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  1. Yocum1976

    I Play Offline.

    Indeed, bots are good for practice, in my opinion, and I think they're a good idea to go back to when you unlock a new Jason, to get a feel for that version and see if you have a new 'main' or not. Even a semi-experienced player (which I am due to lack of a computer at the moment that can handle the game after my gaming desktop died) that's got some Jason experience can look like the newest rookie with a new Jason because of the nuances.
  2. Communication, communication, communication! I was US Army Signal Corps, and that's probably the biggest thing I still use in about everything from my training. Assessing situations and coordinating also come a little more naturally from military training. One of my 'peeves' about the shotguns is that they can't be used as a melee weapon, while that weapon, in real life, would give Jason a real stunning experience with a 'butt-stroke series to the head, move!'
  3. If you use the in-game mute, that person can not hear you nor can you hear them. On the subject of the original post, I don't talk as Jason except if I feel them doing something needs a 'nice shot' or something, as I'm usually a pretty good sport when I'm playing a game of any kind.
  4. Yocum1976

    Ki-Ki-Ki Ma-Ma-Ma IN GAME

    That is exactly what it means.
  5. It means that someone in your group knocked Jason's mask off that round.
  6. I remember that one, carnage4u. I ended up getting those guys reported before I joined you in that next lobby. By the way, I'm spectrelead in-game.
  7. Yocum1976

    Report glitchers

    carnage4u and I saw 2 people on the roof of Packanack about 6-8 hours before the timestamp on this post. He told me how to report them on Steam, and I agree with doing such, as the Jason that round ended up leaving (not sure if it was ragequit from 2 people exploiting where he'd never get them, or a disconnect, or what) before the end of the round.
  8. Yocum1976

    Infinite XP Glitch

    Unfortunately, it's not been patched yet, or appears like it's not, as I had 2 people in a match about an hour ago that glitched onto the Packanack roof.
  9. The description of composure states it helps in escaping the grab, yes.
  10. Yocum1976

    Come Perk WIth Me

    For the higher repair characters, or those who often pair up with one, 'My Dad's A Cop' can be quite useful, as that reduces the time that the police need to show up. The common one removes something like 40 seconds from the timer. I have it and am not afraid to be the one making the call after fixing the box.
  11. Actually, Jason can hear you talking on your walkie via proximity. He doesn't hear what the others say to those around him, but he hears what those around him say into it.
  12. If it's like the PC, you click on the "?" and it takes you to the select screen, where you can choose from those that are unlocked for you.
  13. Considering the Beta was 2, 3, and 7? My money's with Risinggrave's thought, personally. Most players are going to have an idea on how those should play, from either playing or watching the Beta.
  14. Howdy, y'all. Name's John, originally from the central part of Illinois and now residing in the 'heart' of Texas. I've been a fan of this franchise since something like the mid 1980s, and remember the old NES game both from a limited play and from some issues of Nintendo Power. I've not played yet, but have watched a lot of Beta play-footage (mostly from YouTubers H2O Delirous, Ohmwrecker, and Bryce Games), and the sheer amount of detail and imagination put into this while staying true to the spirit of the franchise and the 1980s for a time-setting is absolutely fantastic! Can't wait to get my hands on a PC download of this and start playing, either as the Savini-skin of Jason or as the nerdy-guy counselor (as I see myself as quite a bit of a nerd).