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  1. Thanks I actually didn't notice that good shouts mate.
  2. Thank for the answer but no offense this was hopefully for Wes to answer for the sake of something being confirmed not speculated. But thanks anyways.
  3. So Wes is it safe to assume the throwing knifes/tomahawks whatever they are, are limited as well. Just asking for the sake of more conversation in the forums, I think that's 1 thing that people missed is the traps that Jason has are limited and there is no getting them back once placed am I correct.
  4. Ha love this idea always gonna place one near the phone so I can have fun running around and not really worry about the phone house.
  5. This is for people on ps4 trying to find a group put your psn down below and try to find your team. Add me @ TheSlugShotKing
  6. Hey Jpop where do I post my gamertag trying to get a group before the game releases.
  7. Hey everybody love F13 looking forward to see all you guys in game This is mainly for but feel free to create groups for PC or xbone on here as well or create your own topic for your console of choice. Would love to talk strats and get a good group of people going around 4-5
  8. Hey everyone the names Henry, new to the forum and looking forward to playing this on PS4 when this drop looking to get a group so anyone interested let me know
  9. Hey PS4 fam hoping to play with some of you guys on f13 if you guys wanna try to get a team going let's do it. add me TheSlugShotKing
  10. Mind if I steal your idea to start a group on PS4
  11. To the team of F13 are there any new game mechanics that we haven't seen since PAX East panel would love to hear and see something about the new things you guys have in store for us Sincerely Tommy Jarvis lol
  12. Hey everyone the names Henry but you guys can call me Slug been a fan of Friday the 13th. Can't wait to play this game I will be getting a graphics card to upgrade my PC and suggestions for cheap but reliable ones. Also favorite F13 movie is part 6 for the simple fact that Tommy really fucked up
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