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  1. Thanks Maddogg, really enjoy playing this game with you also. Our game the other night where I was Jason and you as Vanessa was intense. One of the most fun chases I've been a part of (and those sneaky traps).
  2. ChrisCerne1218

    PS4 Players Please

    I'm at ChrisCerne. I'll send out my name
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    Hey Jason and welcome.
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    Hi new to f13 forum

    Hey Kimo, welcome to the forums. I too will be on PS4.
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    Old Dude on a PC looking forward to this game.

    Hey Jason, welcome
  6. ChrisCerne1218

    Why No Release Date Yet?

    But without the console players, the game wouldn't have the same funding.
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    Sup Guys The Long Waited Game is Upon Us.

    Hi Shay and welcome to the forums
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    What's up guys! Glad to be part of the community.

    Hey Andy, nice to meet you and welcome to the forums
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    About Time I Made An Account Here

    Hey Jason. I too will be on PS4
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    Hey GraveKeeper and welcome
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    What's up party people?

    Hey Fancy, welcome to the party
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    Hello there

    How's it going Arakos. Welcome
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    Newbie from England

    Hi and welcome Emma
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome Anthony
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    Hi all :-)

    Hey Matt, welcome. I too will be on PS4.