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  1. Yeah, had the same problem with my clothing pack. Don't know if I got Savini Jason cause I can't get on anymore.
  2. I'm not sure too, cause it has downloaded something but it isn't verifying through steam correctly. I've been able to sometimes get on to check if I have both Savini Jason and the clothing pack, and I don't think I have either yet. Oh well. Guess I'll check back tonight after work to see if I can download them.
  3. I should also mention I've already verified the game files and it seems like the only one not working for me is the clothing pack. It's like 528 bytes, and I've re downloaded it twice now, so I don't understand whats going on.
  4. I activated the code and everything but its not giving me the actual clothes in game. Do I have to play a game first or whats up with that?
  5. I work at a Walmart, and I'd definitely run to a Best Buy or somewhere to get a good headset tbh. I'd recommend a Logitech headset for both a good mic and headset, especially if it's USB.
  6. AfterglowSnipes I think I'm the only one with my name, so that makes it easy. I should hopefully be on after work, couldn't get it off sadly. Should be able to use a mic if that helps
  7. I mean by that logic (and I know it's not being given to bigger name youtubers, but to ones Gun likes and follows and all that) just give it to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and such. With the two named here, by your logic... Mark- 20% of 17 mil = 3,400,000 people will buy F13 Jack- 20% of 15 mil = 3,000,000 people will buy F13 Hell these two don't even do reviews and people would buy it like this, especially for a game with no spoilers and such. I wasn't going to buy Prey till I saw Mark play the hell out of it and loving every second. I bet it's the same for others. And I get that these two probably will play it with their friends and get a big group together after launch, since they aren't getting early copies, but just basing it on numbers these dorks should get some merit or sway based on theoretical numbers alone. Myself, I don't really care what reviewers say because in one way or another, there is some bias. You just can't really help it. Give me a guy playing the game and having some sort of honest reaction to how they like playing the game and I'm more inclined to play it myself. But I dunno. Just wanting to share my opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: After seeing Mark play the Power Drill Massacre on his most recent livestream, he said he'd be interested in playing the F13 game. So I mean if Gun wants to give it to streamers, Mark can be on their list. Most tubers now stream once in awhile straight off youtube, so even thought they want to keep it in their core group of streamers, if they want more exposure they have fans in the "big" youtube groups. He loves singing praise of the games he loves to play, gives his pros and cons and really appreciates the work that was put in. Oh and I just realized it was sounding like I want Gun to give it to Mark just cause he likes the game, but I just want some people to know that even the big people can be people too, not unlike the smaller people. Too much negativity lately on the forums, sadly, so I wanted to say that everyone has some sort of an impact, whether big or small. We all want the game to do well so lets not alienate any potential help for the exposure of the game.
  8. Steam name is AfterglowSnipes. The one with Grumpy Cat, really hard to miss.
  9. Steam name is same as on here. Its the one with Grumpy Cat. Hard to miss.
  10. I think the key thing was the better part of it, for now. Just wait till it gets closer to release date, that will be a fun time to read any comments on steam. On the forum too
  11. Nobody noticed our boy SHODAN battling it out in the comments... A saint among men he is. I'd post a screenshot but that takes away the fun of looking through them yourself
  12. Ooh boy, 5 traps for good old Sackhead. Some may be up in arms about that, but I think it's a perfect amount if they can't be reclaimed. Helps him keep everything in check
  13. I'd love to get this back on track, since we are supposed to be talking about fences here. All this mask talk is getting annoying, because it turned into everyone trying to prove they're right whether someone else is also somewhat right too. Anyway, I digress... Will the counselor be hit along with destroying the fence if they are standing directly behind the fence? Or is it a swing, break the fence without touching the counselor at all? I don't particularly care, however each has a bonus to one side or the other. The first way helps Jason because it prevents counselors from using fences to tank a hit. But it helps counselors the 2nd way by not letting them be hit once when Jason swings. Still love that fences are breakable, because from beta footage it looked terrible with the infinites that happened with the fences. Only thing left would be for couches and cars and then it's fair play all around.
  14. Steam- AfterglowSnipes PSN- Glowingold Discord- AfterglowSnipes #2082 Normally on steam and discord, PSN is once in a blue moon but add me anyway
  15. I'd think the 4th to bottom one (the monkey one) is grease monkey. I don't understand why Tiffany would have that perk though. And I would hazard a guess the three weapon one would reduce stamina with a weapon type.
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