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  1. I’m pretty happy with the game right now. It’s bringing back people that I haven’t played with in a while, most of whom quit around the time of the pocket knife explosion and some more as Jason was nerfed to death. The game that I backed was one that gave you the chance to play as one of the gratest slashers in horror film history. This was slowly taken away. No one fought Jason when this game came out, cause if you did get in striking range, you were in grab range. You couldn’t tank traps because of stacking. When you survived, you felt a sense of accomplishment. That is not the way I’ve felt the last year plus. The escapes I am getting now feel worthwhile again, so that is why I am truly enjoying the game again. Never stopped playing cause I have a good group to play with. We are all to my knowledge liking the changes.
  2. Thanks Maddogg, really enjoy playing this game with you also. Our game the other night where I was Jason and you as Vanessa was intense. One of the most fun chases I've been a part of (and those sneaky traps).
  3. Hey Kimo, welcome to the forums. I too will be on PS4.
  4. But without the console players, the game wouldn't have the same funding.
  5. Hey GraveKeeper and welcome
  6. How's it going Arakos. Welcome
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