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  1. Ugh, another double-post for JPops to merge! Such a shame. Anyway, I'll saunter-off until more voices have chimed-in.
  2. Aha, not just the people who play disruptively, but also the lounge lizards who just hang-out in the lobby and insult people over the voice service... In another word: loiterers. It's a shame anyone can loiter in the lobby without playing. But if the the server were to force lobby-loiterers into a game, such as by automatic assignment after a fixed time of just being in the lobby, then that would convert every negative lobby-dweller into a griefer at some point. My casual use of the term "griefer" is, therefore, correct. Nevertheless, I won't bother defending my point any farther (at least not on these boards, maybe on a separate blog) because staff don't like it when I debate the meanings of terms. -Q.E.D.
  3. Some players / stream viewers / customers have expressed dissatisfaction at both Black characters being assigned to low-intelligence archetypes. I've a remedy for this! Make a "speedy nerd" archetype for an eventual DLC release. Make his character "skin" resemble Steve Urkel from the TV show <i>Family Matters</i>. If Gun Media gets the rights to use Urkel's likeness, then he could say, "Did I do that?!?" and other Urkelisms when messing-up a skill check. But if Gun Media is unable to license the Urkel character, then perhaps give his substitute character some green-rimmed glasses and suspenders in lieu of red; a crew cut instead of a flat-top; avoid the Urkelisms; etc. Whatever the subtle tweaks necessary to avoid licensing issues, the Urkel knock-off would provide both a unique look -- Jaleel White in fully-buttoned polo shirt; hiked-above-the-waist shorts; <i>Wall Street</i>-style suspenders; and Coke-bottle eyeglasses -- and a blend of stats not-yet released as an archetype: namely, 10 intelligence with 10 speed. The Urkel expy's other stats might be logical for an easily-startled, accident-prone bookworm who barges into his neighbor's home very loudly: 1 stealth; 2 luck; 3 composure; and 5 stamina. (The "5" being for when he lasted 2 minutes, sheerly by running around like a scaredy-cat, with the boxer who knocked-down Theo in one episode.)
  4. I believe it is more fun to let the griefers play, so that we see "mob-rules justice" when they get ganged-upon by other players. The only real -material- drawback is that counselors who massacre a fellow counselor, even a notoriously troublesome peer, are penalized -200 CP under the "Betrayer" heading at match's end. And of course, some people live for such a spectacle. They think along the lines of, "So many people tried to kill me today! I -love- this attention." But if the options came down to a "vote system" versus a "host insta-bans" for -only- that host, then I choose the host-specific ban lists, rather than a general blacklist of people who might, or might not quite, deserve their reputations as griefers. Tendentious Tendencies != Necessarily Griefer
  5. Yup, it's not like he edited his posts or anything. Or failed to create an introductory thread. (Or made parenthetical remarks, the ultimate peccadillo on these boards!) Is anyone required to make an introductory thread anymore as their first post? Or has that formerly enforced rule been abandoned, due to the volume of users?
  6. Yes, team-killing is allowed. However, you receive a "Betrayer" penalty of -200 CP at the end of the match.
  7. Although I've enjoyed the tête-à-tête between RevolutionBlade and Bee-Where-Uh-Bares, it's time to euthanize this bête noir! Let the Litmus test for determining an "accurate-enough mask" be this: Is the level of detail sufficient for us to correctly identify which "Part [N]" Jason is appearing in a screen-grab of gameplay, based on the mask alone? ...As for the fences: Breaking in them in one swing is -very- generous, as realistically, those ain't snow fences!
  8. You're not entitled to a game that -doesn't- star Millennials. Heck, based on your attitude, I'd say that if you programmed a horror game to mock Millennials, you'd have the default gameplay mechanism be, "Call Text helicopter parents, and then play video games until they show-up to save me from this dire predicament." http://senatorjpo.com/f/Friday_13th_Choking_Animation_(Great_Bait_Mate_Extended_Final)_350X250.gif
  9. Jenny's deformities are a karmic balance to her high "luck" stat. And speaking of hands... ...It's not -that- unusual for women to have huge hands. I work in manufacturing, and a few of the shorter women have hands that are comparable to those of taller men.
  10. Not to sound overly sensitive, but I'm glad Gun Media chose to have the police off-screen and therefore be immune to assault. While the developers' rationale might have been to keep the game mechanics concise, my reason for keeping the police off-field is to prevent players from trying to kill cops as Jason. (There -are- states considering making crimes against police into "hate crimes," due to polarized opinions on the role of law enforcement in a modern, diverse society.) Being unable to attack police in-game will help stave-off the sociopathic fantasies of those who've a grudge against law enforcement. Any who -really- need to scratch their cop-killing itch, can play Grand theft Auto.
  11. Steve Christy seemed like the stereotypical "dumb rich guy." Besides the points mentioned -- notably, not realizing a stigmatized property is a poor investment -- Stevie C. failed to realize that someone stalking towards you with a hunting knife, even if a recognized an acquaintance, should probably be run-away from instead of warmly greeted.
  12. So, who's the lucky first-one to get an enema with that thing? #FreddyGotFingered
  13. Changes that I notice: • Signatures are gone. -I do see -some- merit in this, as having multiple animated GIFs among signatures does lag browsers. • Background images no longer wrap-around the background on profiles. -They're more like "header" images. No more ruining the foreboding theme of this forum, by having a bright, expansive wallpaper covering the background gloom. • Thread viewers are no longer displayed. (Many of you remember, they used to appear the bottom of threads.) -If you want to know who's viewing which thread, then you must visit the profile of that individual. This, of course, will encourage more profile views.
  14. "...My recommendation to you is to cool it and maybe try to interact casually." This doesn't make sense to me. "Cool it?" I'm not the one accusing others of being "condescending" (what "JPops" called me); a "troll" (what "Camp Voorhees Hockey" called me); or anything. There's -literally- nothing to "cool." Show me otherwise! Cite examples. For instance, do you take umbrage with me questioning your "recommendations?" Don't just say, "Cool it," because that's too vague. What do you mean that I'm not "casual" enough? "...You can type well..." Thanks! I'll accept your compliment. But in terms of following your advice to "be more casual," as you've iterated in another thread... ...-What- does being more "casual" entail? Use more Internet slang? Use poor grammar and omit punctuation? Because honestly, I don't know what you mean! "Casual" might mean different things to you than to me -- and because -you're- making the mandate, I need to know -precisely- what you're demanding, in a sense of, "Here's -how- you act more casually on -this- forum." P.S. Yes, I underlined a few sentences in my post. There's -nothing- in the forum rules that says, "Don't underline." If you want to interpret an imperative in the rules that -doesn't exist-, then that's "on you." P.P.S. By posting specifically about my posting style, -you- took the thread off-topic. This thread is about the once-considered game mechanic of having failed skill-checks on the phone box resulting in player electrocution. It sets a poor example to the rest of the forum, when the -administrator himself- goes off-topic.
  15. "Hockey" guy is "revenge trolling." Two wrongs != Right Except, I never insulted anyone. And if your kids get messed-up by your stewardship, then that's on you, no matter how many times you say, "SenatorJPO is a troll." Yeah, keep saying that! Because others will "report" you, and you'll get "warning points." [Edited once: Accidental double-quote.]
  16. A few influential folks are reading more "antagonism" into my posts than I intend. I'll probably be banned before "Darrin Howard," let alone before I can indulge in sociological analysis of the Friday the 13th films. Oh, wait -- that would be "political" and "out-of-left-field," so I guess I've no reason to be here at all!
  17. "Take your liberal millennial agenda and go elsewhere." Get to know me, and you'll find I'm a "compassionate conservative." But I had to spell-it-out, instead of let you draw inferences, because you outright say: "Talking to people like you is like trying to get a brick wall to move by blowing on it. It just doesn't do anything." How did you reach -that- conclusion? Right away, you presume we'll find -no- common ground; but your assumption is...just that. "G8 B8 M8, I rate 8/8." Reading that aloud, I heard, "Great bait, mate. I rate eight-[out-of-]eight." "Try again troll. Find .50 more cents and try again." Except, I was sharing a legitimate concern. That ain't "trolling." [Edited once: To change "let your draw" to "let you draw."]
  18. Fine. Even though the -only- reason I can post right now is because it's my day-off... ...I'll set-aside my jealousy about you getting -paid leisure time-, and will contribute to your group activity: "...corporate pharmaceutical company..."
  19. I was celebrating about finally "getting used" to the forum rules, to sufficient extent that I'm now in complete compliance. It is a sliver of self-satisfaction, in a milieu of transience and uncertainty! (Exclamation point is for enthusiasm, -not- indicative of "shouting" or "excessive boisterousness.") I find that we can tell -quite a lot- about a person's psyche, simply by how he or she interprets innocuous remarks that aren't even addressed to him or her. I see this frequently among Disqus threads in which I share my story of getting misled by my state's public university system about the value of their degrees, only to see higher-education apologists -- many of them lobbyists for the university or its alumni foundation -- attack my "character," rather than attempt to rebuff my experiences and observations about declining enrollment. I agree that all-caps, excluding usage in a series of acronyms, unequivocally communicates shouting, i.e. emphasizing every word emotionally. I depart from your opinion, in that I use exclamation points to communicate enthusiasm, by implying a moderately quicker delivery of the lines so marked. (Without necessarily an increase in volume; think of an excited whisper, for instance.) I use dashes around brief phrases, or segments of sentences, to emphasize those terms without using other, "louder" conventions for doing so.
  20. "No way my little girl will watch anything like that, at least." As opposed to your little boy(s)? Why protect the girl from psychological damage, but not the boy(s)? If anything, dealing with the trauma of realistic slasher-film violence will prepare the girl for when she's assaulted in college. (What with 1-in-4 female university students being assaulted, being an -under-estimate-; it's closer to 28- to 30-percent.)
  21. I'm never "bored at work," or at least not sitting idly or able to browse the Internet, because my job is physically demanding and -doesn't involve using computers.- (I palletize stuff as a "permatemp," while the regular employees perform the technical functions, such as scan the product barcodes; print the pallet tickets; and web the rolls of film used to seal our products.) Some pay-off for a guy with a master's degree in public administration, eh?
  22. I suppose some everyday horror is too mundane to factor into a Friday the 13th game. Perhaps self-electrocution belongs in a Final Destination game! *grin* "Infinite sums," eh? Thank you for having shown the math. Usually, on other sites, others will poo-poo my work, without constructive criticism. (That is, they'll say, "You're wrong!" but then offer no justification.) You, on the other hand, went above-and-beyond by demonstrating a more accurate representation of the phenomenon. For that detailed correction, a "like" is on its way! (When mine have replenished.) Thank you, Crazy Ralph! If I had the math skills -- see FireSource's response to my equations above -- and if I could tolerate the frustration of constant, cryptic code errors (which is one reason why I don't contend for web development jobs anymore), then maybe I could develop an app of my own (unrelated to this game) and make a fraction of what I make from my Palooka laborer job! All things considered, I'm glad it's Gun Media developing this game, and not me. *grin* P.S. I'm out of "likes" today, but will positively mark your post once my "likes" are replenished. That reminds me: I've occasionally seen a player begin fixing the phone, only to purposely abort after an error-indicating "dial tone" to bait Jason over as a distraction. Thanks for explaining your decision. And with that, I won't ask additional questions for a while, because these were the only "urgent" ones on my list. (And I managed to post this without going back for editing -- yes!)
  23. My line of thinking was that the life jacket could be instantly usable, whereas the powerboat would need a repaired motor and the kayak would need an oar (or two). But considering the official development team's response below, my contentions have become a fanciful "what-if" scenario! Thanks for taking the time to decisively weigh-in on this topic, and upon the counselor's inability to become electrocuted while repairing the phone box. It would seem there really does come a point where having too realistic of a simulation ruins the game-play! [NOTE: Edited -once-, to add the word "to" between "time" and "decisively." Am hoping this is not "excessive editing," as I have been alleged by the development team rep / forum admin.]
  24. Yes, indeed! I just think that because my learning curve for certain things -- whether video games or forum rules -- can be comparably long, even for a low-waged / McJob college graduate, by the time I practice to get "suitably good" at a particular game, I would have lost interest. I find it more refreshing to observe others effortlessly enjoy the game, so that I don't have to do anything but witness the fun. Thank you for the greeting! I'm glad spectators are welcome. I'm surprised editing typos and making minor grammatical changes amounts to "overly editing." I'm also surprised only staff can underline and bold text, if that's what you mean by "add[ing] extra emphasis." To be unable to make minor grammatical changes after-the-fact, or to be disallowed from making my text more emphatically organized via bold-faced and underlined text, -really- changes my posting style by a -lot!- Such restrictions are the predominant reason I generally -don't- use forums. Speaking of which, am I allowed to encase words with a hyphen on both sides, or does that "add extra emphasis," in violation of your rules?
  25. Agreeing with Ben, and will add: Besides the motion-capture work entailed, mechanically portraying different injuries would also involve adjusting the effectiveness of various movements. For instance: A leg injury would visibly impair locomotion and swimming, but not (add skill checks to) repairing things; whereas an arm injury would impair swimming and (add skill checks to) repairing things, but not (noticeably) impair locomotion.
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