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  1. I had a new idea to be implemented in the game, i would like to know what u guys think about it. The idea is that Jason can only kill people in a single way per game, CONSUMABLE KILLS. 1.Instead of choosing 4 kill types per game, Jason would be allowed to choose up to 6 (or 5, or could increase the number by level); 1.2 One type of kill per game; 2.Deaths with faster animation should give a low, very low xp bonus. In contrast, the longer the type of death, greater the xp bonus (this bonus should be very visible); 3. Deaths using the M1 (Left Mouse) should also reduce the xp; 4. Jason should be a bit more resistant to stun in a row (this would be a small buff for Jason, given the obligation to kill all counselors in differently ways). So... ?

    if that happens, the hell will come to earth
  3. Virtual Cabin Update

    waiting for the news, i don't have the VC ):
  4. I just need only one good reason to not wipe the progress before release. I mean, there's people with pretty good perks already, thats a bit unfair, isn't? idk I'm not being toxic or whatever, i just want to understand, why not?
  5. Countdown to Launch

    Steam preorders can already preload the game, lol. With all due respect, i'll never buy a game through Kickstarter anymore, instead buy it directly from Steam. I paid more, and im waiting more
  6. Countdown to Launch

    I saw this yesterday on F13's Discord, we gonna get the keys before launch
  7. Windows

    Exactly! Summing up, we should let them close to avoid 1. Flying knives and 2. Muffle the sound from Jason (this rly works? I mean knives dont pass through the glass? And Jason dont need to listen the campers he got the sense ability) Therefore, I think its better to let them opened...
  8. What's the point of let all the windows closed? I mean, jason can't pass through. If it is closed, it makes difficult to run from jason if you need to go through it... Furthermore, Jason can break them being closed or opened. Is there any advantage to leave windows closed? Or whenever i enter in the houses should I open all the windows to help with a future escape?
  9. Countdown to Launch

    We came back from where we stopped:
  10. i would love to play with ppl from all over the globe, the only one thing that i ask is patience and respect. Btw i would love to play with u guys, i could train my English with u! As already mentioned, it would be btter if the game placed us with players from the same region, or something like that, i can' already imagine... It is difficult to communicate between two people when one does not speak English, imagine when none speak English, If no player speaks English and everyone is from different countries, how would communication be? would be chaos...idk
  11. Hey everyone, how u guys doing? I have a question that has been haunting me a while, happens that after watching some gameplays of the Beta, i saw several players using the microphone to communicate it turns out that the language most used for communication in game was English. Like me, not everyone have English as their native language, btw, my english is pretty bad my speech may be worse. My question is, will the servers put together people from similar countries? To help communication between players? Or players from other countries will have to deal with toxic players talking about the way we speak (or don't speak) or something like that? i'm just a little bit worried about xenophobia inside the game or jokes about our voice, what do u guys think? How should I behave? Beforehand, thank u all (and sorry if I couldn't express myself properly)
  12. Discord

    Ben u are my favourite dev <3
  13. Countdown to Launch

    almost there , more 3 days and we'll be back to the last countdown