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  1. Yes, neither did I. I think it's just another round of pissing in the faces of the backers. Misguided information, completely messed up orders and then giving things away to day 1 buyers and then selling it to those who actually put hard cash down to FUND this game. It's just not right. We should have been the first people to see/receive that theme, not people who just stumbled upon this game because it was in the console store. I've been supporting and promoting this game since it was on kickstarter. I missed the last day of pledging so I funded on backerkit. I bought the "Collector's Edition" which on kickstarter contained everything, only to find out that they had taken everything out but the game and a metal case. I have stood up for this company through all of the day 1/launch week horror show, but no longer. It's time for a refund. I love this game, I really do. It's fun, when you can get into a match with people who actually want to play and communicate and not just troll/tk/glitch. But, it is apparent now that they released a beta game under pressure and are now having to try to make it a true release version after the fact. It's such a shame too, because it's so fun when it works.
  2. Agreed! I ran three games this morning where players would follow me around, refusing to use their mice, and try to kill me. I had one player that followed me into a cabin, shut and locked the door, and then snuck up behind me and beat me with every weapon they could find in the room. I was carrying the car battery at the time and trying to get a radio to let the others know. By the time I could get a weapon I was so bloody another hit or two would have dropped me. I asked the user to stop, but again these types refuse to use a mic. This kind of behavior just makes me sad for all of the true franchise fans who just want to live in 'That' moment that we've watched and wanted for so long. I'm not even saying that it's something that needs added to the game, maybe just a quiet little email address or website? I am loving this game so much and want to see it do well and have a long lifespan.
  3. I have been having this issue for the last hour. I will go in to buy or change a perk on one of my councilors or Jason's and go to leave the menu I select x to save the changes made. I get the normal save message with the red progress circle spinning, but that is where my screen stays. I cannot get back out of that menu without force quitting the game and then restarting. Now I'm logging back in again and trying it again. Same result, only now it's showing that I have -1,151 CP instead of 1,151CP?? i know you guys had a long day, but we made it through it together! I just wanted to bring this to your attention for bug issues. I'm going to continue to play as long as it will let me! UPDATE: upon logging back in and getting into searching for sessions I noticed that my level had been reset to 0. My CP is gone as well as everything I had unlocked.
  4. Same here! I've been dying for that one and it was my first kill on my first time of being Jason! Could not have been more thrilled.
  5. Check the official twitter @Friday13thGame The devs are posting updates there. Right from the horses mouth!
  6. Actually the ki ki ki is played each time Jason gets one of his abilities charged. The ramping up of the music is your clue that he is in the area and will get louder and more intense the closer he is, unless he has stalk active.
  7. Servers downed by a tent spike of too many users trying to log on. Servers were throttled, so they are switching server sets.
  8. If you go into settings you can look at the controller mappings for both councilor and Jason. There's a lot going on in those controls I actually thought about printing out screenshots as cheat sheets until I have them all down.
  9. It's a great sign! I'm glad to see it happening today rather than mysteriously in a week or two when they think everything is solid. That way they can start a plan to get more in place.
  10. Same here. I was getting an error buying grab kills so I thought I'd shutdown and restart the game. Now I can't get back on. Well hopefully they get this fixed soon!
  11. Getting this as well. Just did a restart to try to resolve a grab kill purchase issue and now can't get back in. @JPops any word on this my man?
  12. I am unable to purchase the Jaw Rip grab kill. I have plenty of CP, but each time I try to purchase I get the error "An error has occurred with your purchase." I did a quick search and didn't see anyone else reporting an issue with this so I thought I'd speak up. I have closed and restarted the game and even rebooted my console and still get the same result. Anyone else getting this?
  13. Hat's Off to you for even knowing who Mike is! Unlike some of these streamers who don't know who Tommy Jarvis is and why he is important, ugh, so cringe worthy!
  14. Zombie79 this is exactly right. I've been following this game since it was Summer Camp, even before they got the license to call it Friday the 13th and I was thinking , wow what a great thing! Finally someone who is putting out a game I really want to be in! They they got the license to actually make it F13 and holy cow did I do snoopy dances for a week! How cool is it to finally have (at least MY favorite) franchise in a game that will let me experience it all from both sides. I held off backing in the initial kickstarter, but got in on the action once they opened the backer-kit. I spent 120 bucks on the steelcase edition because I love the franchise and believed in the game that they were making. I have not been active on these forums, but with that I had gotten to know more of you in the interim. Now, just mere hours away from launch I have been reading through most of these forums and it's kind of a buzzkill. I have been watching Beta gameplay and enjoyed that, and now am watching some of the groups play through today and it all (except maybe the swallow your soul hair life that seems to happen) looks absolutely amazing! I just can't wait to play this game. I'm a backer and I am not upset at streamers getting first cracks, heck I have been watching them. That's just the sate of business and media in our current time. Gun and Illfonic have made a lifelong dream come true and they have done an amazing job from what I have seen. They can only control what is in their VERY small sphere of influence (What they do IN HOUSE) EVERYTHING else is up to the control of others, ie M$ and S0ny etc. We cannot hold them liable for the business practices of other companies. And, really this business about could you/could you not kill Jason in the beta and streamers getting to it first and all is just overblown whining. If you need a youtube video with worlds first....something on it to make you feel special, then go do something special. I mean, no one has carved an iceberg into the shape of Mike Patton's ass yet. I am not saying that some people do not have good points. Sure there are constructive criticism lying around all over the place. BUT we often forget that they are not working on a budget of $30m with an ad campaign of another $10m. This is two guys who had a dream and shared it with some of their friends and basically started a garage band. Now that band is opening for GnR and your trying to hold them to the same mold. It doesn't fit. But in time...who knows, maybe they BECOME the new GnR. I'm just trying to say that I support the vision for this game and the company that has made it. I will gladly buy 10 more copies of the game if that's what it takes to keep it alive, fruitful and full of new content for those of us who hold Crystal Lake as a place akin to a second home. So, let's all play together and enjoy what has been given to us for as long as we have it.
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