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  1. Can anybody confirm if all 3 perk slots are working now?
  2. This has been my exact experience as well. I got with a good group last night and dashboarded 6 out of 8 games. Several times just as the match finished and still didn't get the xp. I finally got so frustrated I quit.
  3. I know it is gut wrenching when you're Jason and are down to the last counselor, and it dashboards. I don't get to play too often due to my busy schedule , but would love to play with you sometimes Jpops. Add me as a friend if you like. Gamer tag is the same handle as here. RockNRon13.
  4. I was more or less cracking a joke. No harm intended. I hope they have some of the issues I have pop up when playing on xbox one. Besides all the crashes, I've noticed now that only two of my perk slots are working. The middle one isn't equipping. Oh well, I'd love to play with the devs, and see how they do things.
  5. To be honest, I was a backer and got Savini and the counselor clothing pack on xbox one. When the game launched, I was having so many issues I couldn't even get a match completed at all. One day, I was on here and saw they were selling Savini on the playstation store, and I said, no way, they wouldn't do that! I logged into my ps account I have for my sons ps4, and lo and behold, Savini was available. An update had just come out for ps4, so I quickly bought the Savini skin and game again and downloaded to the sons ps4. I have it set where he can't play it, he's only 9, but I sneak in there in his room and slip a few games in when I can and he's away. Lol. And believe me, the ps4 version is smoother in every aspect. So really, if they hadn't have "accidentally " sold the Savini Jason on the playstation store, I would just have it on xbox.
  6. I went from 11 to 20 on xbox and from 8 to 12 on ps4. Only played a little on ps4. Lost several good matches worth of xp on xbox crashing and host leaving, but overall it was fun. I got Tiffany and part 8 which I'd been wanting since day 1. Had a Lachappa try to kill me with a stick while I had the shotgun. I blasted that fool after several warnings. I should have recorded it. He was an idiot. Got in a private group where 1 guy was working with jason. Took me 3 games to figure out the same Vanessa kept running to the cabin I was searching and then Jason showed up. I called them all assholes and left the lobby.
  7. Ohhhh. Lol. Thats where I was screwing up. Thanks for your time and help!
  8. Watch Charmins xbox one stream from last night. You'll see a broken ass game. He had so much trouble with crashing it wasn't funny. And the game play was not up to his steam play at all. Not even close. His experience last night is what we'vebeen facing since launch.
  9. That just dropped all the stuff I was toting like firecrackers and healing spray. Do you have to empty your inventory of those items first? Thanks for your help.
  10. Could someone please tell me how to drop the gas and battery by the car on the xbox one? I just started playing with Tiffany, and I can't figure it out and she doesn't need to be putting those items in the car. Thanks edited: which button do I push? I tried them all last night but couldn't figure it out.
  11. I do, if you can never finish a game due to crashing or host quitting and never received the xp. If it takes an hour to complete one successful match to get 1800-2000 xp as a counselor, what have we really gained for double xp? Xbox one version is horrible !
  12. I hope not. I suck at shift grabbing as it is on xbox.lol Funny thing is I have it on PS4 as well and am pretty good at it on there. The overall game play just seems smoother on the playstation.
  13. You are right except they aren't paying for servers on consoles. They lied about that. It's p2p even for quick match.
  14. The fact that they've done this and act like no one realizes they lied pisses me off. This is unbelievable bullshit. I've been disconnected 4 Times today on xbox due to the host's shitty connection. Damn having to hunt an hour or more to have to find a decent room to play in, and then the host might be quitting after you've played one match. It makes the game a chore to play, and is absolutely horse shit!
  15. Thanks. I went and checked it out. Had a flash sale for $19.54. Still 14 minutes left on the deal. I figured I'd try them for less than 20 bucks.
  16. This subject infuriates me more than any other issue with this game.
  17. I am having this issue on xbox one. Which platform are you on?
  18. Is anybody else getting disconnected half way through every game? I'm sick of it. I'm not playing anymore till the patch comes out.
  19. It's literally been a nightmare for most on xbox. I haven't been given over half the cp I've earned when I'vebeen able to play. Even now, after the "fix", my cp isn't tallying right. I just got 654 from a match and was given 76. That blows. Lol
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