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  1. Their team is small and they were probably all-hands-on-deck for launch. Humans need to sleep or they make horrible mistakes. They don't have enough people for proper 24/7 coverage methinks. They got the game (mostly) working and now there's a minority of us who are still screwed, now they need rest in order to be alive and awake in order to get it fixed. I bet it gets fixed in around 4 hours *after they wake up*.
  2. Shouldn't be too hard, on the games I worked on we had a similar problem with bugged accounts on one or two occasions -- we went the on-demand repair route for the initial fix so everyone could play, and then did the whole-database scan-and-fix later on so records were accurate for global metrics purposes. In all cases debug logs gave us stacktraces that let us identify the problem and fix it in like 4-5 hours, counting an hour or two of testing on QA dev environment.
  3. Guess we just have to wait for Gun to fix our accounts. =/ Either a scripted trawl of the database to fix corrupted entries, or an on-demand repair added to the code when it encounters a bad entry.
  4. Haha yeah no kidding. A couple of theories: 1) Databases were ACID-compliant but have coherency issues between records (e.g. multiple transactions are needed to be coherent for the account to function properly, and some writes happened that were not in sync with others). 2) Databases weren't ACID-compliant and rows got corrupted. 3) Databases got written to when all our stats were zeroed (when the database went down, the gameplay servers reported all stats as 0 ) and game pukes on data set to zero when it expects of minimum of 1. (A very simple example would be the Pac Man kill screen)
  5. Yeah this appears to be my issue as well. I was playing when servers first went down, and have not been able to get in again since. Friends who I was playing with who went to bed before the crash are able to get in now just fine. =/
  6. I'm just saying that it's such a minor thing there's no need to be loudly upset about it. It happens all the time. You ask for your burger with extra mustard and they say sure, and then they screw up and you get a burger with no mustard instead. You bite into the burger and think it's great, though from the taste you suspect that there's no mustard in it. You can: 1) Eat the burger anyway. 2) Say "Hey you said you'd give extra mustard, but you didn't." and they say "Oh, well we'll add the mustard now." (And look, you can kill Jason now!) and then you eat the burger. 3) Decide to never come back because mustard is that important to you, and you will never trust them again because they didn't put on mustard at first even though they said they did. 4) Whine and flail and scream about what a horrible injustice it is that you were given a mustardless burger when they said they'd put extra mustard on it. They will put mustard on it now, but you are upset because you feel your experience was *ruined* and it can never be fixed even when they put mustard on it now, because they can never go back in time and undo your horrific mustardless burger experience. Seriously. Someone at Gun said something that was not true. I'm not even sure they realized it wasn't true at the time. If it was about something like your boss telling you your badly-needed paycheck is in the mail, or your sexual partner saying they'd tested clean when in fact they were HIV-positive, these are big deals. This is a feature in a buggy beta that turned out to not be enabled, and it's still enabled in the final game, and it's silly that anyone is getting upset about it. It's a video game. It's super silly to get mouthfrothy about it. Though to be fair this not as bad as Chris-chan pepper spraying the Gamestop employee over the color of Sonic the Hedgehog's arms.
  7. Got my Steam key from backerkit page, and activated it! YAAAY! Except it won't let me preload. D= Sadface. Oh well. I have 150Mbps down anyway so it will load fast on release. =)
  8. It's 5/25 7PM PDT and Steam tells me it will be available for download in 13 hours, but I suppose Gun could override that setting.
  9. It's like if you went to McDonalds because they said McRib was back, burned 10 miles of gas money in your old 10mpg pickup truck, and it turns out they don't have it. In my case, I'll just order something off the dollar menu and eat anyway, since I'm already there -- no skin off my back. Other people had their heart set on McRib and will just drive off somewhere else. And then there's the old dude in his sticker-laden pickup who screams for 15 minutes into the drive thru intercom about how it's his right as an American to get the McRib and he's suing them for fraud. Meanwhile everyone else is stuck behind him in line wincing and wishing he would disappear, because they just want to eat a burger in peace.
  10. The hair physics were probably a last-minute addition, and they didn't want to hold back the console releases just to wait for patch approval from Sony and/or MS. Steam will *always* get patches first since it's a very different environment (Valve's policies grew out of a time when they weren't a near-monopoly, whereas Sony and MS grew out of the Nintendo-model enforced-monopoly on consoles to avoid the quality issues that helped sink Atari.) I don't understand why people are upset over this. =/ We were fine with the game before they added it -- the fancy hair is cupcake frosting.
  11. I agree. Some people just seem to enjoy being angry. =( Me, I just deal with it. I try to make the right decisions in life, and I don't have to *like* everything, but getting overly upset about so many small things in life just is too much effort.
  12. Exactly, this is my take on it too. In fact, I 100% think they should release it for free in a "Final Friday" update as the game is dying, so at least it's there for everyone for posterity so they can use it in single player or some sort of open server dealie. This would be like 2+ years down the road, whenever the game starts to die (which it will, someday).
  13. If I play Counterstrike with randos I understand that some people may be using wallhacks, but I still appreciate that Valve at least attempts to deter them. Global voice chat when the game is designed to not be played that way is effectively a wallhack for your ears -- you hear things you're not supposed to hear instead of seeing things you're not supposed to see. It's *totally* different from using discord instead of a game's in-game voip -- provided that the in-game voip is *also* global. If the effect is identical (characters in in-game voip are able to share information freely), it's not cheating. In the case of F13, the effect is *not* identical, therefore it is cheating.
  14. Honestly I'd be okay if *years* down the road they released it, around the time the game is starting to die, sort of as a last hurrah, and making sure everyone can have Savini Jason in single player even after the servers have gone away (or better yet when they kill it they can release the server code publicly.)
  15. * Into the Dark: Ultimate Trash Edition * Chasing Dead
  16. Keyboard + Mouse == faster aiming and turnaround time Controller == More accurate movement + being able to play without a desk or table in front of you. It's a tradeoff.
  17. Jason X -- because it is so much *FUN*. It's over-the-top and silly, but it still has the F13 vibe and pays homage to the series in numerous ways. (Kane Hodder still plays the best Jason behavior, the great holographic Crystal Lake scene, the machete callbacks, the sequel-bait neo-Crystal-Lake ending). It basically fuses the plot of Scott's Alien and Cameron's Aliens, then replaces the xenomorphs with Jason. Now that I think of it, I kind of wonder what the earlier films would have been like if Hodder had been Jason back then.
  18. This would rapidly turn into porn.
  19. Of *course* there will be private lobbies, I don't think anyone would want every lobby to be public. That's not what I'm saying. What I'm saying is that the proximity VOIP is a gameplay mechanic -- just as much as Jason's shift/morph, or calling the police, or whatever. It's what helps make the game, by limiting information that counselors can share. If you don't want to play with randos, and want to be able to constantly talk to everyone playing while talking to Jason too, etc., you should totally be able to create a private lobby to do that. Moreover, if some rando 9-year-old is screaming at you on a public match, you can always mute him (that's why the mute option is there). Mostly I'm just musing that it would be great to find a way to encourage people in public games to use the in-game VOIP and *not* use an external chat. The information-limiting proximity chat is there for the same reason that in an FPS you can't see through walls -- wallhacks give you info that the in-game character would not reasonably have. Opaque walls are part of the immersion in an FPS. Not having a psychic link to all the other counselors is part of the immersion in F13. EDIT: To clarify, this is especially apparent when you are playing Jason. If all the counselors are on discord or whatever, they have a *HUGE* advantage over Jason because they can coordinate with no limitations. The proximity VOIP is there to nerf their communications abilities (i.e. you must be close or both have walkie talkies, otherwise no talkie). These are teenagers in the 1980's, they don't carry around cellphones or anything, and they sure as hell don't have elite special forces comms gear. Discord/teamspeak is effectively a wallhack in the context of this game.
  20. A quick note about the wireless dongle -- most of the dongles you see on Amazon/etc. are knockoff and my experience is that they don't work very well (random disconnects etc.). You really want to make sure you have the official Microsoft dongle, which is *only* sold in a pack with a wireless controller (marketed as specifically for Windows). To the best of my knowledge you cannot buy the Microsoft dongle separately. (*Any* official XBox360 wireless controller will work with the dongle though, it doesn't have to be "For Windows", as long as you have the official "For Windows" dongle that is packaged with a controller.)
  21. Except that's not what happened in the movie. Jason saw Pamela's head and figured out the ruse, and it was only Paul's attack from behind that distracted Jason enough for Ginny to be able to defeat him. It was a two-person operation, not a sole-survivor winning. I really doubt that there will be a one-survivor limit on killing Jason. Maybe a 3 person limit (were there any movies with more than 3 survivors? e.g. Jason X had 3 survivors counting KM but not counting the pilot of the shuttle who was an uninvolved outsider. My memory is fuzzy.) Edit: Also I think that if you manage to kill Jason while sacrificing yourself you should get a really big XP boost to offset the fact that you died. (Maybe by stealing it from Jason's XP -- to deter people from power leveling by Jason intentionally letting himself get killed.)
  22. Like even just a big message that said: "The in-game VOIP to enhance immersion -- using teamspeak/discord/whatever to globally chat can hurt the experience for other players, please refrain from using it." or something to that effect. You could disable the message on private games and create specific private lobbies for players who want to play the game with global voice chat. If a bunch of people want to all laugh together on their private match, that's no skin off my back. It just hurts me if I join a random open game or something and a bunch of people are breaking the game by having godlike communication powers. =( The in-game proximity VOIP is in there for a reason.
  23. One of the great things about the game is the localized VOIP system they implemented. It really increases the sense of isolation until you meet up with other counselors, and finding the walkie talkie becomes a serious strategic advantage. This is particularly important for stealth characters -- the AJs need to stay far away from the Vanessas in order to survive. This is why it bothered me when *some* streamers during the beta were using vent/discord/etc. to communicate globally during the game, ruining the immersion. It got to the point where they got annoyed when players would try to use proximity VOIP to talk to them, and they would deliberately not pick up walkie talkies because "nobody uses them" even though there is no penalty for picking them up. Good for them, but I want to stay away from players doing this. Do we have a way to specify that games are for in-game VOIP only, and a reasonable means to ban players who we think are using external VOIP to bypass the in-game restrictions on communication? (The absolute worst is when players start colluding after they escape/die -- especially with Jason.) I realize that there is no way to prevent or detect this automatically, but it would be great if we had some sort of obvious message to let people know for those of us who want to use in-game VOIP only and not play with others who use something else. Edit: Actually some sort of oppressive VAC-type monitoring would be great for competitive play if the game ever becomes popular for that.
  24. I registered after DH was booted, but everyone seems to want him back. =) To be fair, I lurked for months so I am as guilty as the other guests -- but look at it this way -- by the end of the month we will all be happily slicing each other up with machetes! Soon we will all be friends!
  25. Yeah, this is a problem. Jason should be able to turn on sense and then use it to the limit and then have to wait for the cooldown to use it again. =/
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