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  1. I am a 150 level backer, played this game the minute it was launched, I’m very good as Jason and kill the entire lobby 9 times out of 10 with good players, but I still get beat on and bullied, it doesn’t matter how good you are as Jason he is so weak , you are going to get but up and chained stunned no matter what you do
  2. Wrong, Jason was OP when the game was released , and the game was awesome, what people like you don’t get is that this game was initially made to,satisfy the f13 fans we are the ones who backed it and made it come to life, then the devs catered to the gamer guys, which is why everything went to shit.
  3. I think Jason should be able to see behind him, stop complaining
  4. They don’t exist on counsels, they either never worked or were just made up.
  5. The so called “ticket system” either never worked or was just more made up B.S by the devs.
  6. Are you one of those people who watch the game on YouTube and don’t actually play it? Jason is a cream puff in this game now
  7. 100%. Correct they catered to game geeks, who usually pick Vanessa and troll Jason or the many 8 year old kids who now play this game who just gang up and beat on Jason. Im a 150 level player and a backer, I’m a good Jason i can clear a lobby of skilled people most of the time, 100% of the time with low level people but it takes a lot of work, its not fun getting stunned 15 times even if you clear a lobby, as a counselor it’s so easy to get away or stun Jason it makes it no fun as well, I don’t even swing a weapon at Jason anymore he goes down to easy, and I still escape 9 times out of 10. The game is not catered to the F13 fans and the backers such as myself who made this game possible. Gunn should be ashamed of themselves
  8. The game has tons of memory leak due to lack of maintenance so it’s not stable , Jason is being stunned more than ever right now, the grab is off as well, memory leaks and no maintenance will change allot of things
  9. Your friend are both right and wrong, F13 as a game is much better than DBD( I own both) but they are correct when saying Jason is weak, he is basically a piñata you have to work very hard to kill an entire lobby of experienced players, killing Jason is one of the easiest things to do in the game as well. The devs don’t even do basic maintenance on this game so it’s always unstable, add all the bugs andthe people who hack it to get speed, unlimited shifting as Jason etc, the game is sometimes unplayable, DBD is smooth, no trollsand is heavily in favor of the killer which I like, f13 is way to in favor of the counselors.
  10. Those “verified” people probably do t even own the game, you would be surprised how many people have nothing else better to do than to come and talk about a game they have watched on YouTube , salt mines don’t exist on counsels, they never did(or never worked) funny how some people believe anything the devs say.
  11. Yea I don’t mind that one at all, it’s doesn't effect play, they need to fix the door not falling when Jason rages though, I don’t understand how they think Jason being blind for at least 3 seconds wasn’t important, then again they have done a pretty good job of making Jason a laughing stock, so maybe they did it on purpose .
  12. I am a backer and I have zero problem with them releasing savini Jason to everybody , it’s one of the only things that they can do to get people excited, that and making a hard mode where Jason starts with all his powers, that would mask some of how bad he is(like the original grab did) of course the game is still buggy as hell, , raging though a door and being blinded for a few seconds because it doesn’t fall down (more when you get stunned) there is allot they could do that are simple little things that could make people want to play this game for years, they are just to lazy. People like Neca are still releasing new Jason toys.. totally new product, the puzzle game gets updated almost every week, f13 the game? ... bug riddled, Jason stun o thon filled with 8 year old kids, trolls with cheat hacks, people dancing etc... add that it is obvious that there is Zero maintenance done to this game the memory leaks are evident in the way the game plays ..... if I would have known these people were so lazy I would have never backed it
  13. Who cares I’m not buying it, people who are buying it for the mask need to realize the it’s not that good, Neca makes awesome Jason figures, not masks, of you want a real screen accurate mask go to crash Cunningham, it’s where I get all my Jason masks.
  14. Um no 9 times out of 10 I clear the whole lobby, but I have been playing the game since the hour it was released and am a backer, regardless if I kill everyone or not, it’s a stun o thon for Jason it’s takes zero skill to beat on Jason , every counseler is faster than him, every counselor has much better combat etc... at this very moment the game is even worse, people running speed hacks etc... I’m seeing allot of people running in the air, I called out some fool yesterday on it and he said it was lag, problem is I was host and everyone s ping was in the low 100’s or lower, I finally slashed him to were he was limping and he killed himself.. typical move for a cheater
  15. Not tossing shade, I’m a backer(since it was Sleepaway Camp) have been level 150 one week after made a level 150, clean the lobby 98% of the time as well, If you played in the beginning than you would know that they made Jason a bitch, nerf grab, horrible combat, added window promp which gives couslers a 3 second safe force field , marked car parts and fuses, more perks etc.... etc... etc.... they did nothing for Jason , they grab still sucks, he goes down even more easy, and the minimal speed increase they gave him was taken away long ago, people don’t pay attention enough to notice . If you really were here from the beginning you would know these things, there are so many people on this forum who give their two sense in that don’t even own the game, that is fact.
  16. It’s supposed to be in Jason’s favor, you obviously didn’t play the game at launch, the devs catered to people like you, obviously a counselor main, Counselors should be able to fight back but not bully Jason.
  17. Naaa he’s definitely glass joe, soda popinski didn’t go down everytime he was touched
  18. How about the million times Jason’s hits pash though? Or whiffing on a grab when the person is standing right next to you, Jason’s combat and grab are pathetic, couslers shouldn’t even have combat, they aren’t marines, Jason needs all the help he can get
  19. Agreed I wish this game went to a better developer
  20. For those who played Nintendo’s punchout or mike Tyson’s punchout you know what I’m talking about, Jason is so damn pathetic, devs cartered to the weak, and in the process made the most unstoppable horror icon a joke, 6 to 7 slashes on a counselor and they die, but you can’t even hit them, the hit box is one straight line, a counselor taps you from any angle... you are out flat on your ass, get up.. chain stunned... “Glass Jason”
  21. There is no such thing as saltmines on PS4 or Xbox it’s just another thing that the devs lied about, people rage quitting has never been worse, when a match is over you are lucky to have 3 in a lobby, they quit whe you grab them, they quit after they knife you and know they are going to die, they quit as Jason as well. if there were salt mines they wouldn’t have a player base at this point, I may add that I am a backer, play the game twice a week for maybe 3 hours total, I play with 2 friends and we never quit, even when people are teaming. Most of the time we will make sure one of us has the lobby before entering a game, this helps a tad but not much . This game just has to many 11 and under kids playing, and never had developers who were competent enough to maintain this game. edit... I’ve played three games in between writing this, 1st game I was Jason ... 3 out of 8 people quit before I even saw them another quit after I slashed them to make them limp because I knew they probably had a knife, I grabbed they knifed me then quit, killed the others. 2nd game car escapes with 3 people quick, Jason chases me around, but is having trouble, quits (match over as he is the host) 3rd game 4 people quit after the opening scene, Jason kills the host....(match ends host quits)
  22. Am I the only one who noticed the person working with Jason? ‘This is a perfect example of how bad this game has become, glitches and teamers
  23. It’s both, it’s funny how people still actually think dedicated servers are coming LOL!
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