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  1. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    that was not intended for u that was my topic post..im a avoid talking to u now..ur being rude now
  2. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    yeah tons of em lol but games are buggy..happens.just gotta roll with it and hope the peeps who provided u the game u enjoy so much can get ur game in working order..when i talk to that guy on discord he assured me they are aware and are working into being able to test it with a account that meets the bugs requirements (i assume he means there trying to get 100% completion on one?takes time) so i find satisfaction in knowing that info..so i'd thought i'd tell u and put ur mind at ease i see u going off on the forums over this so wanted to help u know what i heard after posting on twitter,forums,discord and tweets.dm to randy,ronnie,wes..which none replied guess its too sensitive to say if its gonna be in next patch or a eta to say to a single player of this game, so no miscommunication arises.all i can say is there totally ware of this bug and it might get fixed in next patch it might be pushed to january who knows..its one massive bug.so getting a test on this will be a long one
  3. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    this game is my jam i'd love to see that patched as soon as possible but in mean time i can kill it in other games or start a fresh account up and avoid the teddy bear til this 100% bug is fixed...i was 101 but meh i'll get there again i was 101 in first 8 weeks of games launch i played over couple 1,000 hours....i have most time played among friends on xbox and i have 450+ of them and best stats among them i might add i live on this game lol..but that being said i candle a challenge and play on a backup till this is fixed which hopefully will not be long.this game is too fun to just let one bug get me down i'll manage til it is fixed.just wanna say thanks to gun and illfonic for working hard on bugs like these.peace out
  4. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    i feel u.. i been playing since May< since >MAY<...been playing since Launch and i love this game just know there working on it doing best they can...its not a switch of a button and its fixed..its testing and certification for this stuff many details not even im all clear on...but i talked to someone on there bug assistance on discord and there currently working to resolve it..i hate not being able to play but knowing there on the case puts me at ease
  5. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    my thoughts on why there is no eta is probably to push it back for fixing the 100% bug among with other bugs going around...its a massive game breaker the 100 bug..and launch players have to be effected by this because like me u played since launch u probably have 100%..so losing a massive chunk of ur fan base is a non option so this needs to be patched asap..so waiting for the new content i can do as long as the game is playable.id even wait as far as 3 weeks Maybe even give us the new content for xmas and i'd be ecstatic .i'd rather wait and have a non broken game then get content i myself and others cannot play with.
  6. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    i heard back from someone on there discord...there aware and currently working on getting a account to meet requirements to check this bug out farther, so chill out, i'm in the same boat as u and i'm not happy, but patient now that i know there working on it.this is a big bug so to get a account to meet requirements to test why this bug happens takes time..i had a good conversation with someone on the live bug assistance servr on discord..just know that there working hard on resoling it doing the best they can to get to where its testworthy...they need a account with 100% completion to test why this happens and that takes time..then bug testing and god knows what else to fix it.so chill out and relax knowing they got us covered.
  7. its been two weeks since i last played f13...not because game is boring i have played since launch..its because of a bug effecting 100% achievement completion.please include a patch for this in next update.i really wanna play the new content coming soon

  8. no i'm on console i just play hosted private matches only find peeps on lfg and i kick people who ragequit and replace them.i also don't tolerate cheaters and jason co-op players i kick them too..i play legit lobbies...ive played almost 4000 games...i never quit games because i die that some p@$$y sh!# u live or u die in this game people need to get used to it and stop rage quitting in a game where u die 80% of the time...i host only because as host i know a game wont end once i die...i'm a man and can handle a freakin game of dying..but yeah im on console...i have it for pc but need way more friends i know to play with on pc in private match hosted lobbies
  9. Hotfix - 11.16.17

    any news on if in the next patch that bug causing peoples game to crash if they unlock all achievements will be addressed ?
  10. so i managed to get every achievement in the game.but now i cannot play with my game stalling then crashing during every single game .nothing fixes it..and i heard among the forums this was do to the fact i have all achievements and that this was the factor on why i cannot play.Please gun media fix this and include it in the next patch i do not wanna miss out on all the new stuff coming with new level cap.this happens during any type of animation like using health spray,breaking down doors,barricading doors,fixing boxes,basically anything related to achievements progression..i can only pray that this is fixed by next patch or is currently included in the patch(please let it be) - thank you for reading(hopefully by someone at gun media or illfonic
  11. actually u go to there name click it and can kick if u host of lobby so yes there is a kick option
  12. I and few people i know have been kicked from sessions for using Tom Savini jason...anyone on here ever had that happen?
  13. -1000 EXP for Betrayal

    i only kill when some jerk works with jason to find players...i'll shoot u dead if u try to help jason find people ,screw the 1,000 - idgaf
  14. i killed another player for hearing him tell jason where the players were on the walkies-talkie.
  15. Unable to launch game on Steam.

    contact gun media via the twitter or the games support page on twitter here are links https://twitter.com/Randygbk https://twitter.com/F13GameSupport https://twitter.com/weskeltner https://twitter.com/Rontao13