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  1. That skinny little green haired freak is just gun’s little bitch
  2. Stacking traps, no prompts for breaking windows(meaning zero safety force field for counselors ) his grab, are to name a few..... um yea he was OP .... either you didn’t play at launch or you have a bad memory.
  3. Can’t get a game either, they are to worried about Nintendo , I’m sure there will be a “soon’
  4. Prompt isn’t working all the time in water, so sometimes you can’t stop,the boat of drown people, I had a person swim right in front of me out of the water and onto land..... yes they were swimming on land had to kill them twice as well, actually my 1st game with this new garbage was as Jason, and my very 1st 2 kills glitched.
  5. I’ll also add that I personally like playing as a counselor against an OP Jason , Jason was Op at launch and with every patch got weaker, he’s still a bitch until her gets rage. People have got used to being able to easily get away and humiliate Jason .
  6. I don’t care if this was done by accident , this was a good balance change that Jason needed in the beginning of a match he still is overall very weak until he gets rage, he’s still easy stun and cart around. I hope it takes them forever to fix this.
  7. I think jason needs the buff that they accidentally gave him, it is the 1st patch (besides rage) that actually gave him a buff, all the other patches made him weaker
  8. You are correct, let me tell you what you already know(and other won’t admit to) Gun is a lazy half assed developer, they have proven time after time that they don’t k ow how to fix this game, the lawsuit was a good excuse to get out, you can’t compare them to a real company like NECA who takes pride in their work, I own all the NECA Jason stuff and still have Roy and my FVJ on the way(they haven’t been released yet.
  9. FairPlay and October would make excuses for Gun killing a bunch of puppies, every point you are bringing up is correct, as with you assumption that Gun is full of crap..... they are just a very Lazy developer ... fact
  10. The only thing I do as a counselor now is run people over with the car, I have all the trophies and achievements have about 2 billion cp, it’s the only part of the game that doesn’t have a bug, and I have grown to enjoy it.
  11. First thing I do on pakanak is hide the traps, then I fix the car and start my quest to run over everyone in my sight.
  12. Yes, I openly admit that I enjoy running people over, especially in the state this game is in.
  13. I’m not making excuses, I love running people over with the car, it’s not against the rules, it’s not glitching, exploiting , or cheating, it’s part of the game, and enjoy it very much.
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