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  1. My guess, and this is just a guess, is that he bought the digital version from the xbox store. Consoles will allow you to buy things in their store, but will not allow you to play online unless you have a subscription to either Playstation Plus or Xbox Live. Both run about $60 per year. Having said that, it's certainly something this person should have taken into consideration before purchasing the game.
  2. Never mind the fact that Corey probably isn't making bank on the horror con circuit, so he'd probably try to charge a pretty penny. Plenty of other things I'd prefer them to use their money on. Wes said it was 75k min for a mo-cap session, and that doesn't count the voice work and then paying Feldman. Much better uses for this game for that kinda cash if you are talking 100k+ to do.
  3. It's a glitch until the player has it happen, doesn't report it, and starts using it intentionally. Then it becomes an exploit. Had a player use it in a thread I posted a couple days ago and he just sat up there taunting Jason until Jason could find enough knives to kill him. Wasted 10+ minutes of everyone's time. When it was pointed out that he was cheating his response was so? what are you gonna do about it. So I reported him. It's just like the stamina bug. It is a glitch. When you start using it intentionally knowing it is breaking game mechanics then it goes beyond that. I know how to trigger the stamina bug, but would never do so because: 1. It's wrong and clearly un-intended 2. It wastes other players time 3. It is obnoxious troll behavior 4. Winning by cheating is not really winning. And really, arguing over the semantics is silly. All exploits and hacks begin their life as glitches. Just depends on whether they are repeatable and then used intentionally.
  4. I'm really tired of the backers whining that they were somehow "slapped in the face". You got what rewards you were promised as a backer / investor. Nothing more, nothing less. To state otherwise shows you don't have a clue how investment in a business and running a business works. You aren't entitled to anything more than what was promised as terms of said investment. Period. This is an update thread. There are tons of threads to go cry in. Please do so and leave this thread for what it was meant for: updates. That being said, thank you very much for the update Wes. Always nice to hear what you are working on and the road map as it is currently looking. Thank you all for all your hard work. Don't let a few loud and vocal people bring you down. You've done amazing things already with limited tools at your disposal. And I for one can't wait to see what the future has in store. Thank you so very much for making this dream a reality for many of us. You guys fucking rock!!!
  5. Yeah, I mostly main Debbie, but am starting to branch out. I do part 2 Jason at the moment. I'm a pretty weak Jason and am terrible using the knives. I can't use the ones that don't run at all. Vanessa's seem to die in droves. The Jock seems to give Jason the most fits from what I've seen. Can't remember his name unfortunately. My buddy mains him.
  6. I am terrible at driving the couple times I've been in the driver seat. That said, I escaped both times as people bailed as I ran into shit and Jason peeled after them and I ended up escaping, lol. Ran into no less than 5 trees on one occasion. On the other hand, my buddy and others I've seen can drive excellently. Had one guy that drove in reverse nearly the length of the map and got us out :D. It's tanky and not smooth. I would say it's supposed to be simulating how easy it would be to try under the high stress and terrifying circumstances, similar to the old school survival horror games like Resi 1 & 2. So to me it fits. I know everyone thinks they would be Joe Cool if they were put in this situation and driving would be a breeze, but I bet not. I'm betting driving would be a lot harder than you think if Jason was on ya ass, hehe.
  7. Yeah, I had a dude do it for 2 to 3 minutes when he came back as Tommy. The cramped quarters makes it almost impossible to shift grab them too. Not sure how you can really fix it. I'm terrible with the throwing knives so I missed him with all 6 I had
  8. I think his abilities are just fine. I see no reason to nerf any of them. Jason is meant to be OP. And the weaknesses that the jason't get balance nicely with their strengths. I think it is fine as is; main point.
  9. Got another one guilty and was able to grab screenies: As you can see, this fuck-tard wasted 10 minutes of people's time using this exploit.
  10. While I wish it wouldn't happen, it will. Even if Gun does all those things. All it takes is Jason and a friend to be on third party chat and they can sell people out. I've seen counselor's working with Jason in quite a few matches. Only real way to fix it is to play private matches sadly really.
  11. THIS. While you may prefer your consoles, it's a fact that updates get pushed out to PC quicker because there is no certification process. Blame Sony and MS, not Gun. They have to play by their rules.
  12. Another player named Dorf was using this intentionally as well. When my buddy told him to stop his response was "make me". No screenies cause the guy escaped prior to me getting killed.
  13. Great analogy. That's exactly what it's like. And honestly, I like it much better this way than the other way around. Be geared up for masses of people and get way fewer than you were expecting. In a perfect world, you'd hit the nail on the head, but this ain't no perfect world. Really love the frankness on the part of the devs as well. Also, Jpops or another mod will you please merge these two posts. I tried to myself as I didn't realize I was creating a second post but it won't let me do away with one. My bad.
  14. Makes plenty of sense. Teamwork is optional. A rogue counselor is gonna have a tough time, especially given most objectives really require multiple people working together to get done. With the minus to xp, not really worth it. Even to get the "good" stuff. Most trolls will bore really quickly and move one. Otherwise, just keep a list of douche bags you don't want to group with and ignore them / leave lobbies they are in. No need for a vote to kick that can easily be abused and used in a troll fashion. With the herd mentality, a lot of people will vote yes just because it was initiated even if there is no reason listed in comments. Happens all the time in MMO's with the feature. Or people will initiate a vote to kick cause the other player is "a baddie". I'm totally cool with no vote to kick feature. Are you sure you aren't exaggerating a bit there with "waiting ten minutes for a match? I've never waited longer than 30 secs, and most of that is for the ready check shit.
  15. Had a player use an unlimited stamina bug/exploit tonight. While spectating it made them appear to permanently crouch down but run at full speed without losing stamina. In this instance the player did so for about 2 minutes until Jason successfully shift+grabbed her. She had done the same thing the previous match and when we asked her she said she did it "accidentally". Two matches in a row of doing it raises it to the exploit level since she obviously knows how the bug is triggered and was doing it purposely once she was the last counselor left. The bug made her appear to be ice skating while crouched if that makes sense.
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