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  1. tbh ik about the title i cant spell certain words and do i care what peole think lol no so lets get on with it so ok ive noticed players ganging up on jason how about they lower there weapon durability when there in a group so there weapons would break fast so they cant stun lock jason for a straight 3 min and it prevent police exit trolling a little plus i think when there in a group and jason grabs some one and the other counsolors hit him he shouldnt be able to drop them every time it should be 50 50 also its soposed to be jasons game not the counsolors people are like oh jasons to op lmfao no no hes not i bet they just say that to be able to troll the killer more amd this is all imo and i think jason should only see sound pings when using sense plus he shouldnt be able to see them from across the map to cuz he pretty much knows were every one is rn with out that balencing change
  2. I'm expirencing a bug were when I selected part 7 Jason I spawned in as part 4 it dosnt spawn you as your selected counsolor or your selected Jason it's random plus I was rubber banding through doors when I raged through them
  3. Yea and the motorcycle could have a side car so that way it's a 2 seater
  4. Yea I agree I have noticed that Jason's will spam traps around the car and phone like a lot of traps in the same spot and that it's hard to finde a pocket knife so I think it should be a skill check becuz there could be 3 traps in the same spot and when you get stuck in one and break free then you get stuck agen and there all over the car and phone just a trap on top of another trap so I totally agree with the skill checks and it would require a weapon like a bat or pipe or an axe to place down and there would be skill checks following that
  5. Yea they had it in early alpha but they removed it. I,d like it to come back tho that would bring up the vibe Evan more
  6. I'm killerwolf36405 and I was a backer on backerkit and I'm glad to be a part of the f13 community
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