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  1. To point out how much Jason is a piñata  I want everyone to start to count how many times you get stunned as Jason I’m getting stunned 10-15times per game at the minimum also not even 30 seconds apart , 4 knives, 3 shotguns, 5 flairs, tons of firecrackers  then bats, axes, even pots and pans are stunning , lots of weapons put back in this patch as well as more sprays, now, I still kill the lobby, but it makes it not fun, you basically have to skip the cool kills.

    I’m at 10-15 depending on the group, blocking doesn’t work for Jason , I got blasted with AJ  holding a machete while I was in combat block, it went right though and took off my mask in one shot, pretty sad.

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  2. On 9/12/2018 at 12:52 PM, NytmereZ said:

    Tyrant666 your post is spot on, and I’m glad you also noticed the “phantom changes”


    4 hours ago, Whitebabyjoker said:

    That is playing the game. Just not your way.


    51 minutes ago, Dead Meme said:

    Hey, I know Mxctr. And that’s not cheating, it’s called sliding, some sort of tech. 

    It’s a hack, and YES that is cheating,   if you know that person I’m guessing you are a cheater as well.

  3. There are tons of cheaters in this game, and most of them run Vanessa , you can spot them on this board, they are the know it alls who pride themselves on killing and easily killed Jason , the are the majority of the dancers, cheater and exploit users, who probably spend weeks not playing the game and just rolling perks (I haven’t rolled in a year) to make sure they have that advance as well. Of you want tp]o play this game it’s just something you have to get used to, I personally don’t understand why people cheat in video games.

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  4. Tyrant666 your post is spot on, and I’m glad you also noticed the “speed increase “ or lack of LOL! , I still play the game, I am a HUGE fan of Friday the 13th movies(I’m a F13 nut, have all the box sets, toys, shirts, masks etc)  this was the game I always wanted and at launch WAS the game I always wanted, all the nerfs done to Jason is just disgraceful, I am a very good Jason and will wipe the lobby out 8 times out of 10, but I go into it knowing that I’m going to get put on my ass , stunned, beat on for half the match. It takes the enjoyment out of being Jason , being Jason is a chore and to kill the whole lobby you have to sacrifice most of the good kill animations and go for the quick kill , I can’t say how many times I’ve had to quickly punch somebody head off because if I didn’t  I would get stunned and drop the person I grabbed. Being a counselor is just to easy, I don’t even run perks or hit Jason anymore to try and make it more enjoyable, while  the self proclaimed pros of this game, brag about how much skill they have(this game takes zero skill as a counselor)but run characters such as Vanessa , with all epic or legendary perks, seems everyone runs medsprays, sucker punch, thick skin, because they have “so much skill” LOL! 

    We all know that they aren’t going to work on game mechanics for this game at this point, so why not give the players the option of playing a hard level, all they would have to do is let Jason start with all his powers, in no way would that be new content, maybe have 3 levels, normal, hard and very hard where Jason has all abilities at all times, I’ve played against cheaters who already hacked the game to have all powers at all times, this is something that could be easily done, but again , they won’t do It because it makes to much sense.

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  5. 8 hours ago, badassgixxer05 said:

    Yeah, i cant believe how many Jason deaths I have seen this week(I got lucky to escape one by bad sweater user close to a rock). Still not sure if its just player skill or balance though. I got killed by Jason quick a few too..

    It’s not player skill, I hate to break for those who think itsJason got weaker yet again with this patch, stuns happen even more now(didn’t think it was possible) and now you are hitting the floor(instead of standing) 9 times out of 10, a chain stunning is even more easy now , knives are spawning houses right next to each other(I had 2 knives in under 1 minute multiple games, although I can confirm there are still 4 in the game, stil to many IMO bbut that is the only thing that is the same as it was at launch, cars  are being repaired much faster(30 seconds is some cases and it happened at least 4 times) as the gas and battery are also spawning in houses across from each other, I know this as I  am putting the cars together myself , because most of the time people just beat on Jason the whole game,   Until he gets killed, which for me is so easy it’s got boring , this is just a short list of what I’ve noticed. 

    Devs aren’t going to to do anything but cater to the majority of people who still play this game which are Jason hunters, the game geeks who love to troll and dance around Jason , and let’s not forget the 8 year old kids, so sad what  gun and illfonic did to one of the most iconic killers in movie history.... SHAME ON YOU!

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  6. 21 hours ago, HuDawg said:

    Ya im a total novice... because you said so.   Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Well in that case im the best novice to ever play this game.   ..lol. 

    Either way, i really don't care.  No need to get all sour and whiney just because you don't like my posts. 


    The fact that he even thinks there is a novice level shows that he thinks there is a “pro” level LOL! , Of course he would declare himself a “Pro” , I think he should put “Pro level” Friday the 13 the game player on his next Job application LOL! 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Bonker2468 said:

    Is it just me, or does it feel like the counselors have gotten a buff with this patch? Maybe some really good players returned and I just got lumped in with some of them, but in about a half-dozen matches and three or four QP lobbies over the span of about two hours last night:

    • I had one match on Pinehurst where I found three pocketknives in the first two minutes
    • Played a Jason match with Part 8 where my mask was knocked off by a Fox and an AJ the first time I fought them, and I was killed inside of 5 minutes
    • Counselors seemed to dodge my throwing knives even from close range after I'd let them go
    • Parts seemed a lot easier to find since objectives were pushed harder and faster than I've seen in some time. In several matches, the boat and car both escaped AND the cops got called. The match I got killed as Jason, I was going to the cabin while the 4-seater was almost to the exit. A couple of other times both cars were fixed pretty early in the match.
    • In three matches as Jason, my best output was a struggling 5/8. Most of the other games, whoever was Jason seemed to be doing about the same.  The counselors seemed to be a little bit faster than usual, always able to stay out of arm's reach or run past me as I went for a grab or slash. A couple of them were crouching/ducking and able to avoid both my grab and swing, even when I was right in front of them. A few were clearly messing with me even if I eventually killed them.
    I've been playing a while and am a decent Jason. I don't claim to go 8/8 every time or sweep lobbies in short order, but I hold my own. I don't even mind getting killed or having a bad round. It happens. But something seemed ... off ... last night. Even when I was a counselor it seemed like the lobby was giving Jason a hard time.
    Like I said, maybe it was just an unusual run of knowledgeable, experienced players like I haven't seen in a while. Or maybe it's something else. Did anyone else notice anything like that?

    As a counselor I found 2 pocket knives in under 2 minutes,  I think they put them back in the drawers on some maps, Jason is as easily stunned as ever, sprays are everywhere, whatever speed gain they gave Jason  has been gone for for at least 6 months(people just didn’t pay attention, the devs know this) this is still a 4-5 second force field for counselors going through windows, why they ever put a promp on that is beyond me. I don’t recall ever getting stunned in the animation when smashing the phone and did get stunned yesterday, but I’m not sure about that one , I guess only counselors get a protective force field in animations.

    I like that they finally game dedicated servers this helps with some frustration when playing this game, now they need to balance things out, and what I mean by balance is making Jason OP like he was when the game was launched , the only people who like the game the way it is are the people who prefer to be counselors.they are not the people who funded this game nor are they f13 movie fans. 


  8. 18 hours ago, HuDawg said:


    Its like you took everything i've said, ignored it... and said this is what I really mean. 

    I really don't know how to respond to anything you posted.  You're obviously someone who enjoys killing Jason, so I really don't blame you for hating my ideas..

    My fixes would stop people like you from getting alot of cheap shots in on Jason. Pacing it out more and being smarter about attacking Jason..  So, i see why you don't like my ideas...lol


    Killing Jason is one of the easiest things in this game to do, I find it comical , how people pride themselves on that,  I also find that people who pride themselves on killing Jason are the ones who get the most salty when you best them, I’ve played with more than a few of these clowns but they all act like the same person, they never shut up even after you kill them and are back in the lobby, you get 100 excuses as to why they died ... why they “let you lkill them... they weren’t trying.. etc.... etc.... , These are also the kind of garbage who will hack and use every exploit there is , it  pathetic that  killing an easily killed Jason in a buggy $40 game is their claim at accomplishment in life.

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  9. 3 hours ago, thrawn3054 said:

    Don't start that millennials bull shit. Like past generations had some superiority. As to things being "handed" to people I don't want to play as Jason with an easy mode. My arguments have always been to try to balance things for both sides. I don't want it to be too easy for either side.

    Yes I will start and you responding(even though I didn’t name anyone directly) helps me finish ...... weak minded millennials, I bet you consume allot of soy LOL!

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  10. 37 minutes ago, thrawn3054 said:

    Except a single hit can then spell almost automatic death. Especially when combined with your idea to making healing times take longer. You'd then have no means to defend yourself. That would hardly be fair no matter how many times you claim it is. It also would most definitely not be any fun for either side.

    Again, it’s not supposed to be fair.... damn millennials want everything given to them

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  11. 21 hours ago, JackTV said:


    I thought this glitch was gone for good. Just happened this morning. I’m starting to think the game introduces its own bugs whenever it wants. 



    I’ve been saying this allot lately, I’ll say it again, it’s called MEMORY LEAK, games are supposed to have basic maintenance just like anything that runs,  computer, car human body etc... when lazy developers let it sit things start to fall apart .

  12. 4 hours ago, CountYorgaVampir said:

    I think a lot of grab problems have to do with ping. Most times I play and all of my grabs are spot on, but other times it doesn’t feel like I can grab anybody, even when it is easy stuff like people climbing thru windows. But maybe I’ve simply adapted to the way it works because I don’t have half the complaints about it everybody else seems to have here. 

    No it’s just memory leak, the game is not maintained so it’s going to be unstable 

  13. 59 minutes ago, JennyMyers1984 said:

    Just because we know how the game works and can actually play the game as it is as both Jason and counselor and not bitch and moan about nerfs and buffs doesn’t make our opinions any less valid then yours. Just the simple fact that you’re using “unemployed and virgin” as an insult on a game forum shows that you don’t know how to state you opinion without getting personal. Get a life and stop make personal jabs at people who have a different opinion than you ??‍♂

    You know how the game works after the devs catered to cry baby counselor mains like yourself , I backed this game(did you? Or course you didn’t) I also am a 150 level who kills the whole lobby 9 times out of 10, as a counselor I never hit Jason anymore, it’s to easy to knock him on his ass, especially now that the game is not maintained.(do you know what memory leaks do to a game?) The fire poker and piece of wood knock Jason on his ass.

    The comments about being a virgin apply to you as well, it’s not an attack it is a personal observation that is probably correct, now go act like the thin skinned virgin you are and report me LOL!

  14. 49 minutes ago, HuDawg said:

    This has nothing do with spamming grab and everything to with the current state of the game. 

    Shitty grab radius, slow grab recovery, broken block mechanic , too many heals and no stun immunity is why Jason can easily be bashed around and toyed with

    That coupled with Jasons  attacks barely causing counsellors to flinch, while counsellors attack leave Jason on his ass or standing still for 5 -10 seconds. And that is BACKWARDS.

    The shit i get away with now are thing that would have got me instantly killed prior to the engine upgrade


    You need to stop trying to talk reason with these 2 , they don’t get what Friday the 13th is supposed to be, and sadly the kind of people the devs catered to.

  15. 1 hour ago, GeneiJin said:

    Yea, perhaps it's because we both sub-main Jenny, lol. 

    I think the point&click nature of the new grab is fine, as it now requires thought-out reads and timing to use rather than just spamming it.  I do agree it's recovery should be quicker (it should still be punishable, but not THAT punishable), but I believe the biggest issues with it was the removal of "body-shielding".  That effectively widened the spacing counselors need to keep within each other, not to mention making proper saves trivial.  Grab has always been limited against groups, now effectively rendering it almost useless there against any skill level.  My guess the devs removed shielding due to complains of shitty hit detection.  Very lazy way to address it.

    The mechanics of the stun system and how it conceptually works is just fine, but I do agree that it needs some tweaks to iron out a lot of it''s jank.

    I didn't fear Jason with that grab back then, I'm not going to fear him if they brought it back.

    Of course you don’t fear Jason , I can bet my life you main Vanessa with the med perk, , I can also bet you are still unimployed and still a virgin.

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  16. 6 hours ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    In the games current form this has been brought up a few times recently what are your thoughts:

    The new grab animation being to slow  allowing for a free hit / stun with every miss....

    or his melee combat.... the hit boxes not registering....

    or his block needing to be in combat stance.....

    For me it’s the need to be in combat stance to execute a block correctly... it’s cumbersome and slow to react to your actions.

    All of the above

  17. 6 minutes ago, HuDawg said:

    Not for nothing... But this game is not a super competitive game.. Its a casual party game based on F13th. That IS the player base.  Trolls and try hards simply burn the candles at both ends. So im simply seeing it in the correct light

    Either way, IMO Jason needs to be able to easily steam roll through everyone in his path regardless of combat skills..  .  Give a LONE counsellor a way to beat the crap out of Jason, and they simply will.  Put them in goup and its a shit show. And the proof is the current state of the game.

    I agree 100%, anyone who argues for balance in this game is more of a Video game player than a Friday the 13th fan, This is the only game on  I play on PS4, I backed and bought this game only because I am a huge F13 movie fan.

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