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  1. Very nice idea I think that should have a timer on that question, if not answered withing 5 seconds (for example) automatically get no as answer
  2. First of all, just ignore what @JennyMyers1984 is saying. As i have noticed in previous posts, she's not worried about the gameplay of Friday. Her opinions will always to be in favor of the survivor no matter what, bc she only play as counselor and nothing else. Myself enjoy playing with both (Counselor and Jason), and i understand your point of view. First of all, yes u can infinite stun Jason. Nowadays the "meta" of this competitive game (shouldn't be), are Stamina Counselors, in other words a full game of Vanessas or Tiffany (with Repair and Weapon Durability perks). From this let'sanalyze the problem. 1. Pocket Knife Consecutive Stun This is the most obvious thing that exists at the moment, after a pocket knife u can do a perfect and easy stun on the back of Jason just get in Combat Mode behind him and do an Strong Attack. (Easy CONSECUTIVE STUN) 2. The Grab Problem People keep saying that Jason can use Combat Mode/Block against Stuns. People who said that don't play as Jason, like this guy over there. First of all there is a cooldown for block, so you can't block all the stuns as many time as you want. If u enter in combat mode as Jason, u get slow, VERY SLOW, this way u will never reach any survivor to perfect an M1 attack, combat mode is just bullshit. The best way to kill someone today is when the person is alone. Otherwise it is almost impossible in case the survivors are a little experienced of what they are doing. U ask me, Whats the problem with the Grab? Simple, If u grab someone close to a group of teenagers, those teenagers are going to run over you and stun you before u can kill that person. This is one of the easiest ways to stun Jason and gain some absurd time in the game. It's ridiculous, grab> stun, and if u try to kill someone in combat mode, remember they will easily run and recovery stamina, because u got SO FUCKN SLOW. 3. Infinite weapons With the right perks and counselors ur weapn will never, NEVER BREAK And if you know how to play the basics, it's endless Stun on Jason In some games i just get a baseball bat and i keep running after Jason, disruptin his game THE ENTIRE TIME. When I start doing this, 90% of Jasons just quit, is ridiculous. Removing the stun trough doors/walls is a major breakthrough, but much is still missing. (And there were still people who were against, can u believe it? people who don't care about the game). I love to play as Jason and as counselor.And i can rly understand how frustrating it is to play as Jason lately. Im pretty sure GunMendia will pay attetion to this after this update. The current situation is just depressing, u just don't notice if 1. U don't want to 2. U don't play as Jason ps: srry but my english isn't very good, I did what I could
  3. Lexandremon

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    You look like someone who never play as Jason. Shame on you
  4. Lexandremon

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Agreed with that, so many dumb people who keep locking those doors.
  5. http://forum.f13game.com/topic/19192-patch-notes-052418/ Patch Notes already out
  6. Lexandremon

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    i hope so, i'm so tired of stun weapons Waiting for the **fix who prevent people to use Savini even if they didn't bought the DLC**
  7. Lexandremon

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    Yeeeyyy, thank you
  8. Lexandremon

    Is This Game Policed?

    The problem is that we players don't always have all the mean to create evidence. For example, how can i prove that somenoe is using Savini Dll (PrintScreen or Video is rly enough?) if i don't have acess to any sort of database of people who actually bought Savini!? Or how can I prove that someone is using Wall Hack, how can a recording identify this?? Btw, a lot of people don't even know about the existence of Jasonkillbugs.com There's no announcement or warning inside the game about the use of Hacks/Exploits and where to report.
  9. Lexandremon

    Is This Game Policed?

    Children are the least amount of trolls and hackers. At least in South American Server
  10. Lexandremon

    Is This Game Policed?

    This game policed?
  11. Oh my god, @TeddoGBear i became ur nº 1 fan. I give full support to this idea! Finally someone who is rly worried about an interesting gameplay, and isn't spoiling the game to feed their own EGO. This is what Friday should be after all, but are too many cry babies in this community, i loved everything u said and i would probably play only this mode. My contribuition for this idea is: Replacement of First Aid Spray for Bandages. To use these Bandages u should pass trough an Skill Check, the more fear u have more hard should be. If u miss ur Skill Check, ur postiion would be revealed temporarily (5seconds is enough) by a cry of pain to counselors and Jason.
  12. Not a positive way of thinking This will and should be fixed, otherwise this game will get less and less players.
  13. There are my main concerns, i hope we got a conclusion about this. At this point, It's hard to me to be excited with something in a game full of hackers (PC/Steam) If after 24th, i still find hackers, i'll simply close the game, unfortunately But ill try my best.
  14. Lexandremon

    New map with snow!

    I would love to see the contrast of the blood in the snow
  15. I came here just to see the noob Vanessas