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  1. If you can show me you want to work together then I'm cool. I will attack out of necessity, not malice. And if I'm working on my own plan to survive and you purposely interrupt that. I'm not going to just play nice by moving to another location. Not when you brought it to me. You move to another location.
  2. It is tactful for me to take someone out that is threatening my position or chances to survive. Don't want me to off you, don't come acting a fool around me when I'm trying to keep hush, hush and avoid Jason.
  3. I also have a Savini skin code for PS4 that will not work, even after the 2.0 patch where they said it was fixed. I've mentioned the issue and they have yet to even acknowledge it. I don't expect a quick fix, just acknowledge the issue and let me know it's being worked on.
  4. I have my code... It just won't work, even after the 2.0 patch for PS4. I can't even get any acknowledgement of the issue.
  5. Ah I didn't pre-order the actual game on backerkit, just the skin. Was just curious if they be sending them out a day early or anything.
  6. Does anyone know when we should be expecting these?... I've tried asking in the Twitter 3 times now with no reply.
  7. I am totally cool with another month of waiting... We have a release date. I'm just glad to know when that is now. Wonder when pre-orders will start for consoles?... I assume Tuesday for Playstation.
  8. There have been games released on Fridays before, but those were AAA titles like Battlefield 1.
  9. That I was kind of expecting anyway since we haven't heard anything thus far. It's acceptable though... Not that I have a choice otherwise . Haha
  10. "The moment we hit “Gold” it will roughly be 30 days after that when the game is available for sell. " So this would mean mid to late May 2017 correct?
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