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  1. NytmereZ


    I honestly think they are just shutting servers down, “we are all doomed”
  2. I just posted in another thread about this, you are correct , I seen this the other day, it was funny .
  3. In a game I played a few days ago, Jason threw a knife at a driving car and the car launched straight in the air and tipped over, it was hilarious, the people in the car didn’t die though, they just got out and ran.
  4. NytmereZ

    Jason is weak

    You are 100% using a controlled that is programmed , you are hitting one button to go into block, not two , which would make everything much easier, funny how nobody noticed this, don’t act like you are a thing special, like most people do on the internet.
  5. NytmereZ

    Jason is weak

    This last patch defiantly nerfed Jason again, I didn’t even know there was a patch until a couple of days of playing , I complained to one of my online friends that Jason seemed weaker and the game seemed more buggy, when I found out about the patch it made sense, I was a backer and have played this game since it’s release date, and the only thing that has been consistent is that every single patch has nerfed Jason in one way or another ..... every single one!.
  6. NytmereZ

    Outdated Client Warning

    No it has been happening to me all day on PS4, you wait 5 minutes to get into a game and when you get in you are not in a lobby that is a dedicated server.
  7. NytmereZ

    Outdated Client Warning

    Seems like the devs are shutting down dedicated servers, and going back to the previous crap, this game is also as buggy as it’s ever been, I just got killed by Jason hitting the car with an ax and it hitting me while I wasn’t even close to the car and was running away. Jason is also getting stunned every time he gets breathed on.... pathetic
  8. NytmereZ

    Buff Jason

    I noticed that with this latest patch that broke more things than it fixed, Jason’s speed is slower... slower running, slower animations, slower grab(which sucks anyway), every patch seems to nerf Jason more
  9. NytmereZ


    LOL! You must be a millennial , do you wear bubble wrap when you go outside ?
  10. Nice , I run the bloodiest part 3 skin with a pig splitter, part 4 kills are the best IMO
  11. NytmereZ

    any update coming soon?

    I took almost a week off from the game, coming back it’s funy how you realize how crappy this game can run at times, was Jason got stuck in the water for 2 minutes, couldn’t move or use any powers, just as I was going to leave, I got put back on land, by this time cops were called, still got 7/8 but it was a challenge, if we weren’t in pinehurst most would have escaped. Balance is still really bad, mainly Jason’s grab it’s pathetic it it has plenty of length but it needs to be wider , he is stunned to easily, but an improved grab would help balance things out IMO. Bugs are always going to be here, if the game was maintained on a regular basis(it’s clearly not) the performance and stability always seem to get worse the longer we wait. The game gets very inconsistent due to memory leak from lack of maintenance.
  12. I was a backer who missed the deadline(got the email), due to being very busy , I think they should do this, i would buy it, still would main part 3 though
  13. NytmereZ

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    I hope Halloween makes a billion dollars
  14. NytmereZ

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Horror inc. Is the reason why this even went to court, look into what people in the industry say about Cunningham (it’s not good)and you will not be surprised he wants to drag this out further, I hope he loses more of a percentage, remember this is the man who wanted to “get rid of the damn hockey mask”
  15. You aren’t alone, their servers are messed up? , or crashed because of all the new players? funny I didn’t have any server issues until the server issue patch. It’s let me in a couple of times but I’m giving up,