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  1. ...except I think F13 falls under "trash media". Or maybe it's just "trashy media", vs. just trash. =) When I was a kid me and the neighborhood kids often played in a dump that we'd sneak into. Dug out all sorts of cool things, like bicycle parts, fixed a shortwave radio from it, etc. Plus that's where we got our porn since while you could download porn (slowly!) online at the time it would be grainy super low-resolution low-color stuff. So there's value in trash! Also, on first reading, I read that as "striving for better goats". So my "old man" views are mostly limited to complaining about overprotective culture these days. You really are safer from most dangers than you've ever been. Your kids are safer. It's okay if they ride their bike to school -- it's okay that they might skin their knee. When they get older, don't freak out if they happened to find a can of beer or shoot off bottle rockets. The real dangers that have increased are things like job insecurity, excessive fees from faceless corporations, getting your home foreclosed on, echo-chamber lack of critical thinking, etc. =P ...but yeah, I think everybody needs to be reminded about the good stuff that used to exist!
  2. Usually if you have a certain direction you want to proceed, a certain character or a ability you want, etc., the system that meets that requirement the best is a skilltree-type unlock system, so you can work for the perks/counselors/etc. you want first, then unlock the other stuff later when you have grinded more. I'll be honest, and this is a bit self-serving. I want to FORCE PEOPLE TO NOT PLAY VANESSA so they can get some skills and learn how to play other characters. Some people will always be die-hard Vanessa players, but if people were forced to learn to use more advanced mechanics than just run-away-from-Jason-real-fast, they might be inclined to use other characters even when Vanessa is available. So no more matches of you trying to get objectives done + 6 Vanessas constantly screwing up phone box or leading Jason to you and getting everyone killed.
  3. I don't think *anyone* expects any suggestions to be implemented for launch! The launch version is basically done and only the most minimal tweaks needed to pass certification are going in. Obviously any feature discussions at this point are for down-the-road. Here's hoping we get a release date announcement this week! =D
  4. Honestly from what I saw, the cars were a bit too difficult to get running. Keys in particular seemed to be the biggest impediment. The cars really need a hotwire skillcheck as an alternative to keys. Keys are hard to see if someone dies, and people ran off with the keys, whereas gas and battery had people make beeline for car since they encumbered you. If the hotwire skillcheck were a "noisy" fail like the phone box, it would balance out the challenge vs. keys since only some characters could do it reliably, and someone trying to use Tiffany or Vanessa would be a liability, just like the phone box. Like if you failed the skillcheck it would make a "zap" sound, or maybe a brief engine-tried-to-turn-over-for-a-sec sound. Adam would get a buff on this vs. phone box since he's the car guy. Keys would still be in the game to let you avoid the skillcheck, so they'd be vital if Tiffany wanted to drive.
  5. So I just rewatched the end of Jason X, and my observations: * UberJason is *fast*. We never see him try to run, but he never really has an opportunity to run because they keep stopping him in small rooms and passages and block him with doors. His walking speed is noticeably fast though. I'd almost say, let him run. * He has zero stealth, and there is *never* any doubt about where he is. He is not "everywhere at once". * He is unstoppable, even by the robot. So my thoughts on how to balance him. 1. Let him run. We never see any instance of him not running when he really should be able to, so while we don't know if he can run, I see no reason to automatically rule it out. 2. No morph. It's always obvious where he is if he's in line of sight. No shift -- instead he gets a sprint rather than a teleport-type affair. No stalk -- if he's around you it's bloody obvious because he's 2 tons of metal death. 3. Sense is on 24/7. He has cyborg sensor powers. Only the stealthiest of characters could hope to hide from him, at all. He sees every noise circle on the map from the very beginning of the match, and if your fear is high you are constantly highlighted. 4. Rage is on 24/7. He can go through everything. Barricading is pointless. He is un-stunnable by normal means. Shotgun or bear traps make him stop for maybe 1 second to shrug it off rather than a "stun". Flare to face does not slow him down at all. 5. Grabs are inescapable no matter your composure, BUT if he has grabbed someone, strong melee hit, shotgun or flare to face distracts him and he tosses person aside maybe 10-15 feet (with maybe 25% damage). Pocket knives do not work. 6. He can use throwing weapons. A hit is an insta-kill. 7. Because he can't morph, it takes him a while to get around the map. He can't be "everywhere at once". This is his key weakness. 8. However, he can *permanently break cars, boats, etc.* Maybe even permanently break phone box. So the game becomes a race to get escape methods working before he stops them. It's a race against how fast he can smash things. If you manage to get a car working and put enough distance, don't run into him, and don't crash close enough that you can't restart car in time, you are basically guaranteed an escape since he can't morph in front of you. 9. Whether or not he has the power to permanently break phone box, he does gain the power to *kill the cops*, thus giving him a way to permanently stop that escape method. The tradeoff is that he has to get there to kill them. He has a disincentive to camp the cops unless he has destroyed cars/boat already, and even then he might be at the wrong exit, which means potentially everyone still alive gets away since he can't morph and everyone will run to the other exit. This sounds like a pretty good balance to me. The basic idea is that he is OP in preventing escape methods, OP when he's close to you, OP in finding you, fast enough to chase you, and can oneshot you, but is underpowered in that he has to get to where you or the objectives are to do it, and once you have started your escape he can't stop you unless you screw up. This matches up with his ubsubtle, unsneaky nature in the show.
  6. OK now that I think about it, you might be right. They're all college friends right? So at least for one or two they mention that grad school is coming up (and wondering how to pay for it), so I guess that would make them college seniors, so about 21. At the time it came out, the drinking age in New Jersey (where Crystal Lake is supposed to be) was 19 and in Connecticut (where it was filmed) it was 18, but I guess if they were 21 it's a moot point anyway. =)
  7. So I started watching the F13 movies with friends who don't usually watch older films... And they were shocked that teenagers were going into bars. o.O; Had to explain that once upon a time there was more freedom, and that in most states the 21-to-drink laws didn't get passed until the mid 80's... and that most places didn't really card much anyway. Felt weird for me to explain since I'm way too young to have ever taken advantage of it. Some people just don't know their history and are used to not having the freedoms that were taken from them. =P
  8. Obviously Jason forces their head into the pot the easter eggs are boiling in, and they come out with those boil-to-shrink egg covers burned into their face. Then, while they are still slightly alive and whimpering half-conscious, he throws them into the chocolate bunnies and their still-boiling face melts into the chocolate, bubbling and suffocating them. EDIT: I mean he does this to the counselor, not the woodland rabbit. =P
  9. I could get behind a pay-to-unlock scheme, at least for some things. Granted, I'm a bit biased since the games I worked on had microtransactions, but I wholeheartedly endorse the trade-money-for-time model without any cynicism. Some people have jobs and work a lot of hours and don't have time to grind. People without jobs or only part-time jobs have more time to grind but not a lot of money. I want Gun to have opportunities to make more money, as I firmly believe in and support this game. So I think some sort of mild pay-to-expedite system would not be a bad thing, as long as it doesn't become pay-to-win, pay-to-advance, or pay-to-troll. So no gacha mechanics, no unrealistically steep progression curves, no timers, no in-game-currency, etc. Just spend-a-few-bucks-to-save-a-few-hours-of-grinding. (MASSIVE hypocrisy on my part since my company's games have all those things, but that's another story. =P )
  10. I think the rain should nerf Jason's sense ability for noises (but not for sensing fear). Maybe dramatically reduce the effective range (the "net" the developers spoke of, maybe make it half or a third the diameter of what it would be at that given time?) Or you could implement it by just giving all the characters a stealth buff. That would be a good tradeoff for nerfing counselors' movement. Everyone who sprints outdoors stumbles 10x as much, stumbles 3x as much while jogging. Walking and crouching unaffected. This nerfs Vanessa but actually gives her some stealthiness, so she doesn't have to be constantly running away from Jason. For AJ it would make her essentially undetectable outside of visual range, but if she fails to stay hidden she's pretty much toast as she has to sprint to get any sort of speed in normal play.
  11. Tripping. A lot. Justification for dressy+heels, tuxedo outfits is Jason attacked when they were having a more formal event (maybe only on certain maps =P ). I was initially thinking of the part 8 party but then went back and realized they weren't dressed that formally, except for the chaperones and the crew. Bathing suit outfit -- Jason appeared while they were swimming (also works for skinnydipping but I understand there can't be outright nudity in order to deal with ESRB with less headaches) Kinky outfits (maybe not gimp suit though), they were having naughty premarital sex. This goes for underwear outfits too for less edgy characters. Underwear situation has happened! Bath towel outfit, Jason attacked while they were in the shower. My favorite part of part 9! =D
  12. That makes sense for UberJason, but canonically Pamela, Roy, et al are operating around the same Crystal Lake area. Should the layout of Camp Crystal Lake, Packanack, Higgins be *that* different?
  13. That's a good point, in terms of how people behave. Nobody is going to be having premarital sex after they realize Jason is there, of course. ...and I agree that Jason should "win" 50% of the time. The question is, what is Jason's "win" condition? Kill five out of seven of the counselors? Kill 100%? Maybe my opinion is different, but to me it seems that half the counselors escaping on a typical match "feels" like Jason is underpowered. I guess I might be in the minority.
  14. Agree entirely, except I think you could probably make do without such severe nerfing of subsequent hides. Typically you will not have a map of hiders since you don't really get much XP for non-escape. Maybe super debuff hiding for the last couple of minutes of the match so Jason has a chance to catch that pesky turtle camper right at the very end. Remember I want to escape just as much toward the end of the match as I do at the beginning, and if my stealth character can't stealth at all, he/she is pretty useless. Hiding should be one of their major mechanics, so if you nerf it badly say halfway through the match, it means they can only play effectively in the first half. ...and if it's only 2-3 times they're only effective for as long as those last. Agreed that for non-stealth characters, hiding should be more of a last ditch tactic (and probably should be next-to-impossible for Vanessa).
  15. You're right, this is serious business. Nobody would wear costumes.
  16. Well, maybe if we get one of *those* Jasons as DLCs, he gets to kill everyone easier, but to make it fun as a game there could be a mechanic where the balance could tip (e.g. Jason has a hard time killing people at the beginning, so there's a high *potential* for getting away, but if the counselors take too long on objectives then they all get slaughtered later in the round). I think our perks will never be as OP as DbD... ...and we won't ever have that annoying hook mechanic (if you're dead you're dead).
  17. IMHO the optimal balance would be the *typical* match with equally-skilled players yields 1-2 survivors, as you'd expect in the movies. If you're a good player vs. a good Jason you should survive maybe a quarter of the time approximately. Obviously your chances of survival go way up if the other counselors are a bit lower in skill than you, but your chances go way down if they suck so bad that Jason kills them immediately and then gives him lots of time to focus on you. Jason-kills-everyone outcomes should be unlikely but not rare. Everyone-survives should be quite rare.
  18. NES Jason would need the ability to periodically summon zombies. Like, not constant spawning, just a triggered ability with a long cooldown, or maybe just a fixed number of uses. The zombies would automatically spawn near every counselor, but be easy to kill. Except the mayhem from fighting the zombies (noise, + fear from the super low-composure counselors) would cause NES Jason's sense ability to light up like a Christmas tree. Edit: Plus for the zombies, and maybe NES Jason too, you could get away without high quality mocap. Maybe just buy some publically available royalty-free assets from an asset store for the zombies, and NES Jason himself you could just create some janky handmade motion since that's how he moves in the NES game anyway.
  19. Girl-next-door Jenny could have some sort of Donna reed outfit. Preppy Chad could have a tuxedo... Slutty girl Tiffany could have, well, more upscale slutty outfit dress with high heels? Edgy characters Adam and AJ could have BDSM kink outfits. Eric could have whatever cosplay he wears when he goes LARPing as his level 6 wizard.
  20. Saw someone else posted new topic and his thread got locked, so I thought I'd reply to it here. Old-school rain effects aren't necessarily resource-intensive by current standards. You don't have to do fancy particulate rain, just add some extra rain textured transparent polygons around in the air (that are always angled facing the camera) and some raindrop splash objects randomly scattered. You know, the way games did it 10 years ago. Just like you can do old-school fog without having to do volumetric fog. Silent Hill 2 showed that you can do really nice fog effects on modest hardware (well on the PS2 version and not the crappy ports anyway, all of which somehow managed to have worse fog effects on more powerful hardware).
  21. Yeah that's basically how I feel. The hold breath mechanic is essentially useless. I also have no problems if the Jason player decides to cover all the bases and smash up hiding places on general principles, I just don't see the point in playing the dumb hold-breath game while he's doing it since it'll just make the breath noise and give me away anyway. I figure you should just either be hiding, or not hiding, since holding your breath accomplishes little and almost always has negative effects.
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