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  1. You are correct, this jerk stood in the corner waiting for me to grab him, he is usingthe pocketknife glitch which I thought was fixed, or I would have slashed , from now on just slash guys
  2. Played yestterday and a player did it to me as Jason,, main house... again, he faced the corner in the room upstairs and used the knife glitch, when I grabbed him .... boom he was gone, I thought this was fixed along with the other way to get up there, so for all you Jason’s out there, don’t grab anyone that is facing a corner in that house.... SLASH, SLASH and SLASH some more.. also I think ther aren’t enough knives around the maps sometimes, I barely killed another cheater the other day looking for knives around the map while he sat in the Jarvas map exploit(The blue house).
  3. That has happened to me as well, I would t worry about being reported that is an obvious bug in the game not in your control
  4. NytmereZ

    Jason question

    The perks you use shows that most likely your playing style is to fight Jason , the perks are there if you want more stamina, the old saying.. you cant have your cake and eat it too, applies here.
  5. To top off a horrible glitched game where I had to kill multiple people more than once, had a cheater who knew how to go out of bounds in the rocks in Pine hurst I took pictures of him dancing, it amazes me how people find a way to cheat.... standing in one spot is not playing a game... pathetic
  6. J.parra .. isn’t it past your bedtime? Regardless , I’m done responding to you, I don’t like to feed trolls..... bye p.s I have finished every single badge and have every single trophy, I completed this game 100% 4 months ago
  7. 1. I’m not a kid(by the way you talk it’s obvious you are, or maybe you just aren’t very smart/ or eat to much soy because only the weak want things easy(naaaa you a little kid 2. I was a kickstart backer 3 I’m a level 150 and have been over a year now 4. 9 times out of 10 I clear the lobby 5. Virtually every one of your posts are complaining about not being able to beat up Jason
  8. You do know that killing Jason has always been one of the easiest things to do in the game right?
  9. The game should go back to the way it was before..... yep.... the way it was at LAUNCH, I was a kickstart backer and played this game from the 1st minutes it hit, you obviously have no idea what game I was sold and what it was like at launch, the devs catered to Crybabies who never watched an f13 movie so wouldn’t know how stong Jason is supposed to be , the devs should be ashamed of themselves on how long they let this go on.
  10. LOL! When was there balance? Are you talking about chain stunning Jason and dancing on him for 20 minutes? Yea you are one of those players 100% also Jason is EASIER to kill now not that it was ever y hard , your posts are funny..... did you play this game at Launch?, Jason was much more OP, instead of complaining about not being able to have dance party’s (we all know that is what you like to do) play the game and practice fixing things, maybe set traps, learn how to run.
  11. ‘Crafting skill? Sorry to break it to you, but beating on Jason didn’t take any skill before this patch , it’s still just as easy to beat him to a pulp before he hits rage and still just as easy till kill him as it always was. Now I figure you are just one of those people who,actually thought that beating and killing Jason made you good at this game.... again..... sorry to break it to you..... it didn’t. If you “crafted your skill” (which I find hilarious, this game is not exactly complex or designed to be competitive) you wouldn’t have a problem escaping.
  12. NytmereZ

    Dedicated servers disabled

    It’s fixed so I can’t complain anymore
  13. NytmereZ

    Dedicated servers disabled

    Yes I do, but did I they need to rush a patch for people who want to have it easier to kill Jason? The game was playing fine, they should have taken their time, not being able to kill Jason the whole match doesn’t break anything
  14. LOL! You joined here Wednesday so you fit in with the others who just joined to cry... sorry but it’s true, good luck on doing your best to have the devs change it.