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  1. I want it back to the way it was before the update, they need to stop nerfing Jason, he should be OP, if they are going to keep this grab, they should make the weapon reach farther to slash, it always seemed that You had to be much closer to slash someone than to grab.
  2. I agree, Jason was nerfed again, you also have to be much closer to grab, also takes more hits to knock the door down...... STOP NERFING JASON!!! p.s I think it’s sad that some backers (like myself) have not received their physical copy’s , when anyone can go to the store and buy one for,$40, I paid $63
  3. Stop taking away power from Jason, put the grabs back to what they were, I just played a game as part 4 , and had to be really close to grab , also it now takes part four 3 hits. To knock the door down. The only plus I noticed is that the part 4 shift has been improved.
  4. I hope they keep it like that, I always play as part 8 anyway, I Jason was nerfed to much after the last patch
  5. Ted White IMO is by far the best Jason ever.
  6. I agree on all points, and to be movie accurate Jason did jump though a window in part 7
  7. Also let's add in neigh able to push a couch, bench etc out of the way, how about those pesky small fences you can no longer chop through.
  8. I agree, there are way to many pocket knives as it is now, hasn't Jason been nerf'ed enough , the counslers are way to overpowered .
  9. Because it's in all the movies, I want to kill the counselors while they are screwing like Jason does.
  10. I agree, and I think Jason is way underpowered, of this game was true to the movies no more than 2 people should survive, instead Jason gets tea bagged, toyed with etc. If all I wanted to do was slash , I would just play mortal kombat , slashing gets boring real quick
  11. I think there should be way less pocket knives and overall weapons in the game, I got hit 6 times in a row by two different people with pocket knives , shot twice with a gun, after that stunned with two flairs, in between getting hit and stunned with 2 bats, all in one session , IMO Jason is way underpowered
  12. Looking for a game....... have a mic... Viper99ACR
  13. I didn't buy the game to be in private matches either...... this is getting a bit ridiculous it has only been getting worse... oops just got an invite... cool!
  14. Invite please ! Viper99ACR, I have a mic
  15. I need an invite also... PSn name is Viper99ACR
  16. Please add me Viper99ACR I am stuck waiting for 30 minutes now
  17. There will always be those game geeks who cheat , welcome to the world of online play
  18. It works then it doesn't for me, I agree to survive the game you need to team up with other and talk.
  19. This is what most people are getting, I have it..... servers are just overloaded
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