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  1. Another thing I do is save the person who is hiding for last, I know all the spot the will be at, so when I’m done disposing of everyone else I can take my time while going into stalk.
  2. Hiding only works for new Jason players, I was a backer and have played this game the minute it went live, that stuff doesn’t work against high level Jason’s , I’ve been 150 well over a year.
  3. I don’t use any perks anymore, its to easy to escape/beat on/stun/kill Jason as it is, I don’t want to make it any easier, also redoing the perks is the last thing that needs to be changed on this bug riddled unbalanced game.
  4. I just watched a video on YouTube of how to get up on the roof as Jason it’s not that hard, it’s just a matter of pressing buttons on your PS4 controller and tells me that it was Definatly put in by the developers ... no question about it.
  5. I’m going to search on how to get up on the roof as Jason, it’s ridiculous how this roof glitch is back, and how nothing is done about it, I just had two people go up there in my 1st game today, the toxic people need to be punished, Sorry guy you should look the other way on this one, counselors on the roof is ridiculous, I’ve never played a game that had such glaring bugs without a fast fix, Jason gets on the roof , problem going away.
  6. Awesome I’m hoping you guys can make this game fun like it was at launch (I was a backer from the beginning ) I suggest ending the prompts to smash windows as Jason , speeding up the Jason animations and give him a window where he can not be stunned when picking up,a knife., please fix his grab, once and for all , people,are also,sick of him being a piñata, hopefully this will addressed, the 30 plus pages of complaints in the other section, show how many people are frustrated. thanks again for being active and listening to people.
  7. Without question I think your ideas are great, but the game isn’t at a stage that is ready for polish yet.
  8. How about fixing the bugs and making Jason not so much a wimp for the time being, all that other stuff you mentioned isn’t important at this point.
  9. Salt mines never existed, and if they did they never worked, it’s funny how people believe anything they read on the internet.
  10. Boo hoo stop whining Jason will stop slashing when counselors don’t use pocket knives , beat on him the dance, chainstun him then dance, etc, maybe you suck at being a counselor, I escape often and it by completing objectives and by running away and not confronting Jason. Jason is a slasher, f13 are slasher movies, although this game try’s to make it a comedy with Jason being the joke, stop complaining , Jason is wea and pathetic, which is why people li,e to slash.
  11. 30 pages of people complaining how weak Jason is, it is the biggest problem of this game, and the main reason why trolls play it, but still nothing is adressed, the only thing that has happened since release is that Jason has been nerfed again, and again, and again, hey why don’t you guys make an ultra legendary perk system so you can make it even more out of whack..... pathetic. most of the people who have left this game have gone onto DBD, not because it is a better game(I think f13 is the better game) but it’s because the killer in the game is feared, F13 is completely backwards.
  12. Jason was still powerful when the Jarvis map was released , but that is where the nerfs started, this is when they incorporated a prompt to break windows, which gave counselors a window of safety when climbing through windows, which was never fixed. the November patch is when Jason got his t-Rex 🦖 arms, and it’s been downhill from there.
  13. Going on 30 pages and Jason is still weak, let’s face it, since the game was released every single patch has nerfed Jason in some way , I was a backer and played this game the 1st hour it was released (until the servers crashed that is)
  14. I have most of these but I stopped useing any perks, Jason is to weak, as this is a prime example how counselors have been given more buffs throughout the life of the game, at the same time nerfing Jason..
  15. It’s christamas Day and I thought I would play for an hour before I have to go to family functions, sure enough someone is on the roof again dancing making everyone wait the 10 minutes for the game to end... it’s not letting me upload the picture I took here but I let me on jasonbugs (I think), come on guys this is ridiculous.
  16. I honestly think they are just shutting servers down, “we are all doomed”
  17. I just posted in another thread about this, you are correct , I seen this the other day, it was funny .
  18. In a game I played a few days ago, Jason threw a knife at a driving car and the car launched straight in the air and tipped over, it was hilarious, the people in the car didn’t die though, they just got out and ran.
  19. You are 100% using a controlled that is programmed , you are hitting one button to go into block, not two , which would make everything much easier, funny how nobody noticed this, don’t act like you are a thing special, like most people do on the internet.
  20. This last patch defiantly nerfed Jason again, I didn’t even know there was a patch until a couple of days of playing , I complained to one of my online friends that Jason seemed weaker and the game seemed more buggy, when I found out about the patch it made sense, I was a backer and have played this game since it’s release date, and the only thing that has been consistent is that every single patch has nerfed Jason in one way or another ..... every single one!.
  21. No it has been happening to me all day on PS4, you wait 5 minutes to get into a game and when you get in you are not in a lobby that is a dedicated server.
  22. Seems like the devs are shutting down dedicated servers, and going back to the previous crap, this game is also as buggy as it’s ever been, I just got killed by Jason hitting the car with an ax and it hitting me while I wasn’t even close to the car and was running away. Jason is also getting stunned every time he gets breathed on.... pathetic
  23. I noticed that with this latest patch that broke more things than it fixed, Jason’s speed is slower... slower running, slower animations, slower grab(which sucks anyway), every patch seems to nerf Jason more
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