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  1. There will always be bugs, but they will be fixed very easy and fast with an engine that is not obsolete like the one they used to make the launch game.
  2. 113 sound good to me, it rewards people like me who backed this game and have played it since it’s launch, though the Jason nerfs, bugs, exploits, I work full time, have a life and still managed to be at 150 months ago.
  3. I’ll. E doing both, but this game live and dies by online play, I’m hoping the game works nice and smooth.
  4. It’s the “whole enchilada “ , everything runs on the new engine
  5. I said it once and I’ll say it again, this game has not had any maintenance in months, when that happens it gets more broken by the day, it’s at it’s all time worse right now, to where it’s sometimes a challenge to lock a door. P.S thank god for Thursday ... well overdue
  6. You must be a new player, who thinks the object of the game is to fight Jason, if you are experienced, you don’t need a free life to try an escape, when I’m Jason I always slash until someone is limping, doesn’t matter if you have a knife, you have a much better chance of escaping if you don’t alert Jason.
  7. NytmereZ

    Perk problems

    I haven’t bought a perk in 9 months, I could care less
  8. NytmereZ

    It's time to fix the interactions.

    Oh I’m very aware , hopefully this update doesn’t take another month, this game has been on life support for a while.
  9. NytmereZ

    It's time to fix the interactions.

    The devs have done nothing to maintain the current game, not that it ever worked good, this new update(what ever month it drops) is going to make or break this game and they will have no excuse , I’m just sorry I backed this game and wasted $63 bucks.
  10. NytmereZ

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    I agree Gunn has never hit a target date, so they aren’t going to give out a date anymore, we will just get another excuse, the next one will be something like”we are close to the finish line”, then “we are closer to the finish line etc... meanwhile the current game is on life support it’s so unstable do to zero maintenance. Lost all movement as Jason trice yesterday within an hour while counselors just whacked away, through doors, windows, in front of me etc... still killed everyone when I unglitched , because most players in QP just team up on Jason , raid drawers, and don’t fix anything.
  11. If you only have died 6 times in a week you are playing against low level Jason’s , Jason loses his ability to swing a weapon when this happens, it happens to me sometimes twice a day.
  12. So you are one of the guys who quit before Jason kills you haha! , and no my logic is that I’d you quit you get the short hand of the stick not rewarded smartass
  13. Simple as that, doesn’t make sense everyone else can see behind them, it would make people think twice about running up behind Jason , and make the game more exciting.
  14. Let’s be honest, the single player challenges will get boring after a couple of weeks, I just hope the game works like it was supposed to anyway, I’m not holding my breath, I also think them not releasing an ETA at this point is pathetic.
  15. NytmereZ

    Stream's time?

    He also like to start threads that complain about Jason being to OP.... wants the counselors to be as strong as the Avengers