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  1. If Uber Jason is added in a future DLC is he going to be as vulnerable as the other Jason's? Bullets don't affect him as seen in the movie, and melee attacks just bounce off his armor. He also has a lot more strength than the other Jason's. If he was added would he just be even more overpowered than the others. If Uber Jason was added into the game and is movie accurate you wouldn't even be able to fight back. How would you balance this?
  2. I would like to see the other people who are on a mission to kill Jason in the films that can be radioed like Tommy. There's Rob from part 4. He could carry a hunting rifle like in the movie. There's also Creighton Duke. I don't know what weapon he would use, but I think this would add variety to the game. I think when you use the radio to call for help one of the 3 will answer and come for help instead of it being Tommy every single time.
  3. I think in the game it should be a 50/50 chance that he grunts when injured. (pocket knife, melee, getting shot)
  4. Do you guys think Jason should occasionally grunt like he does in the films or not?
  5. I know a lot of you guys had problems with the primary weapons each Jason wields. I made this thread to show my opinion and for you to show yours. Friday the 13th Part 2 Jason should wield a pickaxe as that is the weapon he primarily uses in the movie and it is already in the game so they got this right. He could also have a kitchen knife. Friday the 13th Part 3 They also have the right weapon for this Jason. When I think of the part 3 Jason I imagine him wielding a woodcutters axe so this is correct too. Friday the 13th Part 4 If they add this Jason into the game he could use a lot of different weapons (Hack saw, Kitchen Knife, Cleaver, Etc.) but I would like him to have the double ended axe that the part 9 Jason currently wields because at least he actually uses it in part 4. Friday the 13th Part 5 If they add Roy into the game I would like to see him just wield a machete, but I would like to see him carry hand flares or a hedge sheer. Friday the 13th Part 6 Although he doesn't use the fence post as much as the machete in the movie, I think he should keep the fence post to make him stand out from the others, and when I think part 6 Jason I imagine him with the fence post. Friday the 13th Part 7 I'm okay with the machete, but It would be a lot cooler for him to wield the saw blade weed whacker thing he kills the doctor with. Friday the 13th Part 8 Jason doesn't use a particular weapon in this movie but if I had to pick a few it would be the harpoon gun or the wrench he kills that sewer worker with. Friday the 13th Jason Goes to Hell If I had to choose some weapons for this Jason I would probably choose a shovel or a machete, but I think it would be really cool for this Jason to be unarmed.(I don't like the idea of Jason using the Voorhees Dagger.) Jason X No doubt about it this Jason should have the futuristic curved blade machete. What do you guys think each Jason should have access to in the game? I think each Jason should have access to a machete for their primary.
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