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  1. Thanks @Poormetheus, i'm glad to know that i'm not alone in my opinion.
  2. I never said that screenshot was your answer to me. I was about to repot this guy, and a friend of mine said it would be a waste of time and sent me that screenshot ( like i said in the in the topic "It turns out that it came to my attetion that i can't report him"). That guy was speaking in Portuguse all the time, and from what i saw in the screenshot, u said u can't ban someone bc they r speaking a differente language or the translation of who is report would not be enough (for a moment I thought you represented or speak for Ilfonic or Gun). That's why i understood preemptively that Gun or Ilfonic Would not translate the offenses into English.
  3. Someone told him, that it was posted about him here in the forum. And he became change is nickname for things like "What about the Forum? Is it big?" ? He just dont care.
  4. After this patch i can't find South America Servers. Whenever i look for servers, i'm instantly realocated to US or EU servers. Any others Latin Americans going trough this?
  5. Btw, the printscreen from "his cellphone" say "4:53 nachm" nachm is germany for "noun", and he is brazilian ???
  6. Hey humans, i came here to share a funny event with u guys related to the game. I was playing with this guy, brazilian like me, and during the match he was accused of using Savini DLL. I remember him from the launch day, and at the time he kept asking me how i got my Savini, so clearly he never knew about the Savini Sales from kickstarter. Anyway, in response to the accusations he said to visit his profile on Steam, which would have a printscreen that proves that his Savinis is original. Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look, and this was the print: The funniest part is, if u look closely: I warned him about the detail in the corner of his desktop, so he'll probably delet it at any time. ?
  7. Omg, im so tired of this. Ppl ruining the gameplay of the game to feed their own ego same thing about stuning jason through the door. This game isn't about counselors, for god's sake. Using a little more realistic physics, Jason would easily remove the counselor's toy (bear trap) and put his on trap in place. "herp derp, look at me im so cool i put a bear trap in the fuse box HAHA herp DERP HAHA, jason can't put traps there anymore, haha"
  8. Im rly suprised by human stupidity. JESUS FUCKN LORD, imagine u running away from Jason, and to prevent him to trap the fuse box you put a bear trap below the box. HOW THE FUCK this would prevent Jason destroying the fuse box????? Wtf is wrong with u guys, come on, OBVIOUSLY the developers didn't expect this to happen, and will probably be fixed. As for you who defend this kind of thing, stop spoiling the game.
  9. For a moment i thought that i was the only one who notice that. IS RIDICULOUS a teenager recover his stamina after stun jason. U made an HUGE effort to knock down a 2-meter-high being, HOW THE F*** U should recover stamina? Actually u would be immensely tired.
  10. Vanessa obviously is the strongest counselor right now. Everyone who wants tro tryhard and troll Jason, they get her. She OBVIOUSLY need a nerf. What should be nerfed, i rly don't know. Stamina/Speed/Health.
  11. @Maggot Head Thank you, i've been saying this countless times. And i always try to give strenght to people who can realize the current reality of the gameplay for Jasons nowadays. Jason needs something NOW,, be immunity for some period, or increase difficulty to cause stuns, or increase chance of breaking the weapon. We really need something that gives an end to the Pinata-Jason.
  12. I think we need more space for perks too :3 besides the ideas already given
  13. i wouldn't, i don't even bought the new kills, bc the new meta is to kill counselors with M1 Too easy to stun jason nowadays if he grabs someone, or try to.
  14. Apparently you can climb on the stone as Jason also '-' there is a kind of stone staircase, u can see at 2:26
  15. Waiting for the counselors main crybabies... Btw, i loved the idea of immune to stun in rage mode.
  16. I don't know where u guys live, but here in my country Injury and Racism are crimes (Brazilian Penal Code) Art 140. Injuring someone, offending dinigty or honor: Penalty - detention, from 1 to 6 months, or fine. (Law Nº 7.716/89.) Art 20. Practice, induce or incite discrimation or prejudice of race, color, ethnicity, religion or national orgin. Penalty - imprisonment of 1 to 3 years and fine. (It seems that the jungle is not rly in Brazil, am i right?). Btw, most of you guys, are running away from the topic. The user has violated more than 3 rules of the game (DLL Savini / DLL Uber / Using Language harmful, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit and racially). And he isn't banned due the language barrier (Portuguese-English)
  17. Didn't hurt me, i dont even repond to his offenses, much less i felt offended. I just wanted to have the right to report him and have an adequate response to that. This kind of human being shouldn't be playing a game. He broke two rules and should be banned.
  18. First of all i want to quote this: Specific Bannable Offenses and In-Game Guidelines (vi) Transmitting or communicating any content which, in the sole and exclusive discretion of GMH, is deemed offensive, including language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, or racially, ethically, or otherwise objectionable; Ok, base on this quote, i would like to say that none of this applies if u speak a foreign language. There's this guy on Friday the 13th the game, he is a brazilian, like me, unfortunately i played with him. First of all, i realized that he was using Uber and Savini Dll, i spoke with him in portuguese (native brazilian language), i warned him that this was banish, and he could be banned at any time. Investigating his profile on steam, i notice some nick that he used earlier, nick in portuguese like: "Chola pro meu Jason X" that means "Cry against my Jason X" and other nicknames like: "Esperando ser banido" and "Procura-se Ban" that means "Waiting for my Ban" and "Looking for Ban", there aren't his nick anymore, he has changed. Another thing i noticed, is that he already had a ban by VAC from a year ago. Ok, with all this information i came to the conclusion that he actually was using a dll hack, and didn't mind to being banned, his preivous nicks begged to be banned, but of course all in portuguese. I asked here in the forum what i could do to help devs to ban peopel using Fake Savini/Uber, and what came up is that i just have to wait, bc they are working on it. Thats ok by me. The story does not end here. The problem is, that i played a match with him, and besides the fact that he was using dll, he commited other bannable offenses just because i asked him to remove the dll from exclusive content, and content that were not released yet. I was playing with Bugzy, and i was in a group with two homosexual friends. [Omitted by moderators - We get it, but you don't need to publicly post exactly what he was saying] Later, my friend are complained that he was being homophobic with them too. It turns out that it came to my attetion that i can't report him, because he was speak in Portuguese, and even if do the translations is not enough because according to the staff, i could translation to my own understanding. I The question at the end of the day is, how do i report a person who keep saying horrible things to ppl in a differente language? Does this mean that the rule number vi is allowed if i speak Russian, Portuguese, German, or any langauge other than English? How do we foreigners handle with this? Are we going to be obligated to accept prejudiced ppl in our own native language?
  19. 1. Part 8 2. Savini (only with short distance weapons, he's pitchfork sucks) 3. Part 6 (only with short distance weapons either) 4. Part 3 5. Part 2 (he can easily control all the map, an his traps *in the right places* can make a huge difference) 6. Part 9 7.. Part 5 8. Part 7 9. Part 4
  20. Yeah i got that. The question is more about "What the players can do to help denounce these ppl using Dlls.
  21. Hey Humans. Let me tell u guys about my frustration of the day. There this guy who play as Savini Hack DLL, and he is from my country (Brazil). He was reported inumerous times already, and ofc he is still playing (Ok, i understand, devs are working on this) Yesterday i saw a post here saying that "printscreens" aren't enough because nowadays anyone and edit an image (ok i get it), so this are not enough to prove that this person is with a Savini Dll (even Uber Jason) or not, so my question is, what is it? This particular person has already assumed countless times that he is with Fake Savini Dll (in portuguese of course), and doesn't mind being banned, and don't care cause he have a second account. Days ago, a friend of mine tried to report a person (a different one) who assumed (in Portuguese) that he was hacking (Savini DLL) He recorded and translated into english the confession of this individual. This is the answer he received: Ok, i get it, i really understand what ShiftySamurai said, nothing to complain about. My question is, what i need to do to prove that his guy is a fake Savini? Just tell me and i will do anything to provide. Can anyone tell me what i need to do to see this person BANNED? I will do anything to help. What kind of prove material i need to find that is within my reach, i'm here to help, just need to be guided. Or is there nothing that i can do but wait? No hateful answers please, just want a legit answer.
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