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  1. I had to have a little help, but did most of it on my own. I'm a pretty big fan of the franchise though, since childhood so that helped I think too. If you're a millennial without much knowledge of the franchise... this could be quite hard for you I'm sure.
  2. Are the bots amazingly hard? No. If they were you guys would just cry that it is "broken"... I mean, it must of been really tough for programmers for a multiplayer game to program NPC to do things logically. They do need tuned. Easy is way way too easy and hard isn't quite hard enough I guess. I'm sure they will tune them some later down the road. For now, with weak Jason setup... playing 7 bots on HARD setting still presents a fair challenge.
  3. It was a delight to play. I'm very pleased. I easily would of paid 10 bucks for this I think. Maybe 15. I've been very pleased with it all. It wasn't crazy hard, but wasn't easy either. It was great. Well done. I really really look forward to more being added in a couple months or something. Thanks!!!
  4. Nope. They needed more unlockable stuff... a sense of progression to grind.
  5. So I finished the thing. I'm at 2.0. Is their anything else? I can't find anything. I saw the Jason X thing which is cool as hell, but not a big fan of the millennial Uber Jason. I liked the pre uber one much more. I get that they are trying to get a "unique" looking model in there. And that's fine, but I really hope the Jason X pre-uber is a skin later. Or just a new free one they add later.
  6. His repair should be 6 and his strength 6. Other than that I agree with the ratings... nicely done.
  7. People can say whatever they want, but Jason is weaker now. He doesn't feel imposing. I'm a good Jason man, and I have a hard time killing 5-6 people now. The grab needed to be toned down some, but man... it is too much. I just don't feel in control as Jason. Before I felt in control and powerful. Now I just feel like a kinda powerful killer. I don't know how to explain it. His grab reach needs to be changed back or buffed some for sure. I get pocketknifed like 4-5 times a game. Which is fine, but when I had to really really work for a grab... it is annoying as hell. Just not fun as Jason anymore.
  8. Tommy being a hero with a knife and spray is fine. NO problem with that. They nerfed Jason. They should of left him grab alone. Now when I'm Jason, I don't feel in control or powerful as I did. It isn't that much fun anymore as Jason honestly.
  9. Just wanted to state that last night, my buddy and I both found tapes in the same match. I found a pamela tape, and he found a tommy tape. Really really cool. 100% happened. Anyone else had this happen?
  10. It seems like it is all ready, just waiting for the patch process. They've released updates on Fridays before? We're getting "very soon" and "SOON" as timeframes. I'm thinking it drops this afternoon... anyone else think that?
  11. Yeah I agree. I didn't give her that much thought, just loose ends. Obviously people would be super annoying and cheese. The no water thing wouldn't work for sure. Good points. I didn't think her through that much obviously. I mostly stated what she would be like. It woud be tough to add her without changing a lot off things. No boats when she is picked then? I was trying to list things without overhauling the game and all that. I think she could work. It would need to be tweaked and balanced. Her running speed is the saving grade. She would be able to outrun anyone. It's a cool idea though I guess.
  12. Hello everyone (this will be long, but logical and informative). I just wanted to start off by saying that I love the game. I really do. I can remember playing the NES version around 1991 or 1992. I remember it was very intense, yet frustrating. As I watched Jason Goes to Hell, F13 things kinda fizzled as we all know, I grew up and by 1995 or 96 I was out of the F13 phase kinda. I always thought even back then as PS came out and Nintendo 64.. "man it would be so cool to get a third person Jason game, where you can play as Jason etc... " I thought of it on and off, and in the late 90s... after seeing the movies several times each I kinda fizzled out of all things Jason and F13. When Jason X hit, I actually liked it. It is different enough to like if you're a fan I believe, but it is a bad film overall. If you're not a fan it is stupid and just crazy. I don't mind Jason X. It's cool. I heard about F13: The Game way back in 2015 I guess it was. I kept tabs on it ever since, and with it's release I was just estatic. The wait from January to May's release was intense for us all I'm sure. I'm in my early 30s. I really love this game, but here's some concerns and things I wanted to say about it. This has been thought out on and off for weeks. Maps So the game released with 3 maps. Which was enough to make it work, but after 90+ games as Jason and I don't even know how many as counselor (maybe 300+) I'm still not "tired" of the maps. They are starting to grow somewhat stale. Not in the fact I don't like them or anything or don't enjoy them, they are all very well done. A couple glitches mainly on Packanack have hampered the enjoyment slightly, but I'm being critical here. More maps is the #1 thing we need. It is the weakness of the game right now. I'm totally cool with 3 maps at launch. it works, the maps are quite large, and they all have variations in the cabin placements and whether or not a boat is used to get out on etc... the variation keeps it fresh and interesting. If this various of items, and placement of things wasn't in there, the maps would of been stale after a few weeks. Smart move. I would of liked 4 maps at launch, but it doesn't matter. Like I've said, and I'm repeating myself a lot. The maps are so greatly done... 3 maps is fine for now, but we do need 1-2 more soon. Jason The Jason models are super nice, and very well done. They are extremely authentic and a blast to play. The 4 abilitys and "rage" are great things to work with. What makes this game so fun and interesting as Jason is that HE IS OP as he should be. The idea behind Jason is to kill everyone and be very difficult to kill. As it is. The variables of getting his mask off, having a girl prefereably get the mask (so she doesn't alert him when going to shack), then even finding the shack can be tough. Then having a Tommy on board... all those things makes killing him naturally quite tough. I've yet to kill a Jason in a legitimate way and I run with 3 other people mostly (shout out to hallow, tony and jj) The method of killing him is excellent, rare and tough. Yet not hard enough to make it ridiculous. It's perfect. So as a counselor, I'm terrified of encountering him, because I know even a inexperienced Jason has the ability to kill me if I mess up. It's a dangerous event to encounter him. Any average Jason almost gurantees death. Not having Part IV Jason, Roy (part V) or Jason X/Uber Jason is fine. Those Jasons are either... Not really Jason (Roy), Silly Jasons (uber Jason) or too simulair to what we already have (part 4). So what we have in models at launch was great, and a little more than I had thought. They don't need to nerf Jason. If anything tweak a couple things or even buff a couple Jasons. They do however need to raise the music volume a touch on the retro Jason. It is clearly lower than the other Jason theme music volumes. The key component while playing this game is that as Jason you expect to kill mostly everyone. (5/7 or 6/8) or all of them. Counselors have caught onto how to deal with Jason and some of them are very annoying and use some desperate tactics. Which is fine, but nerfing any of the Jasons at this point would be a great mistake. They are balanced, the only I could see tweaked is the amount of traps/knives they start with? The pros and cons make complete sense to me based off the movies. Roy I personally am I big fan of part V. I love the Tommy in that movie, and just really like the bridge is sets up. Part IV was supposed to be the end of the series, but we all know they continued it to what? 12 movies in total? Counting remake/Freddy movie. I know Roy isn't Jason, and could possibly just be excluded from the entire game, but I don't like that. You don't know he isn't JAson until the end. So you watch the movie thinking it is Jason somehow, that along is enough to merit him being in the game. His mask is unique and very cool. The question would be... how do you kill him and what are his abilities? To be cheap about it... you would just kill him the way the other Jasons are killed. You would just keep the 4 abilities and tweak them. Maybe have Part V Jason (Roy) have these +Stalk +Knives +Can Run -Water SPeed -Morph -Shift I don't know, or I can't remember if any Jasons have that setup. That would make sense. Roy was a human, a crazy normal guy. Stalk would be an obvious strength I think. Maybe his Sense could be in there? Who knows? This could be tweaked around a good amount. How to kill him changes a LOT. You can't really kill him the way you need to kill the other Jasons. Gun media is true to the movies in a lot of ways, so Roy would need a completely different way to kill him. I was thinking some sort of HP system with Roy. You would need to lower it to a certain state, which prevents him from running. Instead of the mask falling off. Everyone would be notified when this triggers and Roy, can't run no longer. You would basically need to lure him to a certain area (like the barn in Haven) and perform a kill on him. Less steps, but if Roy stays away fromt he barn he can't be killed. For other maps, I don't know how you would go about doing it. It would be tricky, but a great idea. Roy would spawn in the graveyard during the beginning of matches and you'd go from there, but he could only be killed inside the barn, or a lodge? That is what I think. Counselors Right now we have plenty of counselors. A good mix. I do think LaChappa and Debra are too simulair. It's more strength and luck against stealth and composure. They are just too much the same. LaChappa by far is the least used counselor by ME and OTHERS that I've seen. he need tweaked. The stats of counselors is well balanced past that. We lack a male with high composure besides Tommy, or Adam. We need a male with 8 or 10 as composure. Tommy surely has either all 8's in his stats that are unknown to me. Or maybe he's all 10's? It's hard to say. But he is elite. More counselors isn't a problem I don't think. Getting more would be great, but for now... it is fine. I would like another come back player, such as Tina. Tina would require some overhaul, and would be very unique. Contacting her via radio works, or some other secert way, but TIna could just arrive on scene like Tommy. She wouldn't have a map to start, and would only have throwing knives, or she would spawn with a weapon. He stats would be hidden, but she's be slower than tommy, but maxed out composure, luck and stealth. The rest I don't know. She would be able to have a 1 use off her telekenetic abilities. (spelling?) Prefereably she would be able to pull Jason under the ground, or collapse a house, car or trees on him. Or be able to move the map around to her liking. One time. Doing this would freeze Jason, and gurantee his mask to come off. (All this would require lots of overhaul work). The easier method, would be just to have Tina come on scene, and she'd be loaded with a weapon, NO MAP, spray, and 2 pocket knives. So she's a helper of sorts. She would have a "sweater" like ability to "freeze" Jason for 10-15 seconds with her mind ability, but Jason would be able to hit at this point. So you use the sweater method, make it last longer, but she doesn't need the sweater. Jason basically can't move for quite a good time and can be beat badly while this happens. Also, doing this to Jason activates his rage automatically regardless of the 10 minutes mark. Killing him would be the same, so Tina is a helper, has items, and she would spawn at random. 50/50 chance of getting her or TOmmy in a match once they are called in or whatever. It is interesting but Tina needs to be in the game. Maybe later they could tweak her ability to make it interesting. Having Tina as a full time counselor/character doesn't work really I think. It would make the game greatly unbalanced. Popularity/Leadership stat One thing I've thought about it adding a new category to the game. For all counselors. Something to the affect of a popularity or leadership stat. It would help reduce fear for counselors around this person. guys like Brandon, Jenny, Vanessa and Adam would have a high rating in this, while AJ, Debra, LaChapp etc... would have a low rating. The attribute would directly tie into your fear when you are around other characters and would increase your uck on the fly? I'm not sure. I think a new stat category is needed to shake it up. I know a couple perks are basically this, but I really feel either the luck stat needs to be explained more, or we need a new stat implemented. Perks Perks are welld one, and varied. Some of them are almost useless. I do enjoy the 5 levels of them. We just need more of them. We also need a system where we are able to trade them with friends... but only a Orange for Orange, or red for red or whatever. The same rarity traded back and forth. That would be intersting. The perks we have work well and it is essential to better your chances or surviving. I just wish you could either trade them with friends or maybe even have a system where 2 oranges gurantee a red, or 1 red gurantees 2 orange, or 3 blue is 1 orange at random? Something like that. Cut scenes/Main Menu Right now the main menu is boring, it works, but it would be nice to have 3 or 4 different menu screens to switch it to, like a menu template. Maybe have one that is bloody with famous picks? I don't know. The cut scenes need to be varied. Seeing the same cut scene 400 times is lame. It works, but it needs sprucing up. Maybe have dialogue of them talking? Or keep the same scene, but have 20 different dialouges going on. So we get a 10 second clip of the same scene with TIffany talking to Chad, or Kenny talking to Adam about some girl's breasts or whatever. Also the 18/5/2017 message on the main menu drives me crazy. We are not in the UK, and please update it every few days with something. Like a movie quote or something. Anything. Van and Yacht So we need a varied way to get out. Simple. Have a van spawn in with the boat or a van and a 2 seater. Or maybe just the 1 van? Same goes with the boat. Maybe do the large boat/yacht/houseboat with a 2 seater or whatever. The larger boat would hold 4 couneslors, and the Van would hold 6. For the Van you would need battery, gas and keys, but havet he option to blow one tire up that is flat. If you do, you've got a large fast moving van to get 6 people out on. If not, the van travels at 60% of the car speed. So like a jog speed. Which would make it very easy for Jason to stop. This should be easy to code in and add. Keeps it loose and fresh. Ideally you'd want to find the tire pump, and pump it up... so you can go full speed, which would be 20% faster than the car would travel. For the boat. You could either do a larger boat, a house boat.. I would prefer a houseboat like in part 8. It would hold at least 4, maybe 6 people. It would need gas, propellar like the small 2 seater boat would, but it would require a 3rd thing.... which would be maybe be keys. They could look like car keys and not work on the boat, but you wouldn't know until you tried to start it inside, or maybe they state "boat keys" and "car keys". Either way, it would be intense to get keys, they all look the same, and not know until you get there if they will work right? Trying to start it up, and the key doesn't turn. That would be fun. Or maybe you need power to the boat. A battery thing? fuse? But I think a larger boat is a must. It would fresh it up. Music/Sound The music of the Jasons and sound are superior to most games and very very well done. nothing to say. They make the game come to life. Enviroments It would be really cool to have a daytime map, like 1 or 2 at the most at somepoint. No more than 2. This is a nighttime game. Also, getting thunder and lightning or rain mixed in would be incredible. Pamela Pamela has to be added as a alternate killer. As a choice. Just 1 version of her, no more. Killing her? I have no idea... maybe only Jenny can do it, but only 1 Jenny can be chosen if she's the killer? I don't know. The final girl type would need to be the one. Idon't know how you'd prevent everyone from picking Jenny if they see a Pamela killer option on someone. I don't think it would be that big of a deal. There would only be 1 axe in the map, and Jenny would have to have it as in the 1st movie. You would have to hurt Pamela to the point that she becomes in rage? But she doesn't break down doors in rage. She runs faster? Like a full sprint all the time. At this point, the Jenny would be able to kill her maybe? Pamela would have these abilities. She wouldn't be able to use morph and stuff, but these: Stalk and Sense. Shift and morph don't make sense. Pros and COns +Stalk +Sense +Can Run -throwing knives -No morph -no shift She wouldn't even be able to get in the water. Her biggest asset would be insane stalk and sense abilities, she would jog at a couneslor sprint. And Sprint faster than any counselor. Her weapon would be a machete or knife. You would just attack people. This would work well I think. It would need tweaking. She wouldn't have a grab, so pocketknives would be useless. So maybe add in a new counselor item for pamela specifically? Items/Weapons/Clothes/Hiding/Kills Obviously more clothes, a few more weapons, and items would be great. Maybe have a cellar do hide in even? I don't know. For now the game does well on this. Kills will be added, so I'm fine with what we have. All in all it's great. Progression The game's progression system works, but I feel like there's not enough unlocks above level 31. Past that there's just clothes. I'm almost level 65 or so. I heard the cap is 101? Will they be increasing that level cap? The badges should be able to give you something cool. I like the badges. Maybe add more badges in there? Collectibles I play mostly quick matches, I've yet to find a pamela tape, or know someone that has. I love that they are rare, but wow... they are too rare. Maybe 1/200 matches for a tape? Or that chance? Or 1/1,000 drawers pulled open? Something. They are so rare it is irritating. They could also add more collectibles to the game such as random Jason masks, made up ones, or just anything interesting. Trivia When you die you just sit there. I know it sucks for some, I don't mind it personally. Maybe have like 500 trivia questions about actors, movies etc...? Have it prompt and you can answer them for like 1-5 Cp each? Something liek that might be neat. Hosting It is a problem. People die early and they are host... bye bye. Some people are even so salty to quit at the end. I had 1 guy quit as the last person was getting to the police. It was a great waste. This needs to be ffixed. Either mirgration of host OR... level them down 1 level or wipe out their CP? I don't know. Overall This is longer than I had intended, but I feel like I've got some great ideas. I'm sure I've left a few things off that need discussed. I could add to this later. The game is really good. I love it. It has SO MUCH potential to be even better. Only time will tell. F13 = 8/10
  13. Good. Now you guys can't just farm exp and leave your ps4s on or consoles etc...
  14. Oh boy... So toxic. So many liberal kids in here... what can I say? It really isn't worth my team... had these type of arguments in the past with millennials tryhard kids... same results. Enjoy that refunded Savini skin kid
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