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  1. 12 hours ago, JennyMyers1984 said:

    Jason shouldn’t sit up five seconds after a shotgun blast, stop giving Jason so much credit when he got his ass kicked toward the end of the movies. Sure the shotgun blast when he is stunned standing up is fine how it is but when the bat and the shotgun have the same stun duration there is a problem. There is no counselor crack pipe when I’m simply giving a suggestion. I guess nobody around here can have an opinion to make the game more realistic or better for each side.

    You are right... Jason shouldn’t sit up after 5 seconds.... he should sit up, after 3, to many people like you are the reason why Jason was nerfed in the 1st place,  Jason is  still underpowered , he gets stunned whe the wind blows, gets hit throug windows and closed doors, I’m sure you are one of the people using the exploit which will be taken out with the engine upgrade, so have fun now while you can.

  2. On 2/20/2018 at 10:35 PM, Tommy86 said:

    Perfect example of the trash slasher Jason who doesn't even know how to block. This what all the pro-slash posts amount to. Walking around swinging aimlessly and getting counterhit from all angles. As no objective protection was required, he could have simply stood their blocking and drained weapon durability, with throwing knives in between blocks. People badly need to learn Jason offence. I have to post these guides sooner.

    Come play in my group of skilled 150’s Mr. know it all , in every one of your posts you act like you invented the game, You are probably just one of those game geeks who think they are way better than they actually are, you must  live in your parents basement ... obviously are still a virgin. 

    If Jason goes into combat stance all the counselor has to do is back off and not swing, Jason’s combat stance has a lag coming in and out of it where he can get blasted

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  3. 9 hours ago, The Gunslinger said:

    Sucker punch(%25 increase on stun chance)  with a lead pipe does not stuns Jason now. Thank you Gun to make this game impossible for us. I was about to take the med spray but before I wanted to buy myself a little time to guarentee the job. I turned around and swinged the lead pipe with Sucker punch equipped, but no he Just stand still and then he choked me. Wouldn't anyone rage quit in this situtation? 

    Boo hoo, ya baby.... you obviously started playing this game in December , move onto another game loser.

  4. 14 hours ago, Imayslaylizdaw said:

    Sorry to tell you, but there is. We must not be playing the same game. Jason can not be stunned again, unless we have different definitions on what a stun is? For me a stun is when Jason looks to the side or falls backwards while Pamela encourages him to keep killing. That is a stun to me and there are invincibility frames for stun a few seconds after he's already been stunned.

    You obviously aren’t playing Friday the 13th the game, or haven’t played with seasoned players.

  5. On 2/11/2018 at 1:34 PM, GHR1227 said:

    They have to make Jason's super human abilities which are not explored from Jason's perspective in the movies, but are OBVIOUS into a game.

    There are plenty of references in the movies to Jason having "senses", teleportation, stalk ability, regeneration, immortality, etc.


    As for Tommy being the only one who "killed" Jason that is arguable.

    It is more arguable that Jason was NEVER KILLED.   

    He never even died in a drowning in Crystal Lake much less the puny methods of our heroes in the moves.

    He was injured and beaten up.   He was chopped via machete in Pt4 by young Tommy Jarvis and put into

    a coffin where he was dormant not dead.  Even the music in pt6 before the lightening strike implies Jason is

    aware Tommy is there and *alive*.

    Jason was revived by Tommy in Pt6 via a lightning rod and bolt of lightening.

    So Tommy arguably made Jason not only fully immortal but *stronger* through his actions.


    In Pt9 he is blown to bits and *still* he is alive...   Like other immortal villains Jason is not able to be killed.

    He can be hurt and become dormant but not killed.


    *EDIT* there is something wrong with the quote system of the forum.  It put wrong name above for the 2nd quote should be quote of:

      On 2/5/2018 at 9:12 PM, kevnssanity said:


    Dude he was dead, he came back to life via lighting bolt, just as Frankenstein was brought to life , the director of part 6 openly talks about this.

    also using part  9 as an example doesn’t hold much water, the whole movie was a mess that screwed up the whole mythology, the director was  was an idiot who was bringing people coffe before he kissed ass to be a part of that shit film....... yea Jason had a sister..... hahahaha !!!!

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  6. On 2/5/2018 at 9:12 PM, kevnssanity said:

    Don't play with me. I've watched every single one. He does not Morph/Shift/Stalk/Sense lol.

    And if we're comparing to the movies, it doesn't take Tommy to kill him, as the stars of each movie have taken care of Jason after a brief struggle.

    Then you are lying about watching all the movies, because the only person in the movies that ever killed Jason was Tommy Jarvis , half the people on this board are haven’t seen or know any facts about the movies, you are just another gamer who thinks this game is about winning, it’s people like you that Gunn has catered to which is why the game is so fucked up right now.

    they won’t put the game back to what it was in October because off whiners like you.

  7. 1 minute ago, Cokeyskunk said:

    Saaayyyy . . . are YOU campaigning for "Most Liked Forum Member," or somethin' . . . ? 

    Or are you just one of those nifty fellas who speaks their mind and could care less who gets in their way?

    Sorry, my weak mind is trying to understand. Please throw me a bone? 

    It would be the second, I call  it the way I see it...  maybe you could seek professional help for your problem as you state that you are indeed one of the “weak minded “  people, so I guess you think Jason is very OP now and the window fix is huge LOL! , this game isn’t even close to the October game and is a sinking ship,.

    Do you really think paranoia will come out?..... hahahaha! It’s canceled

  8. 10 hours ago, Redcat345 said:

    Remove the bubble, it's still there.

    It’s still there, Gunn is playing mind games with all you weak minded people,  their “adjustments” are so small that they don’t really change anything, but they know if the say they adjusted something all the weak minded millennials are going to swallow that placebo pill and actually believe there is a big difference. The window system was fine at launch, nobody complained.

    This game is like a flat tire... putting a pound of air in a tire that needs forty pounds is an “adjustment”. .... but guess what... it’s still a flat tire

  9. On 2/7/2018 at 8:18 AM, JarMa13 said:

    and no fixing counselors hitting jason thru closed doors? 

    also too many empty drawers,  too few knives, medsprays, and shotguns. 

    I can see reducing them but u overdid it

    and since u increased jasons strength,  speed,  and knives,  why reduce our defense too?

    You obviously didn’t play the game at launch , there was even less weapons, knives etc... than ther is now, and Jason was much stronger, you are weak.

    On 2/8/2018 at 12:34 AM, DasMurich said:

    Still seeing window issues. Collision field is there on occasion.

    It seems, often, if a counselor jumps through a window the protection is still there, and sometimes when they just climb through.

    I played a game of bots today, when you hit a counselor that is standing behind a window and kill them it registers as a suicide

  10. On 2/4/2018 at 7:33 AM, stoney said:

    No one asked for counselors to be able to beat and troll Jason.

    Escape is meant to be fair, not entirely in Jason's favor. 

    Wrong! , the game is supposed to in Jason’s favor.... Jason is still nerfed, you obviously never played the game in October, never watched a Friday the 13th movie, and are one of those fools who like to beat on Jason and use dancing emotes.

  11. 3 hours ago, Caulus said:

    I agree with this statement. The older versions of the game were just better. That's just obvious to everyone who got a chance to experience it.

    I didn't have the game at the time; I played it over my brother-in-law's house. I still wasn't sold on it, but I'm glad he talked me into it. If I had waited, I never would've experienced how good this game actually used to be.

    Yeah, Jason's grab was very slightly buffed and counselors weapons were reverted to near Oct. levels. The only major nerf I've seen is counselor fear. That's it.

    The grab I will concede is fine for Running Jasons, but Walking Jasons need the "Force Grab" back, imo.

    I agree with your post 100% , I’m blown away on how many people are trying to convince themselves that the was so much change to Jason, he’s still a punching bag and is not even close to what he was in October , the only thing that has changed is that there are only 4 pocket knives per match and are only enough weapons for 12 counclers instead of 25. Seems like people are under a spell.... speed was increased a tad, Roy is fast but the devs just made his music louder to fool the weak minded into thinking he is so scary , they will dial it down , like they did with part 9. I think people want this game to be what it was so bad, they are trying to convince themselves that this patch has it back, the truth is it’s not even close, and will probably never be.

    the ones complaining it’s are game geek kids who don’t know anything about the Friday the 13th franchise and got the game at Christmas. Yesterday I tried to play in a lobby(I was host)out of the 7 people there were 4 kids that couldn’t be anything more than 10 years old all saying “let’s kill Jason” .... “I know how to kill Jason”  That sums op how pathetic this game has got, Imwould take roof glitches al, day long and have the game be what it was in October s this crap , it’s a shame how people are drinking the coolaide , to many people believe what is posted on the internet... what a sad world we live in.

  12. 2 hours ago, Jawbone said:

    Where is the none option? I don't think anyone would give Gun a license after the shitshow that was the handling of this game. DbD has already clean sweep the majority of these characters except Chuck and Ghostface so they would be on the list before Gun media if gun media even made it.

    I agree , I vote for none , don’t need to,see another horror icon, beat up, humiliated, and killed .

  13. 8 minutes ago, WashingtonJones said:

    I think a lot of people heard that Jason got more powerful and they started acting as if. Soon that spell will wear off and we'll be back to normal, minus a couple of pocket knife-less counselors. 

    Are you calling him stupid? Because according to the language that's what it looks like. Don't worship Pappus. He'll turn you into an asshole. And you're not right all the time either so calm down.

    BINGO... you nailed it.... people are so mind weak nowadays

  14. 1 hour ago, NoOneK9503 said:

    Terrible. Combat through doors is a really bad addition for Jason. It only benefit the counselors and makes +Destruction dependant Jasons (like Part 4) less efficient in their pressure.

    Also, fix hit detection and buff Jason's weapon range!

    Hit detection and stun on Jason wasn’t changed at all, grab was barely changed, Jason was made a tad Faster, the only thing that has really changed is there is less weapons(Still more than plenty to beat up and easily kill Jason) and pocket knives. People who think Jason is much more effective are drinking coolaide. I stunned Jason 2 times in a row with a damn Pot yesterday, and when we wanted to kill him and beat on him it was just as easy. Yesterday was the 1st day I played this game in a month, and will be the last until this game until real changes are made.

    Roy is fast but that’s about it, the devs made his music louder to make the illusion that he’s more scary than he is,  it’s a simple trick (watch the original Halloween without sound, it’s not scary) I was hoping the game would be closer to the game I  played in October , it’s not even close.

  15. 5 minutes ago, pioneer67fkd said:

    listen to all the crybabies i played alot counselor games tonight the balance is great. i played a few games where multiple counselors escaped or flat out survived stop crying and get better at the game.

    These crybabies need to play another game, Jason was buffed, but not even close to what he was in the October patch.

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  16. 7 hours ago, Truth said:

    ...you're a dick..... lol


    39 minutes ago, Chetork said:

    Honestly feel like they made fixers worst to play with speed changes and Jason is now overpowered and it isn't feeling great to play as a counselor now...

    Jason is by no means overpowered, his speed is up and the grab is a touch better, there are still allot of weapons in the game, hit detection is still crap, Jason still gets his mask knocked off very easy along with being stunned easy. They game is better than it was yesterday, but I was hoping it would be close,to,the game I played in October.... it’s not, we easily killed Jason 3 out of 5 matches . Counselors still can’t be touched when climbing through a window , I was hoping that they would go back to the launch version and do away with the stupid prompt you have to wait for.

    The music is cool and if Jason is on you it is much more fun as a counselor, but all and all Jason is still a piñata for a group hanging up on him, I give this patch a 2

  17. I’m just messing with  with you guys I did get an update but it was for my ps4,  the only game I’m playing right now is Friday the 13th, the game has been so bad and broken  I haven’t even turned on my PS4 for a month, and there was an update for my PS4, sorry had to do it.

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