't think 100+ hours equals level 35. Could be wrong about that. But that number seems slightly off.
  11. Like, he's just a worst version of Deborah, anything he can do, she can do better.
  12. level 31. Only got 1 epic. most of my perks are uncommon/rare though. So I can't complain.
  13. This is more of a question on what would make a good perk build and I would like help. So, I'm a Bradon player. Which means I'm ready to fight Jason at most times. So no mater what I'm running Thick-skin, that leaves open two spots. Hear are my perks HEAVY HITTER: Incresses stun time with the baseball bat by 31% Stamina recharge rate decreased by 7% MAN AT ARM: Incresses weapon duribilty by 14% No penailtys. MEDIC: Get two uses with a healing spray and Incresses healing by 7% No penaltys. SWIFT ATTACKER: Incresses attack speed with all weapons by 14% Decresses weapon damage by 1% Which two perks seems the best and would work well with THICK-SKIN: Take less damage by 36% Love for your guys feedback. I really need some advice.
  14. Like I stated. Pretty sure he just doesn't take any stun/DMG while in that animation. Which sucks.
  15. If he misses his swing there is a small delay before he can move again. I'm telling you I clearly hit him. It makes the hit noise and everything. I just think its because he's unstunable during certain animations. (Grabbing someone from the car, While he picks someone up, few seconds while the door breaks, etc) I think this is also one of those animations, which it shouldn't.
  16. Nah. it's the real deal. He needs to be the reason why we should play till we're level 100
  17. No. I mean it won't hit him. I can tell because I haven't hit Jason at all in some matches and thats the first chance I do, and I don't get the "Fight Back" EXP. Either way I was Brandon with a Baseball bat. So yea. Also I agree with the dodge thing. What also sucks is that he can just straight up grab you when you dodge.
  18. I just wan't it so if he misses a swing or a grab, I should be able to hit him, but 90% of the time I do and it doesn't do anything. It sucks baiting Jason to attack you when there is no punishment for him.
  19. And don't forget, when you get that rare chance and kill Jason..
  20. I think it should have a "Multiple session" bonus. If you stay in the same lobby without leaving you get a extra free 250 EXP for the end of each match for sticking around in that lobby.
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