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  1. I like nice girls. Plz have Jenny in modest shy token bunny ears that she seems like she's wearing just because it's a social event.
  2. To be fair, when their fetishes are truly satisfied, most guys don't last for very long. Yes, but this would favor the counselors too much if this was in ADDITION to having Tommy Jarvis also on the map.
  3. No matter what you do, get an account with USAA, so you can have a banking institution that will not treat you like shit. =)
  4. I object, there are more recurring characters. Jason returns in the sequels! And Jason definitely has a history with himself. Also, Pamela returns, in her own way! She has a history with Jason. Freddy is in two movies, or at least his hand is. Grabbing Jason by the face counts as history. However I am sure we can have Tommy Jarvis come back. He also has been frozen, and now the government has thawed him out to battle UberJason on Earth 2. They have enhanced him with a nanomachine-powered battlesuit. He is now UberTommy.
  5. I dunno, some people have weird fetishes. Still, I like his *idea*, but as I said it would have to be on a map that did not have Tommy Jarvis. Maybe on a Manhattan map or a map that took place in town (JGTH-type) or something.
  6. We already have the "OP hero to the rescue" in the form of Tommy Jarvis. Adding another one would tilt the game too much to the counselors' favor I think. Edit: I'd be okay with it if some maps had another "rescuer" *instead* of Tommy Jarvis. e.g. if you were playing on a Grendel map, you could get KM-14 to come help you. The objectives that called an alternative character in could be different (e.g. you might have to activate KM-14 by booting her up, or your police example if you manage to find the cop in a Manhattan map -- although the cop in Part 8 didn't fare very well!) Basically what I'm saying is that as it is, the role you describe is pretty much exactly that of Tommy Jarvis, who is already in the game.
  7. What I was wondering about was the radio tower and the radio. Were these assets specifically added for Tommy, or did they do something else or call someone else before the decision to add Tommy was made? The police have the phone, which I assume was always intended to be in the game.
  8. The biggest issue is exposure and awareness. I'm not sure how much mindshare F13 has outside of the horror community. DbD's wasn't that great either, to be honest, but it had a decent amount at least. So it's not just about having a better game. (Not just balance, I mean F13's beta map was better than all of DbD combined)
  9. Outbreak had THE BEST INTRO EVAR. I think it ranks up there with the Soul Edge/Soul Blade intro. In terms of gameplay, it was good. I wonder if there's some way to make it playable again now that it's been abandoned. =( The endings of Outbreak 2 were the best. Especially the "bad" endings where everyone dies. They were super emotional.
  10. So question, I know Tommy was a stretch goal, but was the "Call Tommy" mechanic always intended, just without having the Tommy character/original actor/etc.? Meaning you could still call for a strong person armed with a gun to come?
  11. Sadly, I have to disagree. =( Sierra's independence died in 1996, and most of its other development studios were killed in 1999. Its publishing arm was killed off in 2008. The original studio (no longer named Sierra since others owned the name) in 1999 did survive for a while after joining Codemasters, but appears to be dead now. The location is occupied by an ISP called SierraTel (not sure if there's anyone from the old Sierra there). The current "Sierra" is just reusing the trademark, as I understand it. Pretty much any "Sierra" development in the 21st century, especially after 2008, has just been other entities reusing the intellectual property of the old developer from the 20th century. Ken and Roberta did have some limited input into the new Kings Quest, but that's about it.
  12. Hi! Great to meet you! Can't wait to hang out, have fun, and introduce you to the fireplace. =D I'm sure you have similar plans! So welcome. =) That's okay! =D (was going to post image of The Critic, but this board wouldn't let me =( )
  13. The thing is the *perceived* risk of crime has risen due to more media saturation. If you look at the raw numbers, violent crime has gone down. You mention having to watch behind you, but it was way more likely for someone to shank you in the back in the 70's. There were more serial killers, more abductions, etc. The global information stream means we always see the craziest most out-there stuff, and it makes it seem more common. Perception is the biggest change. The rate of rape has increased dramatically, but that's largely because the definition of rape has expanded. (This is why Sweden seems like the rape capital of the world if you look at government statistics, even though by any logical measure it isn't.) Flakka is crazy now, but people did crazy stuff on PCP back in the 70's. That said, I agree 100% that the media restrictions now, "feels", sensitivities, etc. have resulted in some ugly censorship that we didn't have in the 70's and 80's. What I'm saying is that this is a direct result of the risk-averse nature of our current society. It's a result of fear. The reason we don't have the free-wheeling art of the 70's is the same reason the cops arrest parents for letting their kids ride their bicycle to school. People are afraid and are out to get the "bad guy". The "bad guy" used to be the fuzzily-defined threat of communism. Now we see the "bad guy" among ourselves and it tears our culture apart. That's why you have people foaming at the mouth to have their "safe spaces" on campus. "Safe spaces" which are really just echo chambers where all dissenting thought is squashed. People are obsessed with being "safe". Meanwhile people in the heartland want to be kept "safe" from the "gay agenda". Obsession with keeping ourselves safe from each other means we fear each other, which in turn makes us hurt each other in our mindless quest for safety. I'd rather be afraid of Jason Voorhees. And by afraid, I mean not truly afraid since I know he doesn't really exist. =)
  14. My personal list of "Jasons" I want in order of how bad I want them: 1) UberJason 2) Domark/C64 Jason 3) Pamela 4) LJN/NES Jason
  15. Even if anyone can do it though, it would be neat if Tommy had some sort of method or play mechanic only he could do. It would make calling Tommy a bigger deal than just having a counselor with buffed stats.
  16. I think you're pretty much on point -- especially since he says stuff like "This is between me and Jason!", etc. although I speculate he might have to be helped by another character to pull it off. I seem to recall Gun saying something about it requiring teamwork to do it. Or it might turn out that different Jasons can be "killed" in different ways. Like for instance doing the Ginny-in-Sweater thing if you're facing Part 2 Jason. Though obviously you never truly kill Jason. =) The thing about targeting Tommy though, Tommy has buffed stats. He has the best chance of getting away from Jason, stunning him, etc. If people are playing as a team, people could certainly run interference for Tommy and slow Jason down. e.g. put a trap in his way or stun him to give Tommy a chance to escape, jink different directions, and force Jason to have to morph around again to search for him. I may have missed any new news or corrections about it, but from what I read, Jason was actually killable in the beta, it's just nobody figured out how, and Gun wasn't gonna spill the beans on how -- preferring to watch everyone tear their hair out.
  17. EDIT: I can't believe I typed "instruction" instead of "introduction". Oops. So I've been lurking the forums for months, but have started posting frequently more recently, so I figured I should probably get around to finally writing an introduction. So hi! I'm a dork with a lame sense of humor. I've worked in the game industry for a while now, and I love talking about game design, distribution and monetization issues, and overall game theory in general (i.e. logical/math problems, not just video games.) Also, obviously since I'm here, I love F13. My first F13 was when I was 7 or so when Part 2 happened to be rerun on a pay cable channel, and it was amazing. It was also my first slasher film (and F13 is still my favorite -- I love Elm Street too -- never really felt too excited about Halloween though). Later I found an old copy of the Domark F13 game, which was fun and scary, despite having a weird "Jason". Confession: Jason X is my favorite movie of the series. Sacrilege, I know. Please see my thread about Domark Jason in the General forum. =) He's what I want second-most after UberJason. Anyway, hi folks! Hope to kill you all soon! In "Early 2017"! Hopefully not late-August-Early-2017.
  18. Welcome! Hope you have fun playing the game! =) And I think everyone will agree that all religions are welcome. (I even saw a thread started by someone from the UAE!) That said, I'll echo others and say that this isn't really a religiously-oriented forum, and there's potential there for some stupid flamewars, so we might want to avoid talking about it. After all, Jason doesn't care what religion you are, he just wants to kill you. From what I can tell, there's no hard/fast rule on the off-topic section, but there's a warning that talking about your religion or political party can go bad places. (Obviously everything is political in its own way -- for instance I brought up the changes in societal and legal implications in alcohol use among college students from the time of the first F13 movies, versus today. I consider that already pushing it, on my part. I had to think a while before deciding to actually post about it. Definitely will not bring up political parties with it though.) It would suck though if we devolved into arguments about Christianity/Islam/Subgenius/FlyingSpaghettiMonster, or Democrats vs. Republicans vs. Whigs. =P So be careful. =)
  19. Yup, it's the biggest societal shift in over a century. (The industrial age killed the isolated village, the very misnamed "space age" killed the shared public space, and now the digital age is killing physical interaction altogether!) There are great things about it, but there are horrible things about it to. It's amazing, but very stressful for humans. In the age of villages, people mostly stayed put. People could have pride in what they did because it was easy to for instance, be the best blacksmith or the best stringed instrument player, or whatever -- you just had to work for it. If there were problems, you could move three villages over and start afresh because mobility was hard, so whatever social situation you left, it would very probably not put in the effort to follow you. Now whatever you do, it's compared to the global village as a whole. The person who would have been the best guitar player in the little village is now a nameless mediocre one since the "village" is the whole planet. It's crushing to self-esteem. There's only one planet and you can't move to the next one. Everything posted online is forever -- a dumb picture posted of you as a teenager impacts your job, social, and political life when you're 40. (Now that millennials are starting to become politicians, it's becoming *very* apparent -- everyone's baggage is a search engine away! Only luddites will be able to become senators and presidents.) Fixing these problems will require people recognizing them though. There will never be a "little village" ever again, but we can at least try to address the effects of what we lost. What I meant to say is that you are safer from the things people are traditionally told to worry about. You are way less likely to be mugged. You are way less likely to be murdered. People freak out about their kids being abducted, but statistically you'd have to leave them out alone for 10,000 years for them to have a better than 50/50 chance of being abducted. People don't see the real risks, and the media encourages it. Humans suck at risk assessment. Nobody thinks about the riskiest short term preventable thing people do -- getting in an automobile. Want to save your life? Ride transit. And of course the single biggest preventable risk is junk food! So I'm not saying that the world isn't dangerous -- just that the boogeyman dangers we are *told* to worry about by the media are not the real ones. So when I say people are "safer", I mean they are safer from those.
  20. I always loved the Space Quest series, but cases where Sierra acted as a publisher also put out some great stuff. e.g. when they were the distributor for Origin systems, they sold the early Ultima games. They also did the western world publishing of early GameArts shooters like Thexder and Silpheed. The Homeworld series. And of course they put out the original Half Life, back when Valve was just a studio, not a publisher. =) ...but regarding the classic adventures though, LucasArts would eventually convert me. Dying in Sierra games was just so arbitrary. Sometimes it felt okay (Quest for Glory/Hero's Quest), but for instance in Kings Quest, just accidentally walking a few pixels the wrong way with the wonky controls got really frustrating. Of course none of them could compare to the power of imagination you explored in Infocom games. =) Trinity still gives me chills.
  21. How soon will we find out how console VOIP will work? I hope there's not too many changes to environmental VOIP to meet certification. =( (Not meant to derail UAE question, although if there's a difference in UAE it can be folded in.)
  22. Peer pressure. Even the nerdy girl can be pressured into swimming, albeit in her granny swimsuit. The survivor girl-next-door should also have a bikini (albeit a very modest one that is more covering than most). AJ is basically the only one I would concede that argument about, since she's the fuck-the-man rebel. ALL the guys should have swimsuits. Even the nerd since he can be shamed into swimming, even if it's a lame un-manly swimsuit that they can make fun of him for. Edgy guy would still have a swimsuit, except maybe it's just his shorts because he doesn't give a crap.
  23. It's fine! All the pogues are allowed at Camp Crystal Lake! Equal opportunity murdering. Combat personnel are limited to Part 9 Jason, at the beginning. Actually now I kind of want to see a Jason-assaults-FOB map. It would have to be UberJason or something though. UberJason makes it to the AHA:
  24. Exactly. Eric should wear something an insecure nerd would wear (maybe even the rare dorky man-onesie). Deborah would wear a one piece. Tiffany would wear butt-floss.
  25. Discord is designed as a VOIP communication tool though... Trying to use F13 as a VOIP tool would make it semi-useless. I mean first you have to find the walkie talkies, or find the other character. Meanwhile Jason is trying to kill you, and having a conversation would be a bit problematic then. I suppose you could set up a private match and just have people who want to talk all hang out in a cabin, but then your "call" would be killed when the match ended, etc. Or you could all sit in lobby, but you could never really "call" people -- everyone would have to hang out in the game. Would the UAE government really crack down on that? Edit: Honestly I think it's 1000x more likely that the UAE would ban the game for the fact that there are girls running around in super skimpy outfits getting murdered in semi-sexually-suggestive ways. They might have to ban Tiffany. Later Jasons are explicitly supernatural forces. Also there is Christian imagery in the graveyard. Edit 2: Official statement: Although the constitution of the United Arab Emirates guarantees freedom of expression, the government dilutes the power of media persons. Every single piece of media that is imported into the UAE requires receiving clearance from the country's media regulation agency, the National Media Council. The council heavily censors anything they find inconsistent with religious, cultural, political, and moral values of the country. The main topics that are focused on are pornography, material deemed insulting to Islam, and criticism of the country's rulers. Other things include personal opinions violating public discipline and order, or involve offense to teenagers and/or a call for the circulation of rebellious ideas. Moreover, any material instigating criminal activity, arousing hatred or provoking action of opposition among individuals of the society is also prohibited. "Offense to teenagers" would be an issue. Tiffany would be an issue. Religious symbolism is questionable (promoting religions other than Islam). Also I read that profanity -- even in English -- is an issue in the UAE. I saw a funny anecdote about the word "motherfucker" being censored to "melon farmer". Violence on the other hand appears to be 100% OK in media in the UAE. Rather like the United States in a way.
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