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  1. when is rain being re-enabled...never thought i'd miss it because it rained 8 outta 10 times but I like to be able to turn it on and off
  2. I'm stoked. I appreciate the updates. I appreciate the tease's. For those complaining about all the sneak peeks... Your obviously stupid there doing it to keep us informed on all there working on and all that is coming.so to complain about it is dumb they do not have to show us what there working on. They can be silent and give us no clue on what's coming or how long...to show us is to let us know its close to wrapping up maybe or they have enough done to give us little peeks here and there.so stop crying about where the content is at and look where it's going. You think hmm can't wait to get my hands on this and that and get hyped...there hyping us up. It's gonna come a day when it releases until that time enjoy these post and these well done informative pics and videos they obviously put time into these things making it special and u can't just take a crap on it when they give us an inside peek because it is not here yet. You know you love what there showing you, just salty u can't have it yet...get over it. thanks Gun Media and Illfonic for all these cool inside peeks at upcoming content.
  3. just do what i do...create a party and try to load in as host..at least if u die u can let game continue..but don't say shit if u die and u leave ruining others games because then your a hypocrite.
  4. I'm so using these combinations Jason part 2 spear Jason part 3 machete Jason part 4 machete/pig splitter Jason part 5 machete/fire axe Jason part 6 machete/spear Jason part 7 fire axe/shears/machete Jason part 8 spear/fire axe/machete Jason 9 machete ...when did he use anything else but that (a shovel to kick Steven's butt??) Jason X machete/spear/pig splitter/battle axe/fire axe... because he a beasts with blades
  5. here are specs on pc I'm thinking of getting 3.8GHz AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core Processor 8GB DDR3 RAM (32GB Max) 2TB Hard Disk Drive Windows 10 Home Operating System (64-bit) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 (2GB GDDR5) Graphics
  6. 3.8GHz AMD FX-4300 Quad-Core Processor 8GB DDR3 RAM (32GB Max) 2TB Hard Disk Drive Windows 10 Home Operating System (64-bit) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 (2GB GDDR5) Graphics
  7. MY IDEA FOR CHANGING RAGE QUITTER HOSTED LOBBIES..READ AND SHARE THIS POST i suggest if we all like this idea i have we share this post with gun media Wes , Randy and Ronnie so maybe they would think closely about my idea being a possibility. I'm so tired of this crap too..yesterday i spent the better part of two hours trying to stay in a damn lobby but every game the host quit when he was killed...they need to introduce wait times for people who quit hosted lobbies giving them a incentive not to quit...like if u quit u must wait 10 minutes before hosting or joining a game..and every time u quit more than 4 times within 24 hours u can't host or join games u have to do private matches for ur crime here is a idea i thought out..basically a 4 step warning then ur out for the day quit 1st hosted session u wait 10 minutes to join or host lobbies quit 2nd hosted session u wait 20 minutes to join or host lobbies quit 3rd hosted session u wait 30 minutes to join or host lobbies quit 4th and last time u can't join games for the rest of day and can only host private matches until it resets next day which ur able to play or join lobbies again implementing a rule system like this would stop all this non sense and to make players aware slap the new rule on a prompt that appears next login for 2 weeks straight until they choose don't show again then it appears as a FAQ sheet on the main menu for people to read at any time(like after first wait warning it pops up again) HONESTLY FOR GOOD MEASURE ....i would add a extra rule.. that if u continuously quit games and get daily bans u can get blacklisted to no longer being able to host lobbies but can still join sessions making game still playable.
  8. that was not intended for u that was my topic post..im a avoid talking to u now..ur being rude now
  9. yeah tons of em lol but games are buggy..happens.just gotta roll with it and hope the peeps who provided u the game u enjoy so much can get ur game in working order..when i talk to that guy on discord he assured me they are aware and are working into being able to test it with a account that meets the bugs requirements (i assume he means there trying to get 100% completion on one?takes time) so i find satisfaction in knowing that info..so i'd thought i'd tell u and put ur mind at ease i see u going off on the forums over this so wanted to help u know what i heard after posting on twitter,forums,discord and tweets.dm to randy,ronnie,wes..which none replied guess its too sensitive to say if its gonna be in next patch or a eta to say to a single player of this game, so no miscommunication arises.all i can say is there totally ware of this bug and it might get fixed in next patch it might be pushed to january who knows..its one massive bug.so getting a test on this will be a long one
  10. this game is my jam i'd love to see that patched as soon as possible but in mean time i can kill it in other games or start a fresh account up and avoid the teddy bear til this 100% bug is fixed...i was 101 but meh i'll get there again i was 101 in first 8 weeks of games launch i played over couple 1,000 hours....i have most time played among friends on xbox and i have 450+ of them and best stats among them i might add i live on this game lol..but that being said i candle a challenge and play on a backup till this is fixed which hopefully will not be long.this game is too fun to just let one bug get me down i'll manage til it is fixed.just wanna say thanks to gun and illfonic for working hard on bugs like these.peace out
  11. i feel u.. i been playing since May< since >MAY<...been playing since Launch and i love this game just know there working on it doing best they can...its not a switch of a button and its fixed..its testing and certification for this stuff many details not even im all clear on...but i talked to someone on there bug assistance on discord and there currently working to resolve it..i hate not being able to play but knowing there on the case puts me at ease
  12. my thoughts on why there is no eta is probably to push it back for fixing the 100% bug among with other bugs going around...its a massive game breaker the 100 bug..and launch players have to be effected by this because like me u played since launch u probably have 100%..so losing a massive chunk of ur fan base is a non option so this needs to be patched asap..so waiting for the new content i can do as long as the game is playable.id even wait as far as 3 weeks Maybe even give us the new content for xmas and i'd be ecstatic .i'd rather wait and have a non broken game then get content i myself and others cannot play with.
  13. i heard back from someone on there discord...there aware and currently working on getting a account to meet requirements to check this bug out farther, so chill out, i'm in the same boat as u and i'm not happy, but patient now that i know there working on it.this is a big bug so to get a account to meet requirements to test why this bug happens takes time..i had a good conversation with someone on the live bug assistance servr on discord..just know that there working hard on resoling it doing the best they can to get to where its testworthy...they need a account with 100% completion to test why this happens and that takes time..then bug testing and god knows what else to fix it.so chill out and relax knowing they got us covered.
  14. its been two weeks since i last played f13...not because game is boring i have played since launch..its because of a bug effecting 100% achievement completion.please include a patch for this in next update.i really wanna play the new content coming soon

  15. no i'm on console i just play hosted private matches only find peeps on lfg and i kick people who ragequit and replace them.i also don't tolerate cheaters and jason co-op players i kick them too..i play legit lobbies...ive played almost 4000 games...i never quit games because i die that some p@$$y sh!# u live or u die in this game people need to get used to it and stop rage quitting in a game where u die 80% of the time...i host only because as host i know a game wont end once i die...i'm a man and can handle a freakin game of dying..but yeah im on console...i have it for pc but need way more friends i know to play with on pc in private match hosted lobbies
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