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  1. Hate mail? I just exposed how you play this game, sorry you are being raised in this new era of brain washed ,weak minded< entitled babies. That cannot take anything without being offended, but guess I hit it right on the head , also I was a kickstart backer , it’s people like me who made this game possible, maybe you should get a job instead of spending your day writing on a video game forum.
  2. You are under the impression that you are much better at this game than you actually are lol! , it’s very easy to cart Jason regardless of abilities and rage.
  3. I can tell that you haven’t played this game long , you one of of the many noobs, who have the mind set to attack Jason, only because you get play a bunch of 10 year olds in QP, non of your antics are going to work on an experienced killer, I enjoy killing people who are dumb enough to try and block/juke .... this isn’t mortal combat.
  4. How would that be OP? Jason is slow and weak , Change that to have Jason have All his abilities and survive the night, because Jason is still an underpowered pansy for 15 of the 20 minutes
  5. I agree, they work only half the time on PS4 .... buggy and inconsistent just like the game
  6. Lol! I slash players like you , As soon as I see a counselor square up ,to try and fight me I slash,
  7. Just saw Jason walk behind the cop car and set traps..... this game has been pathetic for a while, I guess they are trying to outdo themselves.
  8. So what did you guys fix? Environmental kills don’t work, sense turns off in combat stance, people still get on the roof, just watched Jason walk behind the cop car and stand there.
  9. Whatever.... Summer camp ..... sleep away camp does it make a difference? fact is I backed it got the stupid emails late and also had my physical copy in my hand months after people could just walk into game stop and buy it at a cheaper price than I paid, I got a lousy “limited edition” sticker that cost 5 cents. Gun has shit the bed since the very 1st day, you know it, I know it , everyone knows it, how about this latest “patch” LOL!!!!!! What a joke, aside from moving a tractor I’m not sure what else was done, besides create more bugs, take all environmental kills away(at least in every house ) it’s a joke and everyone including yourself knows it.
  10. The rage change only stopped piñata parties , which shouldn’t have been in the game in the 1st place, now all people do use the double med perk(there are way to many meds sprays) and cart Jason in and out of windows, it’s pathetic as a matter of fact everything about this game is pathetic, I was a backer and I got my money’s worth, yesterday I finished my last badge and I e had 100% on the trophy’s for a few months, the game is almost unplayable yet again, I’m moving on.
  11. Um ... everything you are reading is true, how about that last patch.... is that dedication? They don’t even test their patches.... is that not laziness?
  12. I was a kickstart backer when it was sleepover camp, but I don’t give blind devotion, so keep on making excuses for them, don’t call them out on their crappy patches that break more than they fix, pathetic gameplay , bug riddled garbage, shit servers, etc..... yea sure. Bravo Gun
  13. You need to stop making excuses for them, when you fully know that they contradict themselves and make things up as they go, they are well aware that a good chunk of the players left are little kids who aren’t old enough to have an opinion
  14. That would take more work than they want to commit to, if they won’t even speed up Jason’s slow pathetic grab when they know it’s garbage, why would they do anything else?
  15. The truth is Gun has long moved on from this game, the lawsuit was a perfect opportunity to get out, they will say anything to not just flat out say that they don’t want to work on this game anymore, they aren’t going to change anything that doesn’t take the most minimal effort, of course they could add a rock, but saying that just sounded good to them at the time. I can say one thing for sure, I could give a crap about them working on layers of fear , if they are smart they would work on an all new game that they create.
  16. gun media has nerfed Jason in every patch, except the rage patch, which only stopped group beatings which would never had taken place if they didn’t nerf him so much, his grab sucks and was made worse With the new animation, his combat has always sucked, his hit box is aweful , how many times have you swing and missed only to have a counselor knock you flat on your ass. Jason will never be what he was at launch, Gun has catered this game for the weak minded “me too” entitled baby’s .
  17. With all the problems this game has , I find it comical that gun placed emphasis in changing the appearance of a counselors butt..... pathetic.... how about listening to the people who helped you make this game and do things like fix Jason’s crappy grab, or lousy combat..... it been broken for 98% of this games life. I really think gun is just messing with the people to amuse themselves, the joke is on the players, whom they obviously do not take serious.
  18. Sean Cunningham is the one who initiated the lawsuit.... you don’t read very much do you....
  19. Did you just figure that out ? LOL! Every single patch that has ever been put out has either nerfed Jason at the same time adding more bugs, I’ve already had to kill 5 people twice, because of the animation freezing or Jason getting stuck
  20. I have to admit.... if I am in a lobby full of, trolls, if I have the car keys..... they are dead
  21. You must be a millennial, even if you aren’t you act like one, you are not entitled to anything , it’s obvious you are just a gamer and not a Friday the 13th fan, if you were you would have know about the game and would have had the chance to be a backer .... so stop, whining like a bitch , as a child of the 80’s I hate where we are as a society right now..... People like you make me sick.... bunch of pansies
  22. Anything that is considered cheating(including using glitches) is my answer aside from that Jason can do anything he wants.
  23. And Jason should be able to put his mask back on, it fall off to damn easy
  24. Somebody wants a Vannessa buff? LOL!!!!!! She needs a Nerf!, maybe then people wouldn’t be such trolls in this game.
  25. IMO , stun resistance on all the Jason’s seem to be pretty much the same, I get knocked on my butt just as many times with part 9 as I do any other Jason.... across the board Jason gets stunned way to much..
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