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  1. Mine says it's already been activated will try again then do the same thing I had to do with Savini to get him to work. i see the issue, the counselor cloths pack email sends me to the Savini code that's why it says activated. So I don't have my counselor code now? How do I retrieve it i fig. It out. Just searched around real quick
  2. So any word yet on when we on Ps4 will finally get our counselor skins? Been waiting & waiting
  3. That worked, thank you so much. I knew there was a option like this but couldn't find it, to used to PS3s easier better menu.
  4. Good to know I'm not only one but really sux others are enjoying him
  5. I got my code, installed on ps4, shows its installed. I go into game & my Savini Jason isn't there, I go to my DLC & shows Savini is installed. I deleted & re-installed game still nothing & im irritated cause seems I'm the only one.
  6. Going to love this ability both using it & having it used on me
  7. Not the full game no, going to pre-order it as soon as it shows up on PSN store but I did pre-order the outfit pack & Savini skin. I'm hoping consoles will finish there process soon so we can get to surviving & killing soon. I admit I more of a Freddy fan & Chucky has always been my second favorite with Jason being third but with the excitement of this game it has increased my interest for Jason & found a new love for him as I now after over 30yrs see him in a new light & he is different from the other killers that I didn't notice before or thought about.
  8. If you get it on Ps4 I'm sure at some point one of us will murder the other
  9. So excited for this game I can't stop watching Laphin Hyena's videos from the beta. I swear once game comes out if I'm not playing it I will be watching someone play. I am over a 3 decade old gamer & horror fan. I will be playing this on Ps4 on release, add me if you would like to kill or survive with me. I don't discriminate on age, sex or anything else as long as you play the game correctly and make it a enjoyable experience. PSN - Pooky_187 Feel free to send me a real name req. if you want as I go by Pooky Voorhees for my real name with Jason avatar.
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