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  1. Come to think of it I haven’t had any YouTube notifications from “SplashNFat”
  2. It’s both, it’s funny how people still actually think dedicated servers are coming LOL!
  3. Most over the trolls and weak players (same thing) pick Vanessa and small maps, the two go hand in hand
  4. I figured you were one of those toxic people, I bet you quit when you are about to get killed as well, I ready up as soon as the lobby is full, of someone starts spamming the x button I unready, the people who spam the bottom are usually not adults and are the toxic players.
  5. Are you on PS4 or PC? That is not a PS4 screen, look like P.C which do have salt mines, I don’t think any counsel has salt mines, it’s made up just like the ticket system for being Jason (that is b.s as well) I’ve never seen that screen and don’t expect to I’ve never quit a game, I also play with 2 others so it’s 3 of us when I play, they never quit either, what we do now is make sure we get the lobby before we start, this helps from getting disconnected but people are still quitting left and right.
  6. Honestly if there are salt mines this is maybe 20% good player base is mixed in with 80% toxic player base, It’s all salt mine now.
  7. Do you actually think they exist? I think it’s B.S(at least on PS4) people are quitting more than ever nowadays, they quit right when you grab them, before they are going to get grabbed, as Jason , as host etc..., I thinks it’s all b.s
  8. Mine is killing seven 150 level Vanessa’s and a Tommy, who just played the game to kill Jason, I guess they didn’t realize I was a 150 who backed the game, so I’ve been playing since day one.
  9. The only thing that I see fixed is the Jason kill animations don’t shake now, and the matches don’t end early, that is about it.
  10. Game is still broke, doors still don’t come down when you are in rage as Jason , so you are still blind for a couple of seconds, If you go into combat mode as Jason behind the doors to try and chop it down faster now it will track a counselor inside taking you off the door as a target(another nerf thanks guys) at the end of the match walking back to the shack, I was a hybrid of Savini and something else( I use part 3 and do not have Savini , this is what I noticed in my very 1st game after the patch(yes I was Jason off the bat) as a counselor, it seems as easy as ever to stun Jason and escape , so nothing has changed there. edit.... seems like if you kill somebody by the car as Jason , or if Jason grabs you, if you are Jason you are glitched and can’t move, this happened to the person who was Jason in my last match 3 times, I just stared the car in front of him and left, he was stuck, so I guess this was Gunn’s solution to the rubber banding at the car LOL!
  11. NytmereZ

    The game is done with me.

    This forum will be gone right after this game goes offline which is just around the corner
  12. NytmereZ

    The game is done with me.

    Devs are aware of everything, they just don’t care, also dedicated servers are never going to happen, i this game will be offline in 4 months tops
  13. Do you really think they are going to fix anything? At most they will release one last patch, that won’t fix anything, as it is now if you don’t suicide when escaping in the car the match ends early, I started a private lobby yesterday night and got all the diehards on my friends List to play we played 4 matches 1st bug riddled match ends with 2 suicides with 2 people that escaped, the next 3 matches ended early, not even an hour into it everyone agreed that the ship is sunk... everybody quit , You cannot even finish a game! And guess what... not a word from the devs...do you know why? ...because they could care less I guess the game not even working anymore is Victor Millers fault....... NOT!....
  14. The lawyers representing Miller will have to share a copy of the contract (if they have it) in discovery.
  15. Let me put this into simple terms so you can understand .... they are NOT releasing any more NEW content period... stupid pajamas is New Content... do you understand basic reading comprehension?