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  1. Why the hell Jason can block flareguns and firecrackers? Is that a glitch or is it wanted ? If yes ,why he can make all those weapons/items useless with a simple block while the counselors are not even able to block his grab? I don't like those youtubers but here he blocks both: Block firecrackers at "5:40" Block flaregun at "06:47" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfUR0rB9yp0
  2. lol i found him too for 2 times in a bathtub in normal cabins, funny to see him on other places too
  3. I cannot understand how you Jason's can have such a big trouble to kill counselor in groups. My friend says too that Jason is underpowered, when i play as counselor we stun him so many times with the team, but just because he almost never use block, use shift to make shots useless and evade attacks (its impossible to hit jason if he runs forward/backward when the counselor starts an attack). When i am playing Jason i kill him and all other counselors, ever and ever again. In my last 50 matches as Jason just one counselor escaped from me, because i made a big mistake (i didnt look on the map for a while, so he escaped alone with the boat). I agree that it is harder to fight a big counselor group, but i was never in really big trouble, i had some problems when i met a group for the first time, but at least they died all. They trying to encircle me and attacking from every direction... i use allways shift and chopping like a lumberjack then block their attacks if i can't evade em. I would never grab a counselor if they grouped up, because you can't kill them instantly if they working together. Of course they stunning me a few times, but the most are half dead and destroying their own weapons on my blocks(but running forward&backward is better). They will give up and tries to run away or juke you infinity around the car or windows (through broken windows to win alot of time with healsprays), both can be countered easy with the shift. As Counselor i beatup some Jason's too with groups and feel sorry for him, when 3 or more counselors escaped^^ (i feel anger). In this moments i thought too that it can be so easy as survivor until i met a good Jason, who fucked us up like nothing. I really want to see a group that makes me a clown.
  4. Hello there, how do you guys feel about Adam? I love his design and stats, a character who can fight Jason and can be stealthy when standing still because he has 7/10 composure. My problem with him is that he got scared really fast, i have to say that i cannot notice that he have a bigger composure than Chad or other character. Is that because his stealth is so bad and the noises increases his fear or what? When i playing A.J. Mason i notice that she is really good to be stealthy and she can walk outside for minutes without fear, while Adam's eyes start wiggling after 20 seconds (am not sure about the time^^). Can it be?? Are Adam's stats broken or is it just my imagination?? (and a tiny question about the stats, does Strength increase the stun chance or just damage?)
  5. I found it very easy with part6, so many throwing knifes<3 , better sense and shift. Like Tom Savini Jason as well, but my favorites are part 8 and 9
  6. Great video, that was really cool. I feel sorry for those Jasons . But i dont think that it works very good against skilled Jasons, it would not work against me(im not a pro). Would like to test it out if you can stop me as well.^^ ----- Yea you can't stun chain Jason, because you can use your shift in the recovery animation as Jason to avoid them.
  7. Hello guys, i just want to ask how i can contact the support, it seems like they ban hardcore trolls, but how i can show them a video? I had just a match with 4 premades assholes (4 french guys all friends in steam, the trolls were Orwell, Xénophée, AKU and SQUIDAMOUCHE), i messed up to recording the first match... I knocked Jason out for a couple of times, and his 3 friends tried to kill me or blocking my way all the time. After Jason killed me, they was just playing around, fighting a bit, let one of his friends escape then killed the other guy after a long time. They were dumb enough to team up with their Jason buddy again, i tried to repair the boat and this guys started to attack me. Now they called Jason on TS/Discord and helped him to stop me.... after he killed me, he teleport away to killing the other guys too, he didn't even attack his friends near the boat. So he letting 2 of his friends escape with the boat and just kill his last friend then. (sorry for my bad english) I am not a funkiller, some trolls are really funny if they do not exaggerate it.... but is hate guys who just tries to destroy the fun of other players.... thats a mess. Those guys do ghosting, teamkilling, teaming up with Jason and more shit.... and they just said something like "Lol fuck you! It is forbidden to play with friends" after the first match. (just skip to 5:50 if you dont wanna see the whole match)
  8. It seems like Jason can you sense alltime, even if you have fearlevel zero. I think the fear increases just the reach of his sense(his growing power too), maby hiding just reduce the range of his sense, thats why the cabin not allways light up.
  9. The problem is maby that you think, he cant sense you if you have no or low fear. It seems like he can allways sense you anytime, but your fear increase the reach of his sense extremly.
  10. Another Tip to manage fear. I'm not absolutely sure about this one, but i think it is to 90% right.^^ (you can try it out too if you wanna confirm it) In all the matches as counselor(mostly Chad the coward) my fear reduced very fast if i stay near a campfire and look into it. It seems that fear does not grow either. Do you think that every lightsource will help you to reduce fear? EDIT: Another thing about noise reduction. I can say that this works 100%, crouch if you open doors and windows and climb though windows! This will reduce your noises extremly, the animation is the same but you will notice that your soundblips are much smaller on the minimap.
  11. Does anyone noticed that Pamela Vorhees says something different to Tom Savini Jason? Match started: They are here Jason! Find em and get your revenge! Match end: That's okay Jason. There will be others... Come home to mommy.<3
  12. Seems like some guys got banned for trolling or ruining games already. I don't know what the this guy was doing, soft trolling or ruin the matches for a couple of times. My fear is just... will you control this by yourself devs? For example Player-1 tries to kill player-2 and miss, then player-2 will kill player-1 for teamattack, but now the real teamkiller record just the part where he got beaten up by the victim. The viewers will think that the victim is the asshole and ban him However i got an idiot Tommy in my last match, Jason was chasing me and he just tried to shoot me, not Jason. (jason was around 8m away, Tommy aim for me) After he missed his shot, i attacked Tommy for a few times, but what if this guy whould record this and report me as an teamkiller just because i took my revenge (not even killed him)
  13. Sorry my english is bad^^, of course with shift! Never played with one, so i cant say how hard it is to catch someone with shift+grab with a controller. I can just say that is is extremly easy for me to do the combo with my keyboard. Don't get me wrong, i agree that Jason is supposed to be as OP killing machine. I hated the whiners in DbD too. It should be very hard to escapes and suvive a Match. Thats what i want to see in the game, it is ok for me if i get f****** up by Jason, but not if i can do absolutely nothing to avoid him.... except he is bad at shift+combo. Why the Devs said that they will fix the shift+grab after Beta, if they didnt change anything... The counselors have a wide range of items, the most items are very useful. The weapons are great too, but you are just able to hit Jason when he makes a bigger mistake, he can grab into your attack all the time. Jason should be much stronger in a fight than an counselor... thats clear too. Now i have to ask, why is a combatsystem and combatstance in the game if Jason can run in circles to avoid your slow attacks or grab you while attacking. Why they gave the counselors and Jason a blocking ability?? The sense is a problem too, maby because nobody undertstand how it works right, just that he can sense your fear and noises, but sometimes he can sense your calm character in a tent or closet. (Can he sense you everytime? fear and noises will increase the percent chance to sense you??) Overall i love the game really much and i hope they will not fuck up Jason like the DbD Killers, the major balance is great as it is, it just need some tweaks.
  14. I play almos just Savini Jason, Part 6 & part 8.... all 3 can't run But i play all the time with a keyboard, don't know if it is so hard with a controller, but with my keybord i slaugher everyone
  15. Wow that must be an bad Jason when he cant catch you just by running around a car... :/
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