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  1. On 8/6/2018 at 12:35 PM, dandop1984 said:

    I loathe Packinack small. I was in a lobby yesterday, and the host would pick it every single time. After the 4th round. I asked him let’s do Higgins or Jarvis, and his response was “Packinack small is easy” and refused to try a different map.

    The play style of the host was a Vanessa who would just window hop the entire match. So obviously a bad player who can only survive by using the easiest character on the easiest map.

    I wish the decision wasn’t up to a host, and had a voting system in place


    Most over the trolls and weak players (same thing) pick Vanessa and small maps, the two go hand in hand

  2. On 8/7/2018 at 11:03 AM, Soggy biscuit said:

    If a moron doesn't ready up, i hit x repeatedly

    I figured you were one of those toxic people, I bet you quit when you are about to get killed as well,  I ready up as soon as the lobby is full, of someone starts spamming the x button I unready, the people who spam the bottom are usually not adults and are the toxic players.

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  3. 10 hours ago, Brevator said:

    Oh they exist alright... Trust me... I've experienced the exact same issue as the OP here... Try joining a friend or community session, I bet you'll see this:


    Salt Mines exist. I've seen them. If you're experiencing host quits and grab quits that frequently, you're probably in them too. 

    Are you on PS4 or PC? That is not a PS4 screen, look like P.C which do have salt mines, I don’t think any counsel has salt mines, it’s made up just like the ticket system for being Jason (that is b.s as well) I’ve never seen that screen and don’t expect to I’ve never quit a game, I also play with 2 others so it’s 3 of us when I play, they never quit either, what we do now is make sure we get the lobby before we start, this helps from getting disconnected but people are still quitting left and right.


  4. 7 hours ago, Thrasher said:

    I'm about to be forced into the salt mines again, because the game has glitched out and as the host, I am stuck in a  game. The only way out is by closing the application, which means as a host I will have to end the match whilst it's still going on. But technically, the match has ended, I am just stuck here in an empty, finished game with everyone dead and left already. I can't pause, I can't do anything except close the application. This has happened to me twice before, and I had no choice but to be sent to the salt mines. It's happened again, and I'm getting pretty annoyed now.

    My question is simple. What are you guys doing about this? Because I've seen other players also complain about this problem in the forums for a while, and I'm more than certain people have flagged this up with some of you directly. 

    Now I'm stuck in rooms filled with children, trolls, and people who only want to play this game to annoy other players. I'm enjoying this game less and less as the days go on, because of all the problems the bugs and glitches in this game cause. Please sort this out.

    -A concerned customer

    Do you actually think they exist? I think it’s B.S(at least on PS4) people are quitting more than ever nowadays, they quit right when you grab them, before they are going to get grabbed, as Jason , as host etc..., I thinks it’s all b.s

  5. Game is still broke, doors still don’t come down when you are in rage as Jason , so you are still blind for a couple of seconds, If you go into combat mode as Jason behind the doors to try and chop it down faster now it will track a counselor inside taking you off the door as a target(another nerf thanks guys)

    at the end of the match walking back to the shack,  I was a hybrid of Savini and something else( I use part 3 and do not have Savini , this is what I noticed in my very 1st game after the patch(yes I was Jason off the bat)

    as a counselor, it seems as easy as ever to stun Jason and escape , so nothing has changed there.



    seems like if you kill somebody by the car as Jason , or if Jason grabs you, if you are Jason you are glitched and can’t move, this happened to the person who was Jason in my last match 3 times, I just stared the car in front of him and left, he was stuck, so I guess this was Gunn’s solution to the rubber banding at the car LOL!

  6. Do you really think they are going to fix anything? At most they will release one last patch, that won’t fix anything, as it is now if you don’t suicide when escaping in the car the match ends early, I started a private lobby yesterday night and got all the diehards on my friends List to play we played 4 matches 1st bug riddled match ends with 2 suicides with 2 people that escaped, the next 3 matches ended early, not even an hour into it everyone agreed that the ship is sunk... everybody quit , You cannot even finish a game! And guess what... not a word from the devs...do you know why? ...because they could care less

    I guess the game not even working anymore is Victor Millers fault....... NOT!....

  7. 2 minutes ago, Bropollocreed79 said:

    The funny part will be where Miller has a copy of that paperwork and either refuses to provide it , or outright destroyed it.

    I can't tell you how often I run into issues at work where only one party has a copy of a document, and we live in the digital age, for crying out loud!  At least Miller and Horror Inc have an excuse:  back when that deal was executed, they didn't even have access to facsimile copies.  If anything, it was just a piece of paper.

    The lawyers representing Miller will have to share a copy of the contract (if they have it) in discovery.

  8. 10 hours ago, pilospc said:

    I personally would be happy to pay for the pj's dlc, and uber Jason dlc if this will help keep the game alive if this will help keeping new content coming our way than why not! They never charged a great deal of money for any past DLC anyways it was always a few dollars. I understand there is a lawsuit but from what i'v read this was an issue for the company shortly after it's release of this game and it never keep them from releasing Friday the 13th or making new content or updating the game, I am not sure when this lawsuit started myself this is just what I read on here that they knew of this shortly after it's release either way here's the question all.




    Moderators: I did a search for this topic i posted and couldn't find it listed in the past as iv asked so please if there is any issue with this post kindly let me know and take it down as im doing my best to respect your rules and wish not for any strikes. My intentions with this topic / post is to get feedback from the players and hope that this may give us a bigger picture as to weather there is hope in keeping this game alive and content coming thanks. 

    Let me put this into simple terms so you can understand .... they are NOT releasing any more NEW content period... stupid pajamas is New Content... do you understand basic reading comprehension?


    2 hours ago, Toddarino said:

    Why is this game dying? I mean they said all future content is canceled in their statement, but I think this case will be cleared up in a week or two. Then they can get back to work! I can’t wait for Uber Jason and dedicated servers. It’s coming soon guys. Be patient!

    oh I also hope they give us Savini Jason for this short wait. 

    You must be 10 years old... sure.... multi million dollar lawsuit worked out in a couple of weeks LOL!

  10. 8 hours ago, Alkavian said:

    Not much really. They've already earned the lion's share of cash that they will from sales. The DLC's have done well enough to sustain revenue. The money isn't the problem they risk losing...it's the players.

    Raging through the doors raging through the doors as Jason is terrible , you cannot see anything, it’s good for yet another easy stun  on him, like he doesn’t have enough already, Jason is back to being the bitch he was in December, they forgot and don’t care about the people who backed this game, only to cater to the 13 year old kids who will be off to the next game in a couple of months..

  11. On 6/8/2018 at 8:21 AM, ChadFace said:

    You're leaving out a couple movies there...

    Just having a screen name like  Chadface tells every Friday the 13th movie fan that you are a causal gamer , I can bet you probably don’t own a f13 movie, while other like me have everything from sets, to special editions etc. you are going to get eaten up with your stupid post, Jason is a force in the movies , not a piniata, don’t even get me started about movie detail.

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  12. On 6/7/2018 at 11:16 AM, HuDawg said:

    Hitting Jason isn't that hard tho.  So i fail to see how its earning anything.  Considering 90% of every hit on Jason is a stun regardless of weapon choice or counselor choice..  And every stun has Jason standing there for 5-10 seconds.   (And healing takes only a second)    So when you add in a few more counselors to the mix.  This is when it becomes a issue.  It turns into a cycle of non stop stunning.   I just don't see this as a visually fun experience.. and its also frustrating to players playing as Jason.

    It goes from.. JASON RUN!! ... To Jason..  whooop his ass! ( And this sort of ruins the buzz)

    Theres plenty of people in this topic that are basically saying the same thing im saying.. Even saying its happening to them.

    Its not like im just making this shit up.  


    All of your posts are spot on... Jason is again joke, everyone exploits his pathetic grab.. when you miss(which is allot) it’s pretty much a free stun , they hear you whiff, turn around and whack... you are on your ass, people who argue with you are counselor mains and people who don’t own the game”but watch it”

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  13. On 6/6/2018 at 8:59 AM, Sir Jack said:

    I love the "I've never been killed" ones.

    Apparently organized teams of 5-6 individuals, who get sure one of them spawns as Jarvis and then fetch the sweater in groups of three or more, are no problem for them.

    It's funny, because I've got the game since october and I've NEVER seen such geniuses. On the contrary, I've seen plenty of Jasons hiding in the water like pussies as soon as they lose the mask. If that's what you mean by "surviving", well hell yeah, even my grandma could do that.

    THe truth is, Jason is HOPELESS against a well organized team, unless they fuck up.

    Some of the ones who “never get killed don’t even own or play the game.... this is a true statement sadly.

  14. On 10/29/2017 at 1:30 PM, Dandan10 said:

    Killing Jason is just as easy as fixing the boat or car there's steps to doing it, you follow the steps and bar any bugs or retards trying to 'help' it goes just as smooth as any other thing in the game

    I agree, there are many groups of people who play in party chat who strictly play the game to kill Jason , they don’t do objectives, they just group on on Jason, I would find it boring to do that every match, it’s too easy, I’ve been killed as Jason a dozen times, when I know I’m in a group with Jason killers I don’t bother trapping anything, I just try to fight, of the fail to kill me they get real salty.. killing Jason is the easiest thing to do in this game , people who haven’t been killed have not played against people who strictly play this game to kill Jason ... doesn’t take much skill, it’s even easier now post patch as Jason gets stunned more with the grab being so bad.

  15. 2 hours ago, Bigblue2581 said:

    Playing as Jason has become a chore. 

    Have to agree , regardless of what people claim here, Jason is nerfed again, this grab is just as bad as the September grab(don’t know why it was ever changed in the 1st place), didn’t take people more than a day to realize that every time Jason missed a grab(which is allot) it’s an instant stun , people are back to not fixing anything and just running circles around Jason, he’s a joke again along with all the obvious bugs.. seems like the devs promise to keep Jason OP, was just B.S to get people like me to back the game... what a joke, a;so,what happen to Jason’s upped speed that was given before the patch? People,are to dumb to notice he slower than ever.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Urmomsnewman said:

    I disagree it needs fixed! I get grabbed from further away now then i did before...whats best for the game? You do realize the vocal minority that bitch in these forums are all level 150 players who aint gonna leave as much as they say the will....the majority of players like to fight jason and tea bag and hit him through the door....everyone paid the same amount for this game so just because you dont like the grab radius people are allowed to disagree


    Umm I was a backer, and paid $63... your parents bought you this game, you aren’t old enough to,work or have your own money troll.

  17. 2 hours ago, Urmomsnewman said:

    Ive actually had the game since launch but i have a life so i dont post and play it 24/7 and proof lol its a game im sure there tons of proof of counsellors missing swings to there hot shot

    You are a troll right down to your stupid screen name which tells everyone you are probably a 14 year old troll.. go away.... take summer school or something kid .

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