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  1. Received my copy in the mail today. I paid way too much to get the exact same copy as the retail one. After all of this talk of these special slips or sleeves they didn't even mail them. Total bull. Even more irritating because I had reached out about a refund on at least one or two occasions to the official pages and people months ago and never ever received a response. I dropped it once I heard they were doing a special sleeve for all backers and preorders (through backerkit and kickstarter at least) and left it at that since at least it'd be special. Now I feel like an idiot because I spent way too much money for basically the same thing I could've gotten on release day and for far cheaper from Amazon. I'm certainly never backing this company again. I paid anywhere between $20-$40 extra for nothing. And no, shipping does not even cost $20, especially not in these crappy tiny cardboard mailers they sent them in. I only popped in to see if anyone else has the same issue and of course many other people do. The communication is honestly garbage with this company. I'd understand if they said we're sending you the copies but your sleeve will come at a later date, but they specifically delayed sending these out so that they'd come with sleeves. It's staggering how much they do not care. It's not even picking on them at this point, it's just unbelievable how poorly they've treated backers and handled this game as a whole. Also, welcome back Bears.
  2. I swear there will never be a day where backers for this game aren't getting at least somewhat screwed over. We get everything later than everyone else or -- if we're lucky -- the same time as everyone else. I called this delay ages ago when they announced this release date. Could've paid $20 less on Amazon and gotten my copy already. And no, measly two stickers isn't making up for it. Too bad Bears seems to be away, I'm sure he'd already have a beautifully eloquent post that sums up everyone's feelings perfectly
  3. Yes. And that's what is the most irritating. I live in the US and backed on backerkit, not Kickstarter. I have every right to complain when they advertise it as $60 as a preorder for the physical copy and now it's going to cost $40 and I could get it much cheaper through Amazon Prime. Shipping is not $20 for a measly PS4 game within the US. I ship items through eBay all the time and I can't even see one package within the US of one physical copy costing over $3-$6 to ship tops. I understand the Kickstarter was the Kickstarter and it had to do with helping create the game, but the same was not said on Backerkit. Knowing now my copy is not at all special and I paid $20 more and knowing this company and how the backers will probably get screwed yet again and probably receive their copies after people who preorder through say Amazon and go into physical stores... I really am at the point where I'd really like a refund. The fact Gun hasn't offered to refund physical backers on backerkit the difference now or even refund them period because I'd certainly like to go off and get my copy for the new retail price.. Kind of crazy to me.
  4. Has there seriously been no word on physical copies still? It's almost August. There's also still no single player. Guess we have until the 22nd of September to see if they come through on single player or let us down again lol. I haven't been on in a minute and just saw the Xbox One Savini too.. This company is really a mess. I planned to finally go for a refund but I'm really doubtful this is even going to make it to shelves at this point because I don't see it selling enough with all the bugs, issues, and general loss of interest for them to bother losing any profit by releasing it into stores. I'm actually kind of curious if they're just gonna refund physical backers the difference or the total in general and just give up on the physical copy aspect at this point. Only reason I haven't put in for my refund yet is that I feel these might be the only physical copies for awhile (again, if they go through with them) if not forever. I'd love to keep my physical copy somewhere if it's a special thing, ya'know?
  5. I don't get how people can literally read every bit of evidence and still say "you're just finding any reason to complain about the devs and this game!!!" To be frank, I could care less about the situation at hand and don't have enough information to make a judgement, but the devs flat out broke an actual reddit wide rule. You are not supposed to moderate the subreddits of your own products due to (very blatantly obvious) bias and lack of neutrality. One of the stepping down posts even quotes this rule. I'm glad they caught the boot but good lord the devs just shove their foots farther down their mouths sometimes. They're so much better staying out of it and letting other people moderate these reddits, discords, forums, etc and remove themselves from it and only respond to game criticisms/suggestions that are valid and of course announce updates/fixes, etc. This was a mess though and kind of makes me grateful I no longer check the forums every day anymore
  6. There's no reason they couldn't have gotten at least one batch of preorders out by now. It's end of June and physical copies were supposed to launch with digital copies. Can't wait for the same "summer 2017!" stuff only for them to delay it again. I can't believe they have said literally nothing on this a month after the release.
  7. Not to be that person but where are the mods or admins? This thread has really gotten out of hand. The amount of personal attacks being waged on people who want Savini Jason to stay exclusive are getting really ridiculous and most of the insults are extremely childish and counterproductive.
  8. Thank you for confirming. Glad you guys are really living up to keeping it an exclusive.
  9. I feel you. I'm dreading being called a noob because I'll literally be level 1 by the time I play at this point. I have to wait a little while because I need to invest in a headset and ya'know PS4 isn't working as well right now. Hope there's not too much of a gap. Gotta agree. Though some of it's annoying like people resorting to the really really childish name calling. I remember coming on after to release to SO many threads I had to sift through. It was fun.
  10. Does it really? I thought you had to buy a headset and I'm being slow with investing in one. Now I'm gonna have to considering F13 is out.
  11. ....? Could you maybe elaborate? You can't say "Topic" unless you're stating it all in the topic title. Like "I want a refund" or "We should all get refunds" or something along those lines.
  12. Finally took a look and PS plus is waaaay cheaper than expected. I imagined $15-$40 every month. I can get a full year for $60! Definitely gonna make use of the trial first since I've never used it, but I'm definitely also going to cave and buy the full year.
  13. Yeaaaah if that's the case then I'll happily stick with the PS. I agree that the game selection has been way better and generally I prefer the PS. Thank you for the heads up! I'm gonna go through with getting a PS+ membership then. I didn't know you get free games as well so sounds better than just paying to play multiplayer online!
  14. So glad this got fixed. I don't have many friends who game and even less who are interested in this game, and the one friend I do have that is interested is in the UK. Glad I will finally be able to play with him!
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