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  1. I think they are going to be sold as weapons pack 1, 2 etc... I will pay for it.
  2. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Dude he was dead, he came back to life via lighting bolt, just as Frankenstein was brought to life , the director of part 6 openly talks about this. also using part 9 as an example doesn’t hold much water, the whole movie was a mess that screwed up the whole mythology, the director was was an idiot who was bringing people coffe before he kissed ass to be a part of that shit film....... yea Jason had a sister..... hahahaha !!!!
  3. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Then you are lying about watching all the movies, because the only person in the movies that ever killed Jason was Tommy Jarvis , half the people on this board are haven’t seen or know any facts about the movies, you are just another gamer who thinks this game is about winning, it’s people like you that Gunn has catered to which is why the game is so fucked up right now. they won’t put the game back to what it was in October because off whiners like you.
  4. It would be the second, I call it the way I see it... maybe you could seek professional help for your problem as you state that you are indeed one of the “weak minded “ people, so I guess you think Jason is very OP now and the window fix is huge LOL! , this game isn’t even close to the October game and is a sinking ship,. Do you really think paranoia will come out?..... hahahaha! It’s canceled
  5. It’s still there, Gunn is playing mind games with all you weak minded people, their “adjustments” are so small that they don’t really change anything, but they know if the say they adjusted something all the weak minded millennials are going to swallow that placebo pill and actually believe there is a big difference. The window system was fine at launch, nobody complained. This game is like a flat tire... putting a pound of air in a tire that needs forty pounds is an “adjustment”. .... but guess what... it’s still a flat tire
  6. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    You obviously didn’t play the game at launch , there was even less weapons, knives etc... than ther is now, and Jason was much stronger, you are weak.
  7. Worst game ever

    Wrong! , the game is supposed to in Jason’s favor.... Jason is still nerfed, you obviously never played the game in October, never watched a Friday the 13th movie, and are one of those fools who like to beat on Jason and use dancing emotes.
  8. Stop whining the grab isn’t nearly what is was in October , and need to be put back to October settings.
  9. Sorry but the game in the video above is 1000 times better than what it is now.... keep telling yourself it’s the same..... reality ? The game above is long gone and isn’t coming back
  10. I agree with your post 100% , I’m blown away on how many people are trying to convince themselves that the was so much change to Jason, he’s still a punching bag and is not even close to what he was in October , the only thing that has changed is that there are only 4 pocket knives per match and are only enough weapons for 12 counclers instead of 25. Seems like people are under a spell.... speed was increased a tad, Roy is fast but the devs just made his music louder to fool the weak minded into thinking he is so scary , they will dial it down , like they did with part 9. I think people want this game to be what it was so bad, they are trying to convince themselves that this patch has it back, the truth is it’s not even close, and will probably never be. the ones complaining it’s are game geek kids who don’t know anything about the Friday the 13th franchise and got the game at Christmas. Yesterday I tried to play in a lobby(I was host)out of the 7 people there were 4 kids that couldn’t be anything more than 10 years old all saying “let’s kill Jason” .... “I know how to kill Jason” That sums op how pathetic this game has got, Imwould take roof glitches al, day long and have the game be what it was in October s this crap , it’s a shame how people are drinking the coolaide , to many people believe what is posted on the internet... what a sad world we live in.
  11. I agree , I vote for none , don’t need to,see another horror icon, beat up, humiliated, and killed .
  12. BINGO... you nailed it.... people are so mind weak nowadays
  13. Hit detection and stun on Jason wasn’t changed at all, grab was barely changed, Jason was made a tad Faster, the only thing that has really changed is there is less weapons(Still more than plenty to beat up and easily kill Jason) and pocket knives. People who think Jason is much more effective are drinking coolaide. I stunned Jason 2 times in a row with a damn Pot yesterday, and when we wanted to kill him and beat on him it was just as easy. Yesterday was the 1st day I played this game in a month, and will be the last until this game until real changes are made. Roy is fast but that’s about it, the devs made his music louder to make the illusion that he’s more scary than he is, it’s a simple trick (watch the original Halloween without sound, it’s not scary) I was hoping the game would be closer to the game I played in October , it’s not even close.
  14. Rate the Update

    These crybabies need to play another game, Jason was buffed, but not even close to what he was in the October patch.