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  1. Those were "Profile ID" bans that Treyarch put out. They never banned IPs. Like I said banning IPs isn't very effective. Depending on their ISP, most people can power cycle their modem and get a new IP address or even request a new IP address from the provider. The most effective way to ban consoles would be to ban the console ID or MAC address. Something that hardwired. They they'd have to go out and buy a new console.
  2. An IP ban would be unlikely, as IPs can be changed via requesting your ISP. The more sure fire way of banning any individual on console, would be a console ID ban. Unfortunately, I don't see this being possible, as Gun/Illfonic isn't a big company, so they wouldn't have much pull with Microsoft or Sony to request console bans. Everyone's best bet is to just keep on reporting via the Xbox live reporting system. I think if a player is malicious enough and reported enough for it, Microsoft eventually issues a permanent console ban from ALL online activity.
  3. Yeah, you're right...I guess I took it as "they started the rumor." But, yeah, suggesting the rumor "might be true" is just as bad.
  4. To be fair, they didn't exactly spread the rumor. I suggested it here on the forums based on evidence of when people first started finding them. Then someone took it to Twitter, it took wind, and when someone asked them about the tapes one of their posts said, "we heard a rumor they appear on Fridays..." ?
  5. "Players Met" on ps4 doesn't work for a lot of games. Sony doesn't require developers to interface their games with this feature like Xbox does. Since this is more coding on their part, unless they really want to go out of their way developers won't go through the effort. Sorry to say, if the game doesn't already support players met, it won't ever.
  6. They won't be getting her, unfortunately. It's not even up to her. The company responsible for casting decided to go non Union. Speculation dictates they are going this route because they want people that could not only do the voice acting, but mo-cap as well.
  7. Come on guys. There's no need to start eating each other alive. We all know the truly toxic of us has been banned for a second time, and it's almost a paradise because of it. Let's not ruin the little time we have left. ?
  8. The remake has such a great potential to be amazing. I'm hoping they stick to fixed camera angles, but there's speculation that it might be first person if they end up using the RE engine. I really hope they don't fuck it up. But hey, maybe they'll include a playable version of 1.5 for us diehard fans lol. One can dream....
  9. Yeah I mentioned it was comparable to Umbrella Corps. I'm still having trouble deciding which was worse. I'm probably gonna stick with Umbrella Corp for now, cause it was put out by a bigger company. Also, it's one of the few games that you could absolutely tell was gonna be trash just based on the gameplay trailers they'd release. They didn't even try to hide it. It's like they gave up and just said "fuck it".
  10. Downloaded the beta the other day and played it for about 10 minutes before I realized it's god awful. Like to "Umbrella Corps" proportions, bad. I immediately deleted it off my hard drive. It's not even a biased opinion based on the controversy with them developing both games. It was truly a bad game. I know it's in beta, but I get the feeling there's not much they are going to be able to do to improve it. The concept is neat, and with bots and everything it could have been a cool game. At this point, I had a better time playing Resident Evil ORC. That game was a disappointment too, but it was still fun as all hell.
  11. In all seriousness though, I'm pretty sure I started it on the forums like a week after the game came out. But it was more of a questionable speculation. I wasn't trying to start a rumor. Just suggesting, based on the fact that everyone who found it, found it first on that Friday all at once. I had no idea people would interpret it as fact. It spread like wildfire after that.
  12. Doesn't matter what the size is. If a license allows you a physical download, when that physical download is revoked, so is your right to use it. Besides,10 MB is more than a reasonable file size for the Savini skin. You'd be suprised how small add ons could actually be. Hell, some games don't even require what you would consider a normal sized dlc download. If the asset exists in the game already, the download itself could just be a few KBs. A small file just verifying you own the right to access the content. Off the subject a bit, this controversy has gotten some developers in trouble in the past. Locking "dlc" content that already exists on the game disk, behind a pay wall. People would argue, "why are we paying more for content that's already been developed and put in the game at launch?"
  13. Yes, any digital content, at least the digital content that can be physically downloaded, is treated the same. I'm not sure if the "service list" licensing on the ps4 works differently though. There's a separate list of tracked licensing on PlayStation called "services list". I'm just speculating, but I believe the some of the licenses on this list don't require you to have a physical copy for some of the content to work. For example, the Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition license allows me to access the gold camo weapon skin online, without any physical content on my harddrive.
  14. Licensing is tied to you in two ways on consoles. One license to your account and one to your console ID. When you purchase digital content it becomes available to your account and your "home console". The licensing on your home console doesn't require an Internet connection to work. However, if you're trying to access owned digital licenses when you're not on your home console, an Internet connection is needed to verify ownership. Regardless, yes, every time you connect to the Internet, a license check is done. Not sure if it's done in the background, or only when you start up the game. If you really wanted to keep content that you knew you would lose on your home console once you connect to the Internet, keep the console disconnected. So for those of you who don't want to lose Savini Jason, that's the sacrifice you'd have to make. But at least you could use him in single player
  15. Digital licensing between games and game content are all tied to your account the same way. Once the license is revoked and no longer tied to your account, the associated content will no longer work. But, I guess like Jpop just said, it's mostly up to the discretion of Microsoft/Sony. Bigger developers/publishers would have more influence in the matter, but Gun might have a harder time since they are a smaller company.