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  1. And Jason should be able to put his mask back on, it fall off to damn easy
  2. Somebody wants a Vannessa buff? LOL!!!!!! She needs a Nerf!, maybe then people wouldn’t be such trolls in this game.
  3. IMO , stun resistance on all the Jason’s seem to be pretty much the same, I get knocked on my butt just as many times with part 9 as I do any other Jason.... across the board Jason gets stunned way to much..
  4. Some things need to be earned, this country has become a joke do to all the millennials thinking they are entitled to everything, there are allot of people who have finished this game, I’ve been playing since launch and I finished a couple of months ago, it is not unattainable.
  5. They don’t ban anyone it’s all talk, same with the “salt mines” they never existed or never worked
  6. Yes packanack again, guy was in the roof, he was the host and had a mic, I killed everyone, the turned my mic on to let him know what a fool he was, and him trying to defend himself by telling me that I should realize that it is a glitch(no shit dummy) I told him thay he should realize that they ban people for this(which I seriously doubt) Let him know that I took a screenshot and reported him) and after a few minutes he came down. Are they EVER going to fix this? EVER!, now that people have found yet another way to get on the roof it’s going to go viral just like it always does, I say if it is that hard for them to get rid of this freaking glitch why not just make Jason being able to stalk people on the roof part of the game, this is seriously the only way this is ever going to stop people from doing it.
  7. Vanessa is the choice of trolls, which is why I hate her the most.
  8. I was really referring to opening doors, and grabbing knives.
  9. I think Jason desperately needs a definite speed increase across the board, I am talking about everything, walking, running, grab, grabbing a knife, opening up a door, breaking a window, chopping down a door, throwing that 2nd, 3rd etc.... knife should come quicker as well, this is something that could be tweaked very easy and something they should definitely take a look at, what do you guys think?
  10. Some people had breakdowns when they couldn’t kill Jason I rage mode, and it was fixed faster than any other bug in the history of this game, I have a feeling that this isn’t going to be fixed that fast, Although I think this is just as bad of a bug... actually much worse, Jason is still just as easy as he has ever been to kill, people have adjusted their play to Jason’s buff, he is still underpowered in almost every way to the counselors.
  11. I’m pretty certain the only people who complained were the ones who like to troll and dance.
  12. I know trolls exist in all games but it seems like this game attracts the worst of the worst, the newest kind of trolls I’m seeing is people using voice changers to make them sound like 5 year old kids, it’s creepy cause you can tell it’s a 30 year old doing it, I just cleared a lobby party of teamers who all were all changing their voices. I just slashed every single on of them, except 1 that I could hear setting traps on himself, as I was breaking down the door to suicide , one came out of his character kid voice and sounded to be a 40 year old man swearing at me as I slashed him before he could kill himself as well..... glorious. It pathetic how people are so sick in the head that just being a troll isn’t enough, they have to alter their voice.
  13. Without a doubt the PS4 and Xbox have more exploiters than hackers, but I do run into hackers as well.... a matter of fact (I only post here when I’m actually playing the game) I just ran into a guy who had Unlimited shift and stalk with part 5 , he cleared the lobby in under 5 minutes, the players in the lobby were all little kids who just try to beat on Jason, so more than half of those 5 minutes was him chasing me down in the end. He had his mic on and was talking until I called him out and mentioned I was recording the game, he turned his mic off and left the lobby.
  14. They are on PS4 as well it’s just not as easy as it is on PC
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