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  1. Man we don't hang herberts, they're a drag but still we are one! You reach?
  2. True, but onscreen Jason has definitely killed cops before. Having a cop in the game is not too huge a stretch. My only argument against it is for gameplay reasons (Tommy Jarvis already fills that role). He's also killed black people (another potential hate crime). Of course, we know Jason does not hate cops, or black people. He hates horny teenagers at his lake doing drugs and having sex and anyone who enables, manages, or associates with them. Oddly, none of these would be considered a hate crime.
  3. I'm all for keeping the spirit alive, I just feel that what is currently "Sierra" is not Sierra at all. Obviously people leave and join studios and companies, and "pass the torch" to new people to carry on the tradition. Eventually nobody from the original entity is still around (or even alive!) at the entity that it became, yet there's still a continuity. The United States of America is still the USA, since 1776. If China bought the rights to the name "United States of America", nuked all of North America, and declared some island on their territory to be "The United States of America", I'd argue that it was not the USA, even if they "kept the spirit" by building a 1/3 scale Statue of Liberty there. That said, people can pick up the torch and do cool things, like Telltale's Monkey Island. And then there are pretty horrific fumbles, like the Bard's Tale remake.
  4. Haha. I backed Star Citizen for over $20,000 and I understand what the wait is like. To CIG's credit they've slowly dribbled out functionality and it's catching up to Elite: Dangerous more and more, it's just stupidly far behind schedule. (I backed Elite Dangerous too -- it didn't suffer from ridonkulus scope creep like Star Citizen, so it was able to deliver the goods way faster.) For F13, I *know* it's already in a good playable state since we've seen the beta with 90% of the needed functionality already playable. I'm not going to get salty over it being a little bit delayed. On the whole I am happy with how things are proceeding. =) Regarding refunds. IMHO anyone who backed it on Kickstarter should not get a refund. It was a donation. Many of the backerkit orders, however, were exclusively called a "preorder", so it's more debatable if they should be refundable if the goods are delivered late. I like Steam's refund policy of letting you play X number of minutes and still getting a refund. Gun obviously can't do that but since codes have not been sent out, they could just refund and not give the code. So in short I say let the whiners get their refunds *if* they paid for a "preorder" and not as a campaign pledge.
  5. OK. It's just the message from Ben said "That's how you get an instant suspension" , so I was wondering "Um what? How do you get an instant suspension? What was he referring to?" o.O; For a minute I thought everyone in the thread was suspended or something.
  6. Please make the layout more compact. The current skin wastes lots of screen real estate with empty space. =(
  7. Wait, what happened? O.o;
  8. I dearly want a stoner character. He could have an exclusive perk (replaceable with a regular perk if you want to trade it away) where he starts the match stoned and has reduced movement and repair skills, but gains the ability to sense Jason over a longer distance. The analgesic medicinal value might even improve his pain threshold and grant him the ability to sprint when injured (albeit a slower sprint overall than he'd have if he were uninjured and had the perk turned off). I don't think we'll ever get the stoner character though, as that would require going back to the ESRB so they could add drug use to the rating. (Honestly I think Gun should have added some token cosmetic-only drug and alcohol use to the opening campfire scene or something so that it went into the rating already, leaving the door open for them to add a stoner character later without having to change the rating after the fact.)
  9. Just noticed this: You don't have to die to become Tommy, you can also escape. Dying should hurt your score badly enough that getting Tommy is not enough to offset it vs. escaping. I.e. Tommy surviving should give a *much* lower score than your regular character surviving, since it's easier to survive as him. Characters who have already escaped should also get priority to play Tommy over those who died. If you escape and someone calls Tommy, you become Tommy. The most recent person to escape should become Tommy, not the first. (This encourages you to escape, but does not encourage you to rush off to be the first to escape, abandoning everyone else.) If you die and someone calls Tommy, you do not become Tommy -- dead people only become Tommy if you die *after* Tommy has been called *and* nobody has escaped yet. The person who calls Tommy has a very low chance of becoming Tommy since escaped people get dibs, but there's still incentive for you to make the call since having Tommy on the map improves your chances of escaping, by distracting Jason. Edit: This means the worst case scenario would be a map where everyone has been killed, and the last player alive calls Tommy, which means Tommy will not be on the map until that final player escapes or dies, leaving Tommy to survive Jason all alone, but it's a fair tradeoff. (edit: To be clear, this is my argument for how it *should* work, not describing how it works now.)
  10. Anyway I think at least some unlockables will be great, not just for retention, but for gameplay management. It's absolutely imperative that Vanessa stay locked long enough for players to learn all the game mechanics first. If you give a 9-year-old n00b Vanessa, they'll just play the game like it's an action game and ruin everyone else's experience. Vanessa seems on first glance to be an easy character to play, when she is in fact one of the hardest to play effectively. I hope they add an obvious, in-your-face noise meter so you can see when your character is being too noisy, and not just the little subtle circles on your minimap. When they're playing other characters they'll learn how to keep their profile down, and when playing stealth characters will notice how much their noise level is reduced. When they finally unlock Vanessa they'll see the noise meter peak every time they move, and understand what a liability she is (as opposed to assuming she's an OP beast that should be played 24/7), and then actually play her properly.
  11. It's more like Toby can find survivors by teleporting BETWEEN maps. Climbing ladders and opening doors? Trivial for Toby. I considered making Darrin an option (or at least having Darrin sacrificing all the animals, hence then not being in the game), but then I realized everyone would vote for it.
  12. Well, I'm crossing my fingers still for new geometry for clothing packs... It just seems like the right thing to spend $9 on. Retexturing an existing outfit is something most people could do in a matter of minutes. Select new image for texture, examine old one to see what sort of warping needs to be applied, if at all, for it to look right when applied to the mesh. Apply new texture, see if it looks right, fix any weirdness. Repeat for each texture. For bonus points, if there's normal maps, you could create a new normal map for the texture to simulate it being made of different fabric or whatever, and add buttons, pockets, patches, etc. Also not too hard, since it's basically just another texture that simulates geometry. This is also not hard if you use the original normal map as a baseline to see how it interfaces with with geometry. Modders do this all the time as their first mod. If we're paying $9 for just new textures, with the idea that almost all of the $9 is going to support game development and it's more of a crowdfunding pledge with a few cents of that having gone to new exclusive textures thrown in as a reward to show other people what a good backer you are, that's okay too, as long as we know what we're getting. I think most of us understood, and that you are not a Trigglypuff. =) Wanting to play a game about murdering teenagers means you are probably made of sterner stuff.
  13. What do you mean? All North Korean games launch gloriously with impeccable success, to the adulation of all, with all players crying tears of joy to see the fruits of the infallible wisdom of the great leader! The Great Successor Kim Jong Un has killed Jason 3495 times in under 50 seconds, and has saved over 27 counselors in each and every match!
  14. I realize I'm late to the party, but when does the sexy granny DLC go on preorder? Will she come out after Savini Jason but before Pamela?
  15. GUYS! I just realized, because Kim Il Sung was the creator of all things awesome, they meant "Early 2017" in the North Korean Juche Calendar. This year is Juche 105. Only 1912 years to go!
  16. Agreed on the scenery-animals. It would help with immersion and make for good jumpscares, but that's not what the poll is about. So why only single-player? Jason basically has only one objective (kill everyone). Maybe he could have more objectives (kill Muffin). Counselors could have rescue Muffin as an objective. I know, I know, Kane Hodder thinks Jason won't kill animals -- but I subscribe to the theory that Jason really did kill the dog and the part where Muffin turns out to be alive is just a wishful-thinking dream sequence.
  17. This actually makes it sound like a lot of fun, how do I join? Does the building have to be on fire?
  18. Fixed. You can vote now. Edit: ...but surely you liked Goat Simulator? Plus maybe they could join Team Jason and have cute little hockey masks. Especially Muffin, who must be sick of being googled over so much.
  19. Fortunately I think Toby's ninja teleporting skills will be enough to escape Nothingface's evil dog-kicking ways. Consider, he can suddenly appear in lifeboats, and travel vast distances across Manhattan. The more I think of it, Toby must have morph/shift skills, just like Jason. D=
  20. So literally just different texture maps on the same clothing? (Different logos on Buggsy's vest, different pattern on the sweater on Deb, different color short shorts on Tiffany?) Kind of disappointed. =(
  21. What would be cool is if fans of the game could do a group trip to Camp Crystal Lake (Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco) since it's the only location that actually still exists in its built-up form. That would be fun! We could all cosplay except I have a sneaking suspicion that it would be nothing but Adams and Erics.
  22. I think Poe's Law is catching some people in this thread. Also, Gun said they can't do nudity, so I assume there will be clothes before launch.
  23. When the game is delayed for 2 weeks, we'll know why Muffin wasn't in it. =( #RememberMuffin
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