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  1. On 12/26/2017 at 12:51 AM, TiffanyIsBae said:

    Who even misses force grab? Oh right! Jason mains. He does need a buff, but don't forget how useless combat was because Jasons range was so long that he grabbed you mid dash. Messing with the car was unnecessary.

    What people like you don’t understand is that these are camp counselors not marines ,  combat shouldn’t be in the game... have you ever seen a Friday movie? I’m finding way to many people who know nothing about the films playing, and those are the ones who think everything is fine and dandy, Jason is a joke, I was in a lobby where Jason was killed 4 times in a row.. all high level people including myself.

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  2. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m sick of chasing people around a table , I tested it today, yet again And I chased someone around a table for 4 minutes and 25 seconds and could not catch him,  he survived the night, this is something that has been present before Jason was nerfed But with the old grab you could catch the person, , IMO I thing Jason should be able to break or push tables aside, to prevent the ring around the rosey just saying ......

  3. I wish this game went to a big name company it’s now obvious these guys are the typical “I got your money already so piss on you” People like me who backed this game a year ago do not want new clothing packs or Jason to be made a joke like he is now.

    You guys have catered to the young kids who like the stupid content shit, funny thing is those kids aren’t even at the age where they could see an R rated movie , you guys are pathetic, you are not in it for the long Hall like you stated months ago, you want a quick cash grab, mean while you have lost thousands of players.

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  4. How about fixing the mechanics of this BROKEN GAME before changing stupid clothes, Simple things like Jason’s hit detection, I’m sick of swinging and missing only for the counselor to swing back and knock me on my ass



    Seeing all these people wanting new clothing colors tells me the audience that is now playing the game and are happy with this nerfed broken Jason,  Gunn is catering to you people instead of the fans....sad

  5. I backed this game over a year ago have been playing it since the very 1st day have been a 101 level maybe a month after the game was released , am a huge Friday the 13th movie fan,... let me guess.... you got the game a couple of months ago and paid $40 hahaha!  I was used to the game I was playing in October, where people would run away from Jason not circle him, stun him... repeat.

    If you have watched any of the movies(I own all of them, multiple cuts memorabilia etc.) you would know that this game in its BROKEN STATE is a joke.


    There are plenty of other people complaining about the state of this game, my topic is short and straight to the point.



  6. 1. Hit detection sucks for Jason , but works for counselors just fine,  I whiff at 4 consecutive slash attempts with the person right in front of me, but they have no problem knocking me on my ass.

     2. I don’t even grab anymore because it’s useless, when you do you get hit with a knife anyway

    3. To many health sprays, if I do get lucky enough that a slash actually hits something other than air everyone has health sprays,  counted 7 lying on the ground by 3 people I killed yesterday .

    4 Jason freezes and loses the ability to use his maylee weapon, open doors or break a window, after getting the crap kicked out of him by counslers, just happened to again just now, and happens often, is this a sick joke? So Jason can be made into more of a joke than he is now?

    i could list 5,6,7,8,9, and 10 etc... it’s just not worth it, this game is broken and is not fun anymore.

    Next time don’t “fix” what isn’t broken

    congratulations you have officially made 90% of the real Friday fans and the people who supported it move on to other games, have fun with more stupid clothing packs and the soon to be total death of this game.



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  7. Its getting real hard to play this game, with Jason now being a total joke, bugs, hosts leaving before they get killed, this game is officially dying, all the die hard Friday the 13 fans(and people who supported the game) are pretty much gone.

    I only played private matches with cool people, but now a list of 20 plus people that would be playing has dwindled down to 1 or 2.

    Great Job Gunn



  8. We all know Caine Hodders passion for being Jason, he takes the role very seriously, he also is Jason in the Friday the 13th game.

    What do you think he would say about the current state of our nerfed Jason , Caine does all the motion capture, someone should send him a reel of him getting taunted, tea bagged, missing grabs, swinging a weapon and getting air when a counselor is right in front of him etc....

    Caine and his beloved character is has been made to look like a helpless fool after this last patch, maybe he should stop doing the motion capture for them until they make it a point to NEVER make Jason look like a fool, just saying...

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  9. 11 hours ago, BeautyNumber2 said:

    Keep the updates coming! Instead of more clothes, let’s get some different hairstyles and be able to change between four very basic hair colors. All they need to do is just use the hair they already built but make each available for everyone. Fox’s hairstyle is really cool and I love the bandana. Seems like something Adam might wear too. And I’m sure the girls would all have the different hairstyles at some point.

    Also, all the clothing should be able to be applied to every counselor. Adam has some cool clothes that other counselors should be able to wear. And I know Chad would love to wear some of Tiffany’s stuff just sayin. It’s past time for a little customization of the characters we already have. Since they want to keep adding clothes and stuff to do with appearance then let the players choose.

    You obviously don’t watch Friday the 13 movies, if you did you would know that fox is a character in part 3...  and that is the way she looks, bandana and all, I bet you like the nerfed Jason , escaping with out any effort,  and the dance moves as well.

  10. Anyone who “appreciates” any nerf to Jason isn’t really a Friday the 13th fan, probably knows nothing about the movies and will be playing something else in a month or two, it’s a shame because if this crap isn’t fixed al, the f13 diehard fans will be gone as well, I used to look forward to playing the game, would play it fo hours , now I can to no more than a couple of games, and the huge group a regulars I play with in private aren’t on much either anymore.

    These are the people who love the franchise and backed the game(still haven’t received my copy) aren’t on anymore, it’s boring as a counceler and not fun as Jason.

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  11. On 11/3/2017 at 0:02 PM, Archgamer said:

    I don't know why counselors prefer an easier game for them to survive. 

    For me, I don't want anybody to hold my hand. I should be scared of Jason yet when ever I run circles next to him, he looks so silly, like he's trying to swat flies with his hand.

    They could keep the range. But the fact that you need to have accuracy up close is dumb. I've clip through so many counselors with my arm just because they were slightly to the left or right of me.

    Counselors who prefer an easier game are the same ones who used to quit right in the middle of a kill, now in those few instances where the are actually going to get killed they do it earlier so you still don’t get the credit .

  12. On 10/28/2017 at 10:23 PM, BomberBuddy said:

    I've been reading alot about the opinions regarding the grab range change, played a few games myself, and I cannot help but feel conflicted. Let's face it: the grab range was unfair prepatch. Jason having the ability to force choke a counselor into his grip was unfair, and probably warranted a grimace of distaste. Then we move on. It happened. Tough.

    People had gotten so used to that unfair grab range that now, with it gone, people no longer believe that they should have lived. They sympathize with Jason, harkening back to the good ole days where Jason could press a button and win. Gone are the moments of dread because that uncertainty of survival has opened up more in the counselor's favor.

    Jason doesn't need your sympathy, trust me. As far as the grab range goes, this patch made it so Jason has to work a little harder to earn his kill. It can be done. It will be done. I promise you. Jasons will now have to use more than a shift-grab if they want to cut down a group. When has a shift-grab ever been satisfying anyway? If you are Jason, start planning ambushes; think as a couselor would think. Human error and mind games now play a pivotal role. Outsmart your opponent.

    If you are a counselor and you no longer find satisfaction in juking Jason, it seems your enjoyment of the game has been hindered by killers unwilling to adapt to the tide of war. Beat him into submission until he changes his ways. Please remember: A human being is suseptable to failure. We are stubborn, resistant to change, especially to a form of entertainment media. Social darwinism here. 

    You obviously are just a game player and not a Friday the 13th movie  watcher, killing should come easy for Jason , the counselor is the one who should have to work harder to survive not Jason , I am bored as a counselor , unless Jason hits me with a perfect shiftgrab I survive 9 out of 10 Times , I now survive the whole 20 minutes without the cops, cars or boats, I see allot of people doing the same.

    im bored with the game and would love to send the physical copy that I haven’t received yet back. 

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  13. 21 hours ago, Mr. Blonde said:

    This game is looking more and more like Scooby-Doo after each update rather than a horror game. . .

    So utterly depressing every time I see this happen in lobbies.

    I agree it’s a joke the devs should be ashamed of themselves, I haven’t even received my psysical copy and wish I could get my $62 back, it’s not fun playing as A weak underpower Jason , and it’s not fun escaping so easily. This game has become no fun anymore, it now caters to the casual gamers that will be gone in a month , replaced by other casuals so the cycle will go on, the devs will only give a shit when the casuals stop and the money stops coming in.

  14. 4 hours ago, FreakyFrank1 said:

    Maybe that all running Jason have the same running speed,but there have been a few peoples who said that Part 4 kinda feel a bit faster compared to Part 2 and 3,so it would be nice to test that theory by making a comparaison video...

    Part 4 was faster before they nerfed the shit out of all the Jason’s , They are constantly changing things to favor the crybabies (who never seen a Friday film) who always have to escape, shame on Gunn , this game in its current state is a joke, they broke it on the last patch.

  15. I am a backer(still haven’t received my copy) and don’t enjoy playing the game anymore, it is simple to escape , and Jason is now back to being a total joke, the grab sucks, the slashing has never been good, seems like they slowed Jason down in all categories, not just the ones they listed. They only thing they improved is the shifts on all Jason’s (another thing not mentioned) but that doesn’t make up for the lack of destruction, lousy shift grap, traps etc.

    Only the non Friday fans who are just gamers like the game being made easier, they will be gone in a couple of months, the devs are pushing away the people who helped make this game exist, this game is going to die. Up until the last patch(seems like most of their patches only mess up the game) it was really becoming the game I wished for.

  16. The new grab nerf sucks period, the only people who like are the ones who like escaping easy for the stupid XP,  after 101 I stopped looking, also the slashing in this game has always sucked, I don’t know why nobody has ever complained about that.

    The devs need to stop nerfing Jason to appease all the players that have never seen a Friday film, it was fine before this last patch now I am starting not not even enjoy this game.


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